Viral Videos and Copyright Infringement on YouTube

In today’s society, sharing video content on social platforms has become a common practice and almost everyone has the ability to upload, watch or share a video on multiple devices within a few seconds. This instant accessibility and convenience has opened the door for “theft” (copyright infringement) and most content viewers may not even know that the video content may be considered “stolen”.

We can all agree that one of the most dominant video sharing platforms is YouTube but did you know their global ad revenue is over $4.2 billion as 6 billion videos are watched per month and 300 hours of new videos are uploaded per minute? Obviously, this platform has a process in place in order to notify them about copyright infringements but the responsibility to report the offence is up to the content creator. Therefore, we have decided to randomly select three videos from a list posted by TIME called YouTube’s 50 Best Videos.

1. Bank of America sings U2’s One

The most popular video was nine years ago with 744,991 views. The next video had only 20,314 views and was presented more as a funny commentary. In total you can find three videos in which two have the exact video and one has the song. The original presentation of the altered U2 song was captured during a corporate conference when a merger between MBNA and Bank of America was announced. The BA employee that preformed the song did not reach out to the record company or consult with a lawyer before hand.  Consequently, Universal Music Publishing Group sent a legal complaint letter to BA. The bank employee was under the impression that the song was a parody that had been presented in a private location. In my opinion, this was a copyright infringement (not just pieces of copyright used).

2. Extreme Mentos & Diet Coke

The original video was created and uploaded by and the company states that it explores creativity, and in particular, the ways in which ordinary objects can do extraordinary things” .This original video had 301,642 views while we found two other exact copies of the video called Diet Coke +Mentos (17,880,999) posted only a few months after the original and followed by runnermore  channel with 1,116,725. Furthermore, these two exact copies are producing profit by using ad companies. The original owner has not filed a complaint about the two exact copies of the video. If the secondary channels do not have the permission of the EepyBird channel to upload this video performance, it is considered to be a copyright infringement. As per the list of parodies and copycats combining coke with mentos, the list is over 300,000. We should note here that did not discover the “Diet Coke and Mentos eruption” but did present a choreographed artistic show (not an idea).

3. The Sneezing Baby Panda 

Over 140 videos have been uploaded with the same content from first posting in 2006 and eight have had over half of million views. The first video had 220,565,308 views on Sunday afternoon and by Monday morning it had 70 more views. The owner of the channel jimvwmoss has a declaimer note “Media host NOT endorsed by jimvwmoss” and has over 20,277 subscribers on the channel. The original footage was not online and was produced by LJM Productions Pty Ltd. and Wild Candy film, television, live theatre and digital content producers. It seems that the company allows others to repost the original video as long as they promote the original Panda T-shirts made by LMJ. Also, it was interesting to find out that the original Australian filmmakers onLinkedIn Lesley Hammond (Director of the company) and Jenny Walsh had captured this moment in 1999 in China.

The after effect from this viral video on YouTube is shocking; over 80 with exact videos and about 270 videos related to the subject as slow motion remixcreative additions, parodiesspoof, animation and a movie.

The Future of Canadian Copyright

Over the past century, the Canadian Copyright Act has been amended a few times. The most recent update to the Act, named Bill C-11 in 2012, was able to meet some of the vast technological advances that have taken place over the last two decades. One of the key elements was the expansion of fair dealing across education, satire and parody. This enables the users to generate non-commercial content while introducing pieces of copyright works into their content.

It could take seven weeks to write a script, more than six months to write a book or many years to complete a drawing but it only takes a few seconds to upload the content online. Do you think the Canadian Copyright Act updates will promote creativity across digital platforms or does more need to be done?

How one campaign made a difference through social content

Pinkstinks create awareness of products, media and marketing that stereotypes girls and limits girl’s role. The campaign tries to “challenge and reverse this growing trend”. It promotes “media literacy, self-esteem, positive body image and female role models for kids”.

It is interesting to note that Pinkstinks has engaged with an agency called millipedia. This company prides its self on ethical digital delivery. Pinkstinks uses social media to promote their goals in:

  1. Blogs
  • React to gender stereotyping in advertisements and news stories.
  • Stress positive role models (i.e) four women astronauts in space together.
  • Create activity and action in stereotyping.

Screen shot 2016-07-11 at 9.04.35 PM

  1.  Monthly Newsletter
  • Pink approved section for books, stores that are gender neutral and good role models and match their philosophy.
  • Name and shame the worst examples of negative gender roles.
  • Role model of the month and good role models in the news.
  • Shows other blogs of interest and give links to them because of support for similar causes.
  1.  Email
  • Nominate your favourite shops or websites.
  • PayPal donations.
  • Engagement through personal pictures and stories.
  • Promoting action through “make your voice be heard“.


  1.  Twitter
  • Great way to recruit 16,496 followers that will tweet about the newsletter and sign up.
  • Keeping followers informed on current issues and events.
  • Perfect location to highlight press releases.
  1.  Facebook
  • Campaign social base stands on this platform with 18,875 likes.
  • Great forum for parents to share.
  • Location for sharing links that increase momentum and sustainability.


Pinkstinks owes their success in the ability to keep the message simple, while taking a stand for the youth and providing immediate integration across all platforms. They caused real change by influence in 2010 with the Early Learning Centre campaign that was noticed in media across 43 countries.

The spirit of sharing is evident and the feeling of togetherness, freedom and ownership can only develop and promote awareness growth in the near future.

When Grandpa’s Quotes Became Digital Eye Candy

Quotations make us stop and think. They enable us to see life from a completely different point of view. That is something my grandpa instilled in me at a young age. He was a person that never said much but always found a variety of ways to use quotations.

With the advancement of technology everyone is able to find millions of quotes at the touch of a button. When you combine powerful words that express an emotion within a digital canvas the results are inspiring.

Since the vast selection of graphic online applications can become overwhelming, especially to those that lack technical experience, we have discovered three tools that match the versatility of quotes.

  1. Recite (Free) – Someone without any experience can either select a quote from the app or paste their own into a standard pool of images. You can download or share this creation immediately on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and Stumbleupon.

recite-1j81f8d (2)

2. Quozio (Free) – Just like the application above, it is very simple. Quozio makes it easy to share quotes and has a separate text box for the author.

Screen shot 2016-06-14 at 6.21.31 PM

3.  Bitstrips (Free) – This is one of many cartoon generators that can be use to develop your own personal emoji, character or avatar. You may need to spend some time to become an expert. We love using the comic builder option to create dramatic/funny visual quotes for presentations.



Over the years, we have had great success using visual quotations to do the following: stress a particular thought during a presentation, share positivism on social media platforms and be philosophical to empower productivity or comic relief.

Do you feel famous? Share your own “visual quote” in the comments below while using your favourite tool.

Hospitality Blogs For Student Success

Blogging is a marketing format where the user is able to attract high quality traffic, maintain an increase of leads while maximizing one’s product visibility. In our case, the employers of the hospitality industry will become aware:

This information would be obtained from:

  1. WordPress
  2. Facebook page
  3. Twitter alerts
  4. Pinterest and Instagram recipes

All of the social avenues above would drive traffic towards the wordpress blog. The purpose is to drive internet searches, to get employers and general public to like the facebook page, influence the hospitality industry, provide specific knowledge and solutions to employers through linkedIn. A variety of topics, ideas, activities and trends are what you may find on the blog. It will be related to the greater Ottawa area. It will further expand on the food and beverage trends around the world and how they affect us.

The blog would be used as a format to place calls to actions in order to generate new leads. Blog readers would be increasingly engaged with the web links and the blog content. It would provide direct “how to” and “professional contacts” through professional associations and in return for these services each viewer must joining/follow the blog (upon approval). Furthermore, it would support hyperlink words to other areas and contextual call- to action; the increase appeal of the CTA’s will cause readers to increase their click-through rate and then, end upon my page.

Overall, the blog would be controlled in that it would only be for members.

The following would be tracked:

  1. the number of specific requests for download
  2. visits – number of members
  3. uploads/downloads of recipes and job postings
  4. uploads/downloads of personal C.V’s
  5. corporate training and program requests

This blog is a vital connection to future success.