COM0015 Blog #2 Strong and Weak Organizations

There are so many different organizations following great social media strategies and some that are not. Below are two examples of organizations that have a plan, stick to it, and do it well followed by one example of someone who could improve their strategy.

Strong – You Need a Budget

YNAB is a budgeting app and they are doing amazing with their social media strategy. They focus on twitter, facebook, instagram, and tiktok and are doing a great job at showing up for each of those platforms. Their team does weekly meme round ups featuring budget related humour both crowd sourced from their followers and made up from their team. Their memes are typically very current and are quite funny. For example, they recently shared a tweet to their Instagram about the Oscars! They also provide a ton of knowledge on their accounts and blog for budgeting and financial literacy. I’ve enjoyed following them for years and have become a customer of theirs on a few occasions. I was drawn to them because of their ability to make financial wellbeing so easy and achievable. 

Strong – Tula Skincare

Tula is a skincare line that sells a variety to products. Their social media channels are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Tiktok. I think they’ve got a great strategy going for them! I specifically like how they share their customers posts to their page. It defintely entices their customers to share their images of the brand and products and gives them great content that feels personable and relatable. They also have so much great information available for their customers to look at. Highlights on Instagram target common skin problems and what products to use, their tiktok also have these as playlists for their customers to watch. They are engaging and including their customers in the conversation and it is working great. 

Weak – Bethel Sundridge Church

Bethel is a local church that I have attended in the past. They always come to my mind when I think about how to implement a social media strategy because they have just started in their social media ventures and could use some guidance. They are currently on Facebook and Instagram and Youtube. They have in the last year started posting consistently to their pages. This organization should be using new tools with their efforts because their goal is to reach people who cannot make it into their physical building and to connect with more people in their area. With those goals in mind there should be a focus on putting out engaging content for the people who can only engage online and using more targetted posts for reaching those in the area. To implement this there needs to be more effort into making sure that posts on one network work for the other. Their posts are only focused on how Facebook will present them which leaves their Instagram feed looking rough. Having someone edit their posts before getting them to Instagram would be a huge improvement for their followers. For example, this post from Facebook has a link in, but on Instagram that link doesn’t translate because Instagram captions cannot have clickable links in it. Another issue is that parts of their graphics get cut off when posted to Instagram meaning the follower can’t see the entire image. Another thing I would suggest is that they show more personal images, someone trying to connect with them online who can’t arrive in person would have a hard time seeing who was behind the account, the photos used are mostly stock photos or graphics with no people at all. There are a lot of fun features that both the platforms they are on have that they could be incorporating as well, video, lives, reels, stories etc, but until they can get a consistent schedule down that involves repurposing their content for other networks they should keep focusing on that. 

Not everyone has the same resources or information so there will always be people who can improve. That is life! Fortunately there is so much information available that can help your organization improve. Not to mention, there are also examples to follow like You Need a Budget and Tula! Overall, I think there is always something to improve and work on.

COM0015 Blog #1 – Tools and Sources

When it comes to listening and monitoring tools there are so many options, it can be quite overwhelming. For myself, I tend to try a few out before picking which one works best for me. 

Two that I’ve enjoyed using over the course of this program are; Inoreader and Brand24.


Inoreader is an RSS feed app that I use to track different google alerts specific to my interested. I love that you can set up different categories and sort the different feeds. This is great for trying to keep an eye on different things like industry, competition, etc. It’s also free which was a huge asset for myself. I have limited resources and this gets the job done well and for no cost. 


Brand24 is a paid tool, but during the free trial it is easy to see the benefits outweigh the cost. The website allows you to easily monitor mentions, keywords, and reach for your organization. They even allow you to look at whether people’s mentions are positive or negative, which is an invaluable feature for Social Media listening for your own brand/organization and for others. 

Overall, I’ve found these two tools to be incredibly valuable while monitoring different organizations and I would recommend them to others who are looking to take social media listening and monitoring seriously.

When it comes to news and updates, I like to refer to my RSS feed for the latest information. Using Google alerts that are set up to follow the keywords that I have interest in, my RSS feed is a great collection of the news that I want to keep up to date on. 

I also use Reddit to keep up with different industries that I’m interested in. While not an accredited news site, it’s great for keeping up with different updates and issues that people are facing in regards to my interests (i.e. latest Instagram issues/updates/etc and local activity).

COM0014 – Blog #7 Personal Reflection

I have really enjoyed learning how important storytelling is to social media. It’s a concept that I hadn’t really noticed was so prevalent online, but now it’s all I see. Everything is a story. 

I am grateful to be fully noticing this now because I think my own story was something I was lacking in my social media activity. I love telling stories, I think they are great opportunities to connect with others. Experiences bring people together so it makes sense why community is built through sharing stories. This is especially important for online because it adds the human element that people are looking for and craving.

I already share my life online and I think by looking at the importance of storytelling I can have a better idea on how to make my content more captivating for others. If I look at it all as a story and be intentional about how I tell it, it can go from boring to captivating. 

With all that in mind, I want to continue to tell people my story. I have something to say and I want to be able to share it with people. I want to tell stories about how I got to where I am, stories about who I am, and stories about my hopes and dreams. I want my stories to be personal and captivating.

COM00014: Blog #6 – Do People Know Your Story?

What challenges have I overcome to arrive at this point?

I never would have pictured myself with a baby. After I got married and having kids became a real possibility the idea terrified me. I had often said in my youth that I wanted to have a baby but not have a baby. Meaning I’d be okay adopting a child but I didn’t want to birth one. Oddly enough, one year, that just changed. 

From that point started one of the most challenging periods in my life. For me, having a baby wasn’t as easy as I would have hoped. It took two years and a lot of medical intervention. When I finally saw a positive pregnancy test, I sobbed. And I sobbed even more when a week later I started my cycle and that positive test faded to a negative. There was no baby, there was no hope. My medication and treatments had ended and the clinic I was using had shut its doors. 

A new referral meant having to redo all the previous tests and then some, and paying a hefty price for it. This meant that even my husband was going to have to get tested and seek treatment. But it was what needed to be done so my husband and I prepared to go through hell just to get the chance to try again. 

The day before testing began I decided to take one more pregnancy test. And it was positive. It was finally positive and this one stuck. And everything I endured was suddenly worth it. The pain, the heartache, the testing, all done and replaced by love and gratefulness and the sweetest baby. 

And I learned that I can work past even my most deep seeded fears from my childhood.

COM:00014 Blog #5 – Personal Brand

I am a new mom, I won’t be able to say that forever so I am claiming it while I can! I love connecting with other young moms and encouraging those that are about to become mothers how to laugh at themselves. If I’ve learned anything about this life transition it’s that there’s always something to laugh at.

I am an open book. I was actually just laughing about it this morning while I remembered sharing an embarrassing pregnancy story online for everyone to watch. I have been documenting pregnancy, and postpartum life and everything that comes with it. I have no poker face and am very true to myself in what I do. I strive to succeed and am very driven. I am most proud of my resiliency and drive to meet my accomplishments whether maneuvering parenthood, changing careers, saving for early retirement, etc.

When I ask my circle who I am and what they know me for the answer was organized, clear, and concise. I am a very intentional person, if I’m doing something, I am all in. Right now this looks like sharing my experiences and stories with people online.

I also love content creating and filming videos. I have a couple that have reach 500k views and am working on recreating that. I’m great at scheduling my content and have a strong creative side that I can easily adapt to social media.

COM0014 – Blog #4 B2C Case Study

There is a surprisingly well loved green bird taking over Tiktok and it’s the Duolingo Owl. This company mascot has quickly become well known on the app. Their team has done astonishingly well on Tiktok with 3 Million followers and videos with up to 30 Million views.

Duolingo is making sure to stay relevant with all the latest trends, which bodes well for them because they use a comically large mascot owl suit to enact them. They have also taken to partnering with other tiktokers to collaborate on videos such as Kat Stickley, Chris Olsen and Peters Pasta. This has worked great for them because they end up with a few videos on their account with the tiktokers as well as a few cameos on the other creator accounts page ensuring that not only are they reaching their fan base, but also the for you page’s audience and the other creator’s audience.

The company also utilizes other platforms for their social media marketing strategy but tiktok is by far their most successful venture. Their approach is working extremely well and I would recommend this approach for other companies. Duolingo is an amazing example of the power of Tiktok and the importance of collaboration. 

COM0014 – Blog #3 Target Audience

I’ve recently been having a lot of fun playing a board game that I got for Christmas. It has easily taken over any leisure time I have. With that in mind I could not help but think that it’s my most recent and relevant hobby. The game is called Hogwarts Battle and it is a multiplayer cooperative deck building game. 

If I were to be marketing this, I believe the target audience would currently be 25-35 year-olds who grew up in what has been nicknamed “The Harry Potter Generation”.  This would interest fans of the series and those who enjoy deck building games such as DC Deck Builder, Magic The Gathering, Legendary, etc. 

The game can also be enjoyed by kids! It’s quite easy to learn and new elements are only added once you’ve mastered the part you are on, and since it is a cooperative game, this would make it great for even the most competitive families without the stress of anyone being upset from one person losing. 

With all that in mind, I think the target audience would most likely be married 25-45 year-olds with children who love to play board games, watch/read Harry Potter, and play deck builders.

COM0014 – Blog #2 Storytelling and Communication Styles

I love telling a good story. It connects people and builds familiarity. I think my favourites are embarrassing stories, there’s something great about sharing in each other’s embarrassment. I have quite a few if I’m being honest, and I’m willing to share them if you’re interested! I think the reason we all love a good story is the connection that comes from them. When it comes down to it, stories are for sharing with one another. 

Think about the people that you follow on social media, whose blogs you read, the content you consume. Why did you follow them? Something compelled you to follow along, and I’m willing to bet it was the stories they tell. Whether through day to day sharing, through video, through blog posts, everything is an interesting story that captivates us. 

Underneath all that is their style of communication, their call to action, and their writing voice. Surprisingly those tools are subtle ways to encourage the relationship that they have built with you even further. You can resonate with someone’s writing style and voice just as much as you can through their story. Storytelling is really the centre of it all and it’s what compels us to listen.

COM0014 – Blog #1: What’s a Vacation?

How I wish I wasn’t kidding, but it’s been quite some time since I’ve had a vacation. I think most can relate due to the circumstances of 2020 and onward. I have had three vacations cancelled since the start of the pandemic. 

The first was a trip to Florida that was supposed to take place in December of 2020 for my wedding anniversary. My husband and I were married on the beach in Florida 5 years prior. Goodbye 5th anniversary! 

The second was a baby moon that we had always agreed we would do if we ever experienced success in getting pregnant, two years later I finally was! The babymoon was set for early 2021, but another lockdown happened, and all the hotels’ amenities were shut down so we canceled. Goodbye Babymoon! 

Finally, we were planning on being in for March break this year, but with new restrictions I doubt it’ll happen. 

Instead, I’ve been taking courses, spending quality time with my baby and husband, and I moved twice (once to a different province). Honestly, I haven’t needed the elaborate vacation. I’ve enjoyed the time to bake, the time to snuggle, the time to focus on things I enjoy. That being said, the last vacation I took was amazing. 

In 2018, my husband surprised me with a trip to Los Angeles for my birthday. It was specifically to go see “The Guy Who Didn’t Like Musicals” a musical from a production group I have loved for over 10 years now. The show was wonderful and hilarious. You can even watch it for free via the link above. Even my husband, who notoriously dislikes musicals, had a great time. After the show I met all the cast and got their signatures as a memento.

We also spent a lot of time in Los Angeles visiting museums and science centers. Science centers are easily one of my top vacation stops. I love learning and hands-on fun, and science centers have both! We spent a majority of the day walking around the California Science Center.

This trip was just a short weekend away, but it had everything I loved packed into one weekend. And if you’re wondering, no, my husband has not topped this birthday gift since. 

The Chronological Timeline Returns

Instagram has recently announced that they are going to reintroduce chronological timelines in their app! There has been some speculation on what exactly that will look like since the announcement was originally made. 

The head of Instagram took to his stories to answer questions about the update. Here’s how you can expect to see chronological feeds once the update launches.

Adam Mosseri talked about two ways for the chronological feed to appear. The first is through picking your favourites, they would then appear at the top of your feed in chronological order. The second is by limiting everyone you follow and those would appear in chronological order.

The update is set to roll out for users in the beginning of the new year.

You can watch the stories Adam recorded below.

Did you have Instagram when it was chronological? Are you looking forward to its return?

Facebook: Instagram is bringing back the chronological feed, here’s what Mosseri says it’ll be like:

Twitter: The chronological feed is returning on Instagram! Here’s what it’ll look like. #instagram #instagramupdates