The little gem you may want to keep for yourself !

The little gem you may want to keep for yourself !


Did you ever want to take a trip to Central Europe without leaving Canada?  It is possible in a culinary sense  especially if you visit the small town of Smiths Falls, Ontario where you will find a hidden gem. 

With the hussle and bussle of everyday life sometimes we have to sit back and enjoy ourselves whether it be going to an art museum, heading to the cottage or going to a place where you leave you troubles at the door. I have found just that place situated where no one would ever expect it to be. It is a step back in time that provides you with a blend of German and Hungarian true down home atmosphere and food.

When most people go out for lunch or dinner and are tired of the same old boring food, you usually head to the internet to find that “some where” that you have not been or is getting awesome  restaurant reviews. Trip Advisor, zomato and Menupix are great sites that usually give you online information on menu and current reviews of restaurants just waiting for you to discover them. One such restaurant is “My Place” which serves lunch and dinner and seats approximately 30/35 people and gives off a European atmosphere as soon as you walk in the door. I have been to Germany along with Hungary and the food at My Place is authentic European prepared without question!



I have attached a link to one of their sites as follows:


Their house soup is made fresh daily which is called Madras soup with myself not being much of a curry lover it is more than just a curry soup. It is made with apples, mango, apricots and coconut milk on a cold wintery day it is either great for lunch or an awesome starter to a evening dinner.

I have attached the following link to their house soup recipe:


The restaurant is owned by a husband and wife team and usually has one waitress and one kitchen staff assisting them in the evening. The owners have not lost their European accents which gives the restaurant that extra little touch. One of the biggest issues is deciding on which dish you would like to order. The wait staff are very informative on how the dish is prepared and with what the dish actually is. The average cost of lunch is not much more than grabbing a burger, fries and a drink at a fast food outlet. As for dinner for 2 it can range from $25/30 to $40.00 in total depending on whether you can make a decision on ordering one or two homemade desserts each. All food is prepared for you so do not be in a hurry.

Well worth the drive to a little town restaurant located at 2 Main Street West, Smiths Falls, Ontario. Make sure you bring your appetite!


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Do we really need to post online, people dying?

Social media can have somewhat of a dark side which I believe has become immoral and not in good taste. How many people are or have at one time or another posted about an accidental death on Facebook or on other sites. Posting a video on u-tube of a horrendous multi vehicle pile up where you know there are people’s lifes lost due to the accident.

This following link pertains to a man in Ohio that came upon an car accident, he did not assist the two people trapped inside the vehicle instead he opened the door leaned in to take a video then proceeded to the front of the car still filming. The law states it is not a crime to film when an individual is dying due to an accident, but you can be charged with entering a crime scene.

Lady Diana the Princess of Wales death on August 31, 1997 in Paris France was worldwide news and reached by billions of people. Photographers that were following her Mercedes arrived on the accident scene almost immediately. Some of them rushed to actually try and help the occupants of the mangled wreckage while other photographers took pictures. Seven paparazzi on the accident scene were taken into custody and arrested.

The following link is very graphic of the accident scene.

Photographers need to do their job when reporting the news, but it should be done with discretion and in good taste. With today’s texting and driving I understand making people aware of the possible consequences. But when people are fatally injured do we really need put it on social media?

Would you like to find graphic posts on Facebook or other social media about your neighbor, best friend or your immediate family death? This time in one person’s life should be kept private and with the up most respect, whether you are just a regular individual or celebratory.


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Life with an F4 Asian Leopard

Life with an F4 Asian Leopard

I thought for my second blog I would do it on a little 8 month old guy named Figaro, which came to our household from my niece and her husband. Fig was too much of a handful for them as they lived in Toronto operating their own business. Bengals need to be kept busy and they just did not have enough time in their busy day. Our first meeting was when Fig was approximately 4 months old, he was a fast, furious and lanky speed demon. We made a comment ” if you ever need a good home” then 4 months later as fate would have it we received an addition to the household.

Bengals are known for their glaring green eyes


We did not know much about the Bengal breed other than we learned very fast that they hissed, growled and he had much bigger teeth, jaw structure and nails than our other domestic felines. They also have a soft pelt which is also hypoallergenic in nature. He has a slink to his walk with his hind legs resembling that of a rabbit. He also can leap from a sitting position to the top of a six foot door with little to no effort with such grace. The internet became a really good resource on the history of the breed. Up until then I did not know anything about the breed, they are best described as a ” dog in a cat’s body “.

facebook_1485806847175         dsc_0006

I have included a link to the site    Bengals in Canada   explaining the history and information on hybrids F1 to F4 classifications in a easy to read and understand version. We found this site very helpful in order to help us understand his temperament and how to relate to him which is still a ongoing learning curve for us even after having him for 5 years. Fig wears a small dog harness and walks on a leash very well and loves it up at our cottage, there he takes on a different personality. With being in the forest environment which is closer to his natural habitat he clearly takes on more of a predator behavior. But is still a cuddle bum with us and shows off his affection without hesitation towards us.


If you were looking for an exotic pet would you consider purchasing a Bengal feline since they are truly an amazing pet


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Should you really use Social Media for a Marketing Tool?

Customer cubes over white background



Social Media can be used as a two-way path for communication between potential or existing clients and followers.


There are many benefits, one being a great tool for Customer Service !


Without happy customers the business has the potential of staying stagnant.  A client that is unhappy can share via Social Media their issue / complaint with your company, a one sided version to unlimited numbers which could be a negative.  It is very important to make your clients experience as positive as you can.  The old saying by ” word of mouth “ advertising is the root of the original social media in my belief.

Using Social Media could be used for endless reasons, one being attracting new clients. Then sliding to the other end of the scale keeping connected or building solid foundations with existing clients.

With being on Social Media sites it can bring increased visibility for your company to promote growth, which will provide ” one stop shopping ” for clients that are looking to use all of your services offered.  You will have to choose which site is best for you and your purpose.  I chose Facebook and Twitter over Pinterest ( Lifestyle, DIY ) and Snapchat ( Teen site ) because it gave me a broader market to connect with.

Below is a great link for for the novice person trying to decide which path to choose for Social Media.  It gives you information on how to choose your audience and getting to know the particular sites and what they each have to offer you.

Best of all it is Canadian!


Do you feel this link is a realistic look at the different types of today’s available Social Media sites ?