COM00014: Blog #6 – Do People Know Your Story?

What challenges have I overcome to arrive at this point?

I never would have pictured myself with a baby. After I got married and having kids became a real possibility the idea terrified me. I had often said in my youth that I wanted to have a baby but not have a baby. Meaning I’d be okay adopting a child but I didn’t want to birth one. Oddly enough, one year, that just changed. 

From that point started one of the most challenging periods in my life. For me, having a baby wasn’t as easy as I would have hoped. It took two years and a lot of medical intervention. When I finally saw a positive pregnancy test, I sobbed. And I sobbed even more when a week later I started my cycle and that positive test faded to a negative. There was no baby, there was no hope. My medication and treatments had ended and the clinic I was using had shut its doors. 

A new referral meant having to redo all the previous tests and then some, and paying a hefty price for it. This meant that even my husband was going to have to get tested and seek treatment. But it was what needed to be done so my husband and I prepared to go through hell just to get the chance to try again. 

The day before testing began I decided to take one more pregnancy test. And it was positive. It was finally positive and this one stuck. And everything I endured was suddenly worth it. The pain, the heartache, the testing, all done and replaced by love and gratefulness and the sweetest baby. 

And I learned that I can work past even my most deep seeded fears from my childhood.

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