COM0014 – Blog #3 Target Audience

I’ve recently been having a lot of fun playing a board game that I got for Christmas. It has easily taken over any leisure time I have. With that in mind I could not help but think that it’s my most recent and relevant hobby. The game is called Hogwarts Battle and it is a multiplayer cooperative deck building game. 

If I were to be marketing this, I believe the target audience would currently be 25-35 year-olds who grew up in what has been nicknamed “The Harry Potter Generation”.  This would interest fans of the series and those who enjoy deck building games such as DC Deck Builder, Magic The Gathering, Legendary, etc. 

The game can also be enjoyed by kids! It’s quite easy to learn and new elements are only added once you’ve mastered the part you are on, and since it is a cooperative game, this would make it great for even the most competitive families without the stress of anyone being upset from one person losing. 

With all that in mind, I think the target audience would most likely be married 25-45 year-olds with children who love to play board games, watch/read Harry Potter, and play deck builders.

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