COM0015…Assignment #1 Blog#4 Out of the Box

Heading into a whole new world and going where you have never gone before!

Sounds sorta like a familiar quote off a certain Science Fiction show doesn’t it. But really it describes the Social Media course offered online by Algonquin College. I enrolled in this 5 part course starting January 2017, knowing very little when it came to social media other than personal use of Facebook.

There are many parts of the puzzle that have to merge together in a controlled manner, not getting ahead of yourself is key. Starting with a realistic plan is the cornerstone of being successful in today’s ever-changing social media world. Finding your brand, correct pathway to use along with experimenting with choosing the right listening tools in order to capture and lure in your targeted audience. These terms previously mentioned meant nothing to me prior to taking this course. The courses also revealed terms such as S.W.O.T. and R.O.I. which sounded like a foreign language at the time. Even now my employer which is not too savvy with social media understands why we must monitor and keep track of where we are headed.

I feel more relaxed and informed when it comes to social media marketing with the conclusion of this course. I am not afraid to try new planned idea’s when it comes to marketing for the company I work for.

When it comes to my past experiences, this course would compare with luring that once in a life time catch!

salmon 38pdsmale_n

Best of luck to my classmates for their future in the social media world!


COM0015 Blog #3..Professional Networking Now and in the Future

Since enrolling in this Algonquin College online 5 part Social Media Course January 2017, I have personality run into customers face to face  that I have had conversations with online. Whether it be coordinating their relocation or selling them items from the Allways Gently Used part of the business, it has been awesome to put a face to a voice.

With some clients I have remained in touch though social media, by phone or with them just dropping in with a friend to see what has recently arrived in the Gently Used section.

This year the moving company I work for has been busier than the year prior, it seems that the social media advertising has been working for us in a positive way!  We love it when a potential client mentions to us on the initial call,  I was on your website and decided to give you a call.  My employer and I sit down as time permits to touch base and go over ideas along with discussing just how things are going overall.

At lot of it has been by the trial and error method to date. It is like getting used to a new pair of shoes it takes a bit to feel comfortable and mold them to your feet. My employer has noticed an increase in total moves along with increase in revenue (R.O.I has risen).

Nearing into the month of November in past years we would be thinking about either laying drivers off or cutting each employee back in hours. Lately we have had to turn some last minute bookings away because we have been booked solid, usually 6 to 8 weeks in advance. Being booked 6 to 8 weeks in advance is good for the company which seems to run smoother when all the pieces fit like a puzzle. It also works to our advantage because it leaves us time to work out any last minute issues that may arise from the clients relocation.

With trying to balance out time for my personal life, taking online courses and working full time it sometimes makes it hard to juggle all at once. Especially when work is busting at the seams with not enough time in a day!  You have to prioritize very carefully and have a game plan along with a “what if” secondary plan. Since we are reaching the end of the 5th and final course I will now be able to balance the workload easier. I will be able to concentrate and update our sites and start a blog giving interesting idea’s and information. I have recently touched upon posting some experimental posts on You Tube, I plan on furthering this adventure in the near future. Every so often I enter into Google Search mover smiths falls to see what pops up under sites and images. When we first ventured with social media nothing appeared, it is a whole new ball game now!

Nothing like  finally a great fit !   

It can happen to anyone.

That has the ambition to succeed in life !


COM0015 Blog3shoe picture1



COM0015 – Blog Post # 2 -Strong & Weak Organizations

When it comes to choosing which organization for the Best of the Worst Canadian Advertisements, I have chosen Toronto based Russell “Cashman” Oliver.

Oliver trades good old hard cash for your used gold and jewelry, heck he will even take your vehicle ( if paid off ) or your house as collateral for your loan. He has a total of 5 pawn store locations though out the Toronto area. Russell Oliver has been in the pawnshop business for 40 years buying and selling with an interest charge of 5% per month.

Below is one of his most popular low budget television advertisements showing skimpily clad dancing young women behind him. Along with playing loud vocals and annoying music. As being female I do not think this advertisement respects women in general but display them as flighty bimbos. The commercial link is inserted below, have a quick look to see if your take on this cheesy advertisement is the same as mine.

Oliver Jewelry Dancing Girls Commercial

In the late 1990’s Oliver produced a commercial featuring him in a red cape with a yellow dollar sign on his chest and wearing blue leotards, materializing out of a phone booth. D C Comics, which is a subsidiary of Time Warner Entertainment hit him with a $300,000.00 lawsuit for trademark along with copyright violations as a result of his advertisement. I have provided a link below to the actual commercial along with an Interview by CBC Television with Oliver.

Cashman Oliver Interview with D C Comics possible legal battle on CBC

Since the low budget television commercials have come to a close, a new approach to marketing has been developed with a new modern and sleek website. I have attached a link to the new 2018 web site below. What a difference it is, this is a major step in the right direction!

Updated Oliver Jewelry website New and Improved


For my first organization which inspires me I have chosen Red Rose tea which was established 1894 in Saint John, New Brunswick by Theodore Harding Estabrooks.

Red Rose has been sold in the United States since the 1920’s. One major difference between the Canadian and United States tea is that the USA tea is a black pekoe blend compared to the Canadian tea which is orange pekoe.

Since the 1950’s the box of tea included “Premiums” such as fortune telling cup and saucer (numbered 1,2,3 on the bottom of the cup and made in England) also included was a booklet with information on how to read the tea leaves. Collective Tea cards (total of 48 different cards) followed with the discontinuation of the cup/saucer promotion. The final premium was the small figurines manufactured by Wade Figurines imported from jolly old England, otherwise known as “Whimsies” which over 300 million were collected up till 2016 in Canada and till 2018 in the USA. I have inserted a link below of rare photos of the Red Rose Tea Factory in the year of 1904 from a article by Ronald J Jack who is a Public Historian Web Publisher.

Rare Photos Red Rose Tea Factory June 1904

Red Rose tea has just recently updated their main website this year. It is a very clean easy to follow format starting with the history of a classic. It then goes to the article section on how to make the perfect cup along with general information on how tea can help you focus better because it contains L- theanine which is an amino acid. They also have a section “Our Sustainability Commitments” were they discuss respect for the environment and conserving the Eco-System. The following link will take you to the main Canadian website. Check it out you never know what you may learn, maybe a new recipe for biscotti!

Red Rose Tea Canada Main website

The last link included below is their latest 1 minute commercial, which at the first few seconds I was unsure what was the message they were trying to get across. It is very tastefully done in more ways than one. Not only serving up a great cup of tea with loved ones but also making the viewer aware of today’s social acceptance of the variety of relationships there are. The end result is that the father and daughter becoming closer by being more honest with each other.

Red Rose Tea Bringing people together one cup at a time


The second organization that draws my attention is Chevrolet Canada.

When we think of Chevrolet most people think of the muscles cars such as the Chevy Nova SS, Chevelle SS 454 or the Camaro Z28. The Camaro Z28 has been featured in many movies from Christine, Fast Furious 2 and Transformers.

It all stated in 1832 when John McLaughlin started a carriage factory. His son Robert produced the first McLaughlin in 1907. With the first year of production they turned out a total of 154 units. Below is a brief history of how Chevrolet became a household Canadian name.

Brief History of Chevrolet Canada

When I viewed the following advertisement I forgot that the ad was made by a car company until the very end when their symbol was displayed along with the quote “Find New Roads”. The ad is based on a variety of actual peoples personal experiences and how they should be valued. The ad was launched in 2017 receiving over 2 million views. They hit upon what people should be valuing instead of what someone is worth by monetary value. The commercial brings forth Canadian values such as being able to speak different languages, loving who you want to love and the future is not just ours it is also the next generations. I have inserted the 2017 advertisement below, give it a quick look, I will value your feedback.

Chevrolet “The Canadian Dream”

In this Canadian dream we all get to where we want to go by helping each other achieve our dreams.  Everyone is welcome!


With advertising changing so quickly these days, one must keep updated on the issues and values of their audience.

In order to be successful today one must be honest along with providing intellectual and hopefully entertaining advertising.

You must draw in your viewers, leaving them to want more of what you have to offer them!

COM0015 Blog #1: Tools & Sources Soooo Many Choices

If you mentioned Social Media to me prior to enrolling in this program, I would have likely not thought much about it!  Since enrolling in this social media course it has been definitely an eye opener to me.

The volume of information shared over websites and the different paths one can choose to reach their desired audience is mind boggling. Though a trial and error method I have zoned in on our targeted audience by means of developing our two main websites which is a ongoing project. In our community Facebook seems to be the main pathway used, we advertise on 14 swamp shops within our target area not including our 2 Company Facebook pages. CAN411 is also used as a site for potential clients to gather or zero in on Moving companies in our general area. It gives them a taste of what our company does along with client referrals and other links to our main sites.

One thing to remember when choosing which pathway you are going to use, is to have a strategy plan and do not flood the web so that it becomes out of control. You have to have a controlled delivery along with the proper listening tool. Disorganization can kill even the best attempts at social media by spreading yourself too thin and using too many different tools at once. It is like organizing multiple trains on one set of tracks.

When it comes to tracking / measurement it is putting the cherry on top of a sundae. It plays a vital part of your plan for a successful campaign. I started using Hootsuite as a social media Marketing & Management dashboard but now I am trying Goggle my Business, time will tell!

There are so many tools that can be used for social media if you had to pick your top 3 or 4, what would they be for a successful campaign? Almost as hard as choosing your favorite ice cream on a hot summer’s day!



COM0014: Post 7 – Personal Reflection

Storytelling is one of the key pieces of the pie to creating successful digital communication. Your storytelling must engage and draw your desired audience to want more. It is a major building block for starting a relationship with the targeted audience and also to gain more followers to spread your story throughout the social media world.

There are many factors to consider when storytelling. Demographics play a very important role whether it be gender, age, income or even personal interest. One key element is to match your type of transaction to your potential client. There are three basic classes, starting with B2C which is your business directly to the regular everyday consumer on the street. The other classes are B2B meaning business to another business along with B2G business to government. You must research continuously for your target audience in order to keep updated with changes.

When composing a story you must make your audience want to read more and to provide enthusiasm in order for them to ask questions, making them feel a part of your writing. Listening is another major component and is a necessity in order to have a story line that flows naturally along with the style and message you want to relay. Stories can be used for many purposes whether it be marketing your business or product to a personal story about what you did on your last vacation.

Consistency can make or break a terrific story but always remember, no two people relate exactly to the same story. Some view the glass as half empty while others see it as being half full!



Assignment #1 Blog #6.. Do People Know Your Story?

I work in the relocation business which means we can be responsible for industrial, retail business, municipal and provincial organizations along with the everyday person looking to move from one location to another. We are a trusted company that goes that extra mile to make our clients experience worry free. Meanwhile there are some moving companies out there that are looking for that quick dollar and they have no shame on how they acquire it!

One morning late last year I received a phone call at work from Wendy wanting to ask a few more questions about her move that she just booked with our company. I replied to her that this was the first time we had spoken. She asked if my name was Olivia? I replied saying no my name is Cheryl. She then asked for Olivia which I informed her there was no one by that name working here. She then told me that our affiliate company by the name of Red Maple Moving & Storage based out of Mississauga gave her a rate to move her this morning and took her credit card number for deposit. I immediately informed her we do not have any affiliates and to call her credit card company and hopefully any funds would still be in the pending stage.

As soon as I got off the phone with Wendy, I contacted the manager of our main website provider at Site Dudes and let her in on what has happened. Some how our main contact email was hacked though their site. We immediately changed our passwords and Site Dudes set up a sting hoping to catch the culprit. Red Maple Moving & Storage was contacted and asked for their address which was found to be a UPS store located in Mississauga.

I have a friend that is a manager at Toronto Crime Stoppers and I contacted her giving the information that was collected including Wendy’s contact info. She filed a report and found out that Toronto Police are currently investigating the company Red Maple Moving.

Below is a link to Red Maple Moving out of Mississauga, Ontario.

Mississauga Moving Company that said they are affiliated with All Ways Moving Company in Smiths Falls

Fortunately Wendy did reach her credit card company in time to remove the pending charges to her credit card. We did book her move, she also came into the office to personally thank me for the quick thinking and action taken. Red Maple Movers are on the police radar and have been charged. My employer was very proud of me on how quickly a disaster was turned into a positive outcome.

What more could one ask for for a Happy Ending!

When Life gives you lemons…

When describing one’s personal brand it is as individual as we are, we all have different skills, personality, values and goals. Unlike some of my friends and co-workers, I have always had the reputation to turn a negative situation into an opportunity area. I have given one of my favorite quotes which is in the image at the beginning of this blog.

When life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade….Then try to find somebody whose life has given them gin, and have a cocktail hour!

As for my work ethics my employer has several times mentioned my natural ability to being resourceful in identifying clients needs and the capability of designing a solution that will fulfill their requests. With having a vast knowledge, being able to multi task and having excellent people skills keeps myself an asset to the owners of the company.

I am in my mid 50s now and for 27 years I have been in a shipping / receiving work environment. Due to a critical injury at work my shipping / receiving career was no longer. After 2 1/2 yrs of rehab my friends and relatives suggested to me about  taking the easy route by going on disability. I worked with WSIB, Agilec Employment Consultants and a local company Ontrac to get funding to retrain for suitable employment. I was very eager and willing to add to my knowledge base along with updating and learning new skills.

My positive attitude towards retraining drew my present day employers attention to look at me for a new position within their expanding company. They were looking for certain traits in the ideal candidate, honesty, trustworthy and professionalism were the top three. The ideal lemonade cocktail was being mixed right before my eyes. I am so happy with the path I took and have never looked back to the Y in the road. I feel really good having  retained my dignity to this day!

Below is link for a recipe for a pregnant wife.

The Pregnant Wife favorite cocktail


Assignment #1, Blog#4: B2C

There are so many good examples of B2C (Business 2 Consumer) now a days, it was hard to choose which one. Like a kid in a candy store I chose Home Depot as my business for this assignment. Home Depot Inc. or Home Depot is an American based home improvement supply retailer that sells everything from light bulbs to everything you need to construct your home from the ground up.

Home Depot uses several different paths when it comes to social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, You Tube, Twitter and Blogs. Home Depot has taken the approach towards three different types of customers. The first being DIY ( Do It Yourself ), DIFM (Do It For Me ) and Professional Customers ( Contractors ) which takes care of all their target audiences. They also use in store Demos to promote sales along with Flyers and Special Buys/Purchases. Below is a link explaining their approach to sales and how they draw their customers in by using Omnichannel ( store, online, mobile ), which they were named Retailer of the Year by Internet Retailer in June 2017.

The Ultimate Guide to selling at Home Depot

Home Depot prides its self on 8 core values:

  1. Taking care of their customers
  2. Giving back to communities
  3. Doing the right thing
  4. Excellent customer service
  5. Building Shareholder value
  6. Ambitious spirit
  7. Building strong relationships
  8. Respect for all

With these 8 core values in mind one would think they are on the right path to success, provided they are driven with a common method for all employees involved from the sales floor to the corporate levels. Below is a link explaining how different departments or even Home Depot stores can discuss and share information. This gives their employees a convenient two-way path for communication to help with common issues and information. If this system is used correctly Home Depot should be able to keep on top of issues that arise and work towards a common goal as a retail giant home improvement supply store.

Their major competition is Lowes which is also orginally from United States. Between the two which is your favourite store?

Home Depot – The Internal Social Media

Assignment # 1 – Blog # 3….Target Audiences

With All Ways Moving & Delivery we target a wide variety of audiences, ranging from the first apartment to the downsizing / senior retirement living. We have found that in the past 2 years, seniors that are downsizing have prevailed as a majority of our relocation moves. With this in mind our company has expanded to be the only local “full service” moving company in this area. We make it so the clients can virtually walk out of their house with the clothes on their back. We pack their possessions, move or provide short or long-term storage along with unpacking and assembly of their furniture. Heck we can also arrange cleaning of their old or new home along with selling or disposal of their unwanted items.

With our business being located in Ontario next to Quebec which combined holds 50% of the 36,927,520 Canadian population according to Stats Canada. Also according to Stats Canada Seniors 65+ outnumber children under 14 years for the first time in history 5.9 million to 5.8 million. With these results it sure makes someone wonder where are we headed in the future?

Below is a blog link from Senior Living which really makes me think of the future population of Canada.

Canadian Cities with Oldest Population

As for tools and strategies for targeting our audiences we use local sites such as Facebook and for a broader coverage CAN411, Google search along with our home sites which are all linked. We try to keep our sites stream lined and user-friendly for everyone.

COM0014 – Blog 2 – Successful Storytelling in a Nut Shell !

In order to be successful in having a targeted audience, one must entice the reader to want to read more starting with a catchy headline. The reader will be like a bee attracted to the sweet nectar of a flower, always wanting more!  Being comprehensible and having good flow of information are pieces of the puzzle that will give a clear picture to the reader.

With todays companies there are major power struggles, in order to be a leader you must raise above the competition with your target audience. Proof reading your articles for grammar and spelling errors can either make you a success or failure, it is a make or break situation. Your information must be accurate and kept continuously updated. I have attached a link at the end of this article, which is a great sample of a company not updating with the times.

You may have to trial and error while creating your storytelling in order to draw the select audience. Welcome feedback or suggestions from them, listening is part of a successful plan. Having readers share your story is a great way to spread your information provided it is user-friendly to do.


Below is a video link from Inside Edition that was featured in Business Insider Publication

11 year old Megan Markle 1993 takes on Global Company Procter & Gamble


This video is proof that there are different ways to perceive messages in advertising and sometimes the company does not prevail and must adjust to their audience. I applaud her in making a difference that changed ideas worldwide. A 1993 social study project that made a difference to this day for all.