What is “Social Selling?”

  1. Have you ever posted a picture of a meal on your story and had someone ask you where you got that from?
  2. Have u ever posted a movie or show on your story and had someone ask you your opinion on it?
  3. Have u ever posted on your story and then had someone ask you where you got your outfit/ clothes?
  4. Have you ever bought something because you saw someone else post about it on their story? 

Well…. if you answered yes to any of the questions, congratulations!!!!!! you are in an influencer. 

Social selling is using a product or visiting a place then sharing your experience with someone else!  We all sell things, every day!!  Weather it’s an opinion, a place to eat, a good movie to see, what to wear… we are constantly looking to others for their genuine experiences to positively influence ours… Lately social selling has become more and more known, most of it takes place online via social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, but can take place on or offline!

With many networks online it’s easy to social sell, and once you understand it, you can make an income from it!  Personally, I social sell every day for work, I post on my Instagram story places I go, things I eat, clothes I wear and the products I use… In a genuine way you can easily share your experience weather that’s negative or positive.  

People love to hear stories and experiences from others, it’s how a lot of people make decisions… begin today, post a pic on your story of your coffee order, share your experience, and see how many people message you about it or even share their experience with you! Social selling is all about making genuine connections and being completely honest with your audience.  

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Finding Your Niche!

There are so many different social media platforms but when starting out an online presence, you need to have some specific niches to understand your target audience.  I’ve found 10 questions you can ask yourself to find out!  Look below at the questions. 

  1. What is my page about?
  2. What are you about? 
  3. What aspects of myself might interesting or make me unique?
  4. What kind of content do you like on your page currently?
  5. What is the objective of your page?
  6. Does your content match up?
  7. What do I need to be more specific about?
  8. What’s your target audience? 
  9. How can you focus in on them? 
  10. Are you being yourself or pretending to be someone so people like you?

With those questions to guide you, you will almost zero problems figuring out your niche.  Personally, I’ve done this many times, normally once a month I’ll do a brand or social media audit.  When I do my audits, I like to revisit my why, so why am I posting or engaging and my niches.  

Your social media is your home front for most online businesses, content creators and even photographers (obviously many more).  So it’s important to know why your posting and who your posting for, without knowing you’re not giving your audience any value or reason to stay on your page.  


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My Top Picks: Apps for Social Media Businesses 

Social media marketing is becoming a more popular and popular these days… using social media to make an income is the new norm.  Its 2022 if you have a social media account and enjoy making content, starting a social media business can be something that completely changes your life.  For me I began my social media business journey in June of 2020, since then I have used countless apps to plan my feed, make content, create a brand for myself and have a semi-professional personal website.  I’ve gone through the struggle of filtering out apps that aren’t as helpful as others… and that’s good for y’all!  Keep reading to find out what 3 apps I think all social media businesses need.  

PS… in my previous blog I gave y’all 3 of my top picks for content creation apps, check that out here! Three Apps For Content Creators

The first app is… Canva but more specifically the “Brand Kit” and “Content Planner” part of the app (this app is also a website reachable on your laptop).  We’ll, start with the content planning part, this is super helpful for those who may need a reminder of what to post and when or for those who just like to organize.  It shows you a calendar that you can add a design or create a design for content that you want to post that day, taking the stress of figuring what to post and when away.  The brand kit part is a necessity for social media businesses, this part your able to create your own logos, brand colour pallet and your specific brand fonts you want to use. Having a brand kit is great because you can make sure to keep a cohesive social media presence that flows together. 

The Brand Kit
The Content Planner

The second app is… Milkshake.  Milkshake is a free website maker app; this app is not a website.  On this app you can create your own free website, you pick from different “cards”, which are just templates for your website.  I used this app to create a website for the bio of my Instagram, this is so my followers can find all my discount codes, different links, my other social medias, and a page about me.  Having a website that you can add to your bio is great because you don’t want to have your Instagram looking too overwhelming or busy.  

Free Website Maker

The third app is…Zoom!  You probably have heard of zoom before, maybe used it in school when we were all online, or to connect with your family during the lockdown.  You can use zoom for personal or business reasons but today I’m going to tell you about how you can use it for your business! For business purposes the app zoom is wonderful! Your able to connect with your co-workers, business partners and clients all in one! Your able to create a personal code and password to use to create meetings with others, having your own personal code and password Is amazing to make sure the only people on the call are the people you want on it.  You can even add people as “friends” so you can just simply call each other when needed.  When calling or in a meeting your able to have your camera and mic on or off depending on what you prefer and are required to do.  On zoom your also able to schedule meetings for the future and your able to see the list all the time to keep organized.  Something really cool about zoom is the tools you can use while in a meeting, you can share screens, write on the screen with a white board and even record the meeting if you need to review it again or use it as a training video. 


Those are my top three apps for all social media businesses, let me know in the comments below if you have used any of these apps!!!

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Three apps for content creators

Using social media as a way to make an income is gaining popularity lately, “content creators” are becoming the new “influencers”.  As a content creator myself I’ve found the best 3 apps (in my opinion) that have helped transform my business, as I run a social media marketing business.  


The first app is “Canva”.  Canva is a photo and video editor plus a graphic design tool all in one.  This app is great because they have templets or blank canvases you can use to create anything from a social media post to a poster to a presentation.   You do not need any experience to use this app and once you learn the different tools, you’ll become a pro!


The second app is “feed preview” I use this app all the time to plan my feed.  “aesthetics” are becoming more and more popular among content creators.  Once you know your niche, target audience you can begin to create content for them! Using this app is very helpful to see if the post your thinking of posting would fit in to your previous post or aesthetic.


The third app is “InShot”.  InShot is a great video editing app, there’s tons of features and tools to use to create an amazing video for your social media.  As tiktok is growing popular you can defiantly use this app to help make some videos if that’s your thing.  

These three apps have transformed content creation for me, they have helped me tap into my creative side, and they can help you too!