COM0014 – Personal Reflection

In this course I really enjoyed learning about different audiences and communication styles. I am taking social media courses to be able to use the knowledge I gain at work and feel that the information I have learned will be transferable to my day-to-day job. I work with many different departments within a Municipality and deal with members of the community on all different levels. It was interesting to learn how your communication style will change depending on the audience you’re conversing with. It was interesting to learn about storytelling and the ways we told stories in the past to today. Before this course I never thought about how the advances in technology have changed the effectiveness or ways we communicate.

One thing I would like to improve on would be my proofreading, specifically overlooking grammar and spelling, and the effect these mistakes can have on my paper. It was back in the beginning of the course that we learned how small mistakes in our writing can make the audience then question the whole blog and the authors credibility, so I definitely would like to improve on this.

Storytelling is important in creating great digital content because it really grabs the reader’s attention when you add a personal flair to your writing. People relate to personal stories and buy products that make them feel something beyond just the product. No matter if you are writing a personal blog or a company creating a website for their products and services, to really grasp the audiences attention the content should be relatable. In my own work and storytelling I want to really add emotion and my own flair to the works because that is what will help draw people to my work and keep their attention.

COM0014 – Do People Know Your Story

Growing up, about middle school age, I realized that all of my friend’s parents were quite a bit older than mine. My friends were talking about their parents having health issues and being grandparents, while my parents were healthy and active and definitely nowhere near having a grandchild! It wasn’t until people around me brought it to my attention that I realized that my mom was much younger and more like a big sister than a mother as we did everything together. Once I got a bit older she told me the story of how her and my dad met. My mom was 18 when she got pregnant and it was not planned, my parents got married and soon after people around our small town starting placing bets of how long the impromptu marriage would last. 28 years later they are still married and more in love than ever. Due to the way I grew up and specifically the people that raised me, my entire childhood has shaped me for this moment.

When I was young my mom worked three jobs and my dad shift work and I spent a lot of time at my grandparents. I had everything you could imagine growing up but was also taught the value of hard work. I have such great memories from my childhood of trips we went on as a family and get togethers we had. It was such a happy home and full of love. Once I realized what my parents had been through together and how hard they worked to give me all of these things, looking back I appreciate them that much more.

28 years later my dad has a government job, my mom is a principle of one of the largest schools in the district and my parents just moved into their dream home on the water. The way my parents raised me has shaped who I am and where I am in life today. I was taught that hard work and perseverance does pay off, that you can achieve anything you set your mind to and that nothing is out of reach. Education has always been an important thing in our family, as both of my parents went back to school over and over again to get where they are today. I was taught that nothing is a waste no matter how many times you change your mind with education and occupations as long as you give it 100%. I know all of this sounds cliché but it really is what I was told on a weekly basis. Having a child at a young age I know now was not easy but the positivity that both of my parents surrounded me in growing up has stuck with me today.

COM0014 – Personal Brand

Personal Brand

It’s often a very difficult thing to talk about yourself, so I first started by asking my family members what some personal qualities I have that set me apart from others. The result was very flattering, that I am very nurturing (almost motherly), that I am a very kind soul and will go out of my way to lend a hand to anyone and that I am extremely organized, which can be seen in my personal and professional life. From my own reflection, I feel that I am a very introverted person; I do a lot of self-reflection and really enjoy my alone time. Although I am introverted, I am outgoing and shine in the areas that I am confident in. Examples of this can be seen in the things I have done lately that make me stand out.

Recently I was a maid of honor at my cousins wedding, which I loved since it involved so many things that needed my attention and a tremendous amount of organization was involved. Although I typically don’t like the attention, everyone knew the work that went into the special day and it was nice to be recognized for it. I have also recently completed a half marathon and am training for another. I guess you could also say I am very driven and once I get my mind on something there is no stopping me! I feel this is a very introverted hobby as well, with training there is a lot of time for self-reflection while out for those long runs. Something I have done recently at work was become part of a committee in the role of secretary. This committee consists of all department heads, including the mayor of City Hall, which was very overwhelming and completely out of my comfort zone, but as it turns out once I push myself I really do strive.

I think at work my co-workers would say my best trait is my level of organization and ability to multi task. I keep track of all administrative files that come through my department and I organize 5 staff members. Some days I am pushed and pulled in all different directions, yet I still manage to keep everyone on track and files up to date and organized.

COM0014 – B2C Case Study

Bath and Body Works is a company that is a Business to Consumer (B2C) type of business. The company has a huge marketing campaign in store and online that really drives their products, and personally always catches my attention.  The marketing uses a wide variety of bright colours, imagery and targets a mass audience, ranging from teens to older adults, and products ranging from personal use to home decor.  There is always a sale being advertised, which are promoted by email, on the website, in store or on the bottom of your receipt which periodically will indicate a discount for your next purchase. The company does a really great job at catering to their audience by individual needs and based on the time of year or season. The company really connects their ad campaigns to your personal life. For example, below is a screenshot advertising the Winter Wallflowers, the ad is graphically pleasing showing light fluffy snow, beautiful scenery of a winter day and photos of families enjoying winter hobbies with one another.

Bath and Body Works are very active on their website and it is probably the company’s strongest tool as far as advertising in a very eye catching way. The seasonal items are clearly displayed and the promotions are easy to find. The company is also very active with email marketing, where I receive at least one email a week that features a promotion or certain deals that my local store is having. I think it is a very effective tool because I know personally I have actually gone in store and made purchases based on the emails I receive.

You can also find commercials on YouTube which advertise new product lines. The company is active on Facebook but I did notice that there wasn’t a lot of dialogue going on. If a question or comment is made by someone, the company does respond, however, there aren’t a lot of comments being made. This is one area the company could improve on in terms of communicating to their audience, they need to engage people in conversations on Facebook, or advertise in such a way that causes some more dialogue to be had.


All in all, Bath and Body Works does a great job at connecting personally with their audience while advertising their products. They get to the heart of what makes the products so great and through their advertising, connect their products with how they can improve your life. One area the company could improve on is monitoring, listening and interacting with their Facebook audience.


COM0014 – Target Audience

I thought of writing about my personal hobby which is running, but I found it to be too broad. Although, one thing I associate with running or working out in general is Lululemon, which is the clothing I wear and shop for when looking for work out gear.

Lululemon products range from clothing, bathing suits, yoga and workout accessories. The company offers items to a broad range of cultures, genders and lifestyles. I think what people associate Lululemon with first and foremost is yoga. This is evident on their website,, under Community lists ‘festivals and retreats’ which mainly consist of yoga and the first Lululemon store shared its retail space with a yoga studio. However, I think the company has really broadened its audience since it was originally founded in 1998.

The general audience for Lululemon would be teens to older adults, both male and female of all ethnicities (probably more female than males). The clothing is very trendy and quite pricy, therefore I would think the products would be directed to more of a middle to upper class. Overall the products would be for anyone working out, playing sports, yoga or just looking for some comfortable casual clothing. I would consider Lululemon to be a leader in athletic apparel. There are quite a few companies out there that solely just sell work out apparel, but I know in my experience I haven’t found anything that quite compares to the quality of Lululemon.

Lululemon communicates with their audience by their presence on their website, facebook and twitter, just to name a few. The company is very positive and encouraging in their advertisements, the slogans on their shopping bags and other in store products. Slogans such as ‘friends are more important than money, love your life, I run because I can, and sweat once a day are just a few that are advertised on the water bottles you can purchase.

lulu qyote                       lulu                     lulu bag

An article written in the Globe and Mail sums up the ‘community’ of Lululemon perfectly;

“What you’ll see: mostly women, the staff youthful, the customers (called “guests” in Lululand) ranging from teenagers up to senior citizens. But it’s not so much how customers and staff look (although it has to be said, there is a common rosy glow about them). It’s more to do with how they sound. All of them are engrossed in avid conversation. Lululemon on Saturdays is a seriously chatty place. Women comparing notes on fabrics or special-edition collars. Staff modelling wraps and toques, detailing product features. Light shimmers of giddy laughter rippling through the lineup to the change rooms. What’s notable here is that it’s not just shopping that you’re hearing. It’s community building.”




COM0014 – What I Did On My Vacation

My last vacation will probably forever be the most memorable one!

My grandfather was born in Newfoundland, where he married and had three children. In his late 20s he moved to Ontario where he met my grandmother and had my dad. I’m not sure if anyone is a newfy or can relate to the crazy out east stories, the ‘creative’ remedies for any sickness and the exaggerations!!

Some of my favourites I heard numerous times throughout the trip this summer were:

“Stay where you’re at, I’ll come where you’re to,” “lord tunderin jesus,” and “eh bye.”

As far as remedies go.. molasses can and should be put on everything, and you will never be sick again as long as you take a spoonful of cod liver oil daily!

However, the trip held more importance than just embracing the newfy culture. My grandfather isn’t doing the best health wise. Every summer he goes back to Newfoundland to visit his family, and we thought that this was probably going to be his last. We wanted to experience first hand where he came from and he wanted to show us off to the, what seemed to be, hundreds of family members! My sister and I flew with my grandpa and spent the week eating lobster, visiting family, and well, drinking (that part definitely isn’t a myth about newfies!)

The landscape is breathtaking and the people are the friendliest most kind hearted!

Here are a few pictures of the trip!

Beautiful Landscape

Beautiful Landscape


Dinner :)

Dinner 🙂


Grandpa and the Grandkids

Grandpa and the Grandkids


The Boot

The Boot

Blog Post #4

I recently read a very interesting article that I wanted to share, regarding the role of news on Facebook.  Basically it is about who receives reliable news from Facebook and who sees it as an important source of information.  I have to say I am with the majority (57%) that say Facebook is not a very important way to get news and it is more about entertainment.  Only 4% of people said it is the most important way they get news.

I know personally I go to Facebook to get news and updates on family and friends, but I definitely go elsewhere to get news on worldwide issues.  I found the stats interesting and very accurate when it comes to my own personal Facebook use.

The highest percentage of Facebook news consumers were in the 30-49 range.  I’m 27 and from my friend list, people in that range (mostly the latter) are ones posting actual news happing in the world.  I don’t see this as much with people my own age or younger.

The article is quite lengthy, but worth a read.  It’s interesting to see what value individuals give a social media outlet like Facebook, and how different ago groups views change on what they use the site for.

Story About the Effectiveness of Social Media

Hi everyone,

I thought I would share a story with you I just saw on the local news.  It was a documentary titled “The Road to Coming out”  that a man created to document his journey coming out to his friends and family.  His journey started in Vancouver and he made stops along the way to tell his family and friends that he is gay.  The news clip showed him using social media to assist him in coming out to his loved ones.  The documentary showed his moms reaction which was especially touching to have this on camera.  He uploaded his video to youtube and has had over 10,000 views in just a few weeks. He said he was taking advantage the power of social media.

This is the link to the newsclip

This is the youtube link,

I thought it was a nice story about someone using social media for such a strong and positive message.

Social Media in the Dating World

Recently a friend of mine got engaged to her fiance whom she met online.  This got me thinking how far society has come in using social media as a tool in all aspects of their life.  She had some great success meeting someone online, although I still can’t help but feel that there are some aspects of our life where we should let nature do its course and not force media on it.

Social media has changed the way people communicate with one another.  There are some great advantages to what social media can do for us, but one negative is that people are hiding behind there computer, which becomes, in my opinion, an issue when it comes to finding the ‘love of your life!’

When it comes to dating, I think people should rely on the old fashioned face to face way. I recently read an article on CNN called Psychologists highlight pitfalls of online dating (  Basically it says how online dating has an over reliance on profiles with the photos, categories, details, likes and dislikes all provided upfront.  This should be the fun stuff in getting to know someone, but in the case of using media as a dating tool, all of this is provided to determine if you ever want to meet the individual in person.

I just think the whole process is kind of backwards, don’t get me wrong I know it does work with some people as I have seen first hand, I just think way to many people rely on it.  With sites like eHarmony, Plenty of Fish, Lavalife,, etc. we have lost sight of reality and what it’s like to meet someone in person and have an actual face to face conversation.