COM0014 #6 – Do People know your story?

“What is your favourite Customer story.”

In my job, we always say that “We aren’t doing brain surgery on babies” to remind us that the world will not end if we do not get something done that day.  While we work hard to advocate for patients and educate them on skin disease and conditions, we are not saving lives every day.   We maintain our website, publish a magazine and other marketing material and share information on social media.

Meet Grace- she is a patient who struggled with severe symptoms such as extreme fatigue, swollen feet so severe she could not walk, weight gain, acne and unwanted facial hair.   She struggled with severe depression and anxiety.  They were unable to find the cause of her debilitating symptoms.  On a routine visit to her health care provider, she, by chance, picked up a brochure we had published on unwanted facial hair (the last copy in the office), and she says that was a turning point in her story.  One of the listed causes of unwanted facial hair is  a very rare disease called Cushing’s disease.  After reading our brochure, she began researching Cushings and discovered that she had every single symptom that was listed for Cushings disease.  She presented this information to her doctor and underwent further testing and it was confirmed that she did have Cushings and it was being caused by a tumour on her pituitary gland.   She then went on to have surgery to remove the tumour and she is now reporting weight loss,  diminished swelling, the acne had cleared and the facial hair was far less than what she had.   She is filled with gratitude at the improved quality of her life.

She says that her diagnosis was nothing short of a miracle, and that she was meant to find that brochure.  By way of our brochure, she was able to find a reason for her bad health, and more importantly to get the treatment she needed.

Her story brings to mind the expression “To the world you may be one person, but to one person you just may be the world”.

So not brain surgery on babies….but our little brochure definitely meant the world for Grace.

COM0014 -Personal Brand

It is difficult to look at yourself objectively and talk about the things that make you good at what you do,  To highlight the positive!  But here goes…

Working in social media for a not for profit is a new role for me, and is one that I have taken on with eagerness.  I have worked hard, and advanced in my job from an office manager, to now a program manager, focusing on Social media.  I have taught myself many things, and then had the drive to take this certificate in Social Media, to better my skills and expand on what I already know.  Going back to school at the age of 45 was difficult and trying to balance work, school work, and family while I do it even more challenging.  But I am committed and I have worked hard and have been able to maintain an A+ average throughout the program.

I recognize that you are never too old to learn, to improve, to better yourself.  There is always something to accomplish, and I am embracing this.  By doing so, maybe great things have begun to happen for me in my role as the Social Media Manager.  I leave on Thursday to attend a conference in Chicago on Social Media for Health Care managers.  To have just been accepted to attend this conference is an achievement unto itself, but I will have the added bonus of learning so much while I am there, allowing me to improve even more, to make me even better at my job.

There is no greater compliment than to be recognized as being very good at what you do.  We all want that validation.  This week I got that when I was invited to be a presenter at an International conference in Geneva for skin patient organizations.  The topic:  Social Media for Patient organizations!


COM0014 – Blog Post #4 B2C Case Study -Netflix

Social media has allowed businesses to directly speak to their consumer in way like they never have before, and for most cases for much cheaper than traditional advertising.    B2C companies connect with their audiences well through social media, but not many have had their brand become a common verb such as Netflix!   They have accomplished this in 10 short years.

Netflix started as a DVD delivery service in 1997, a monthly subscription model, that allowed users an unlimited amount of movie rentals for a monthly fee.  In 2007 the moved to an online streaming model that grew rapidly, and  had 20 million subscribers in the first 3 years. The company grew so rapidly that 3 years after that, they moved into developing original programming,  with the first being “House of Cards”.   They have grown to now having over 93 million subscribers, watching over 10 billion hours of Netflix each month, having earned 707 award nominations and 146 awards,  including Emmys, Golden Globes and SAG awards.

Netflix has the unique advantage of having strong statistics on their clients and they are able to cater to those specific demographics.  For example when they learned that 76 percent of their users enjoyed “binge-watching” multiple episodes of a series, they made the decision to release full seasons at a time, rather than one episode at a time like mainstream programming.  They capitalize on their ability to do this through their social media campaigns such as the one for their new season release of Downton Abbey.


Netflix is also very responsive to their customers, and reply often to the comments received in often humorous ways.  In a recent teaser for their original show Riverdale, a user commented “Guess what we’re watching tomorrow?”.  The obvious answer was Riverdale, since it was a post for that show, however Netflix replied “Peppa the pig?”

The Netflix brand has become such a staple with TV watchers that,  “Netflix  & Chill” became the new language of watching tv together and has become everyone’s favourite pastime.  It also saw the invention of Binge-watching, without shame .    It is no accident that this DVD delivery service has morphed into a $41.1 Billion entertainment industry and the 79th most valuable World Brands, according to Forbes magazine.

COM014 – Blog Post #3 Can you hear me? How about now?

A good communication strategy outlines not only know what it is you are trying to say, but more importantly knowing who you are saying it to and then choosing the communication method that best reaches that audience.  If your target audience are senior citizens then it is safe to say that Snap Chat may not be the best vehicle for that communication, given that 71% of their users are under the age of 34 (Source: .

I work for a NFP organization that works in education, support and advocacy for patients living with dermatological conditions in Canada.  Our audience is a diverse one since skin disease does not discriminate – very young children and teenagers are affected by eczema, acne, and psoriasis, adults tackle melanoma, psoriasis, burns or wounds  and seniors encounter shingles, rosacea, psoriasis, and many of the other conditions I have already mentioned.  So while we certainly do not have an age, race or gender demographic we do want to ensure that our communications are geared towards a Canadian audience.   To ensure that we are reaching that audience, we often use the tools built into many of the social media platforms to target Canadians interested in skin health or dermatology.  This sometimes requires putting a little bit of money into our social media and advertise our sites (Facebook and Twitter) to target Canadians.   By doing these we have achieved our goal and over 90% of our followers on Facebook are Canadian.

By ensuring that we are reaching our target audience, we are able to meet our mission of promoting skin health and improving the quality of life of Canadians living with skin conditions.

COM0014 – Blog #2 – Getting to the point…and doing it with purpose

The key to effective story telling is engaging your reader early, ensuring what you say “speaks” to them, and if so they will continue to read through your piece, and are hopefully prompted to engage with you in the manner that you intended. In the days of social media this is even more important as your reader is one click away from moving to the next post.

Anyone can write a post on Social media…making it a good one takes some work. The first thing is to make sure you say what you need to say quickly. This is not a soap opera, and people will not stick around to see how the drama plays out! Get to the point quickly, and then expand on your ideas as you go. If you have grabbed the attention of your reader, they will continue reading and then hopefully engage with you in the way you had hoped.

Which takes me to the next point – Decide what it is that you are asking of your reader. Do you want them to like or share your writing? Are you asking questions aimed at encouraging conversation? Or is your intention for the reader to be entertained or intrigued and therefore wanting to share so that others can be entertained or intrigued. Be sure to keep these things in mind while composing your piece. It is also important to make the action easy to undertake; make sharing easy, allow for comments by asking a question or leaving them with a final thought.

Getting to the point is crucial in your writing, and inspiring your reader to become engaged. Other elements help including grammar, spelling, clarity and being concise. You only have your reader’s attention for a short time, – so make the most of it!

COM0014 – Blog #1: My Vacation

Okay folks – you’ll need to hold onto your hats ‘cuz this one is going to be exciting…..are you ready?  My last vacation was the week between Christmas and New Year’s when my office closes and I get to retreat to my home, cuddle up in front of the fire in my favourite jammies, sipping a nespresso from my new machine that “Santa” brought me for Christmas, with a cat on my lap, catching up on my favourite netflix indulgence, napping at will, and eating an entire bag of fudgeeos in one sitting (don’t judge…we’ve all done it!)

I know…I know..your jealous….it sounds brilliant right?  I agree and in an ideal world this would be my ideal vacation…but sadly I am a mother of two teen age boys, both who play hockey, as well as work as officials for hockey (ones a ref and one is a timekeeper), and well… it was the holidays.  The holidays comes with visitors….We had my in-laws visiting from out of province for a visit, along with the siblings-in-law (is that even a word??).  It was my in-laws  50th wedding anniversary which required a party for just a few dozen of their closest friends that was catered by yours truly (and yes, sadly that WAS my idea) not to mention a full Christmas dinner since this was the first holiday we have had with them in several years cooked by …you guessed it…me again!  .  And if that weren’t enough to exude rest and relaxation, I am a child of divorced parents (with step-siblings, nieces, nephews, dogs etc)  which required separate holiday celebrations for each side of said split family at….you’re right again….MY HOUSE!!!

So as much as I wanted to be curled up in the blissful solitude of my family room, binge-watching Orange is the New Black, with nothing but my favourite of our 3 cats for company – this is what I was actually doing….

….try to contain your envy will ya!

COM0011 – Blog Post # 6 – Social Media Fails

One of the main points we have learnt in this course is the value of personal branding, and the importance of having a strategy to manage your online presence.  This applies not only to oneself personally, but also to organizations.  Many corporations spend millions of dollars on their marketing and branding and now with many turning to Social Media to promote themselves.  But what happens when something goes wrong?  Inadvertently (or perhaps not so inadvertently) posting something offensive or insensitive can have a huge negative impact on a company that will haunt them no matter how quickly the post is removed.

Take for example the clothing company American Apparel.  In 2014 they posted an image to their Tumblr account in celebration of the Fourth of July, with the tags #smoke and #clouds.  The image..


Now most would recognize this as the image of the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster – the space shuttle that exploded shortly after take off killing everyone on board, while the world watched live.  The company claimed it was an error made by an employee who was born after the disaster had occurred, and wasn’t aware of what this picture represented.

Another pitfall for corporations is when something gets posted on a social media account by an employee, when the post was meant for their own personal feeds.  Take for example the Chrysler employee who posted this..



And finally the DiGiorno pizza company that unknowingly used a hashtag that was trending at the time – without fully understanding what the hashtag referred to.  The tag was #WhyIStayed and began trending after the video of Ray Rice punching his wife in an elevator .  Many of the messages using #WhyIStayed were from women telling why they chose to stay in an abusive relationship.   So in an effort to take advantage of the momentum of the tag, DiGiorno posted this…


So what’s the lesson here.  Firstly, make sure you know the background of what you are posting.  Check and double check the source of the information.  Be informed!

And as many can attest – making an error on social media, despite whatever apology may follow, it will never be erased.  What is posted on the internet is there forever, so you best be sure check to be sure you want it out there forever!

Com011 – Blog Post #5: Anti-Social Media?

Let’s face it – Social Media is the new normal.   Future generations will never live without the ability to communicate instantly, share (or overshare) the details of their lives with the simple click of a button.  The benefits of social media are clear to all.

But what are the costs. What is the effects of social media on our health and mental wellness?  What are the costs to our relationships?

Statistics show that 72% of online adults are using social media – in fact the average user spends up to 23 hours a week online; using social media and other communication tools.  And a study conducted by Stanford University found that 50% of people using social networks have indicated that this use has made their lives worse.  They admit that their self esteem is affected because they compare themselves and their success (or lack thereof), to what others post about themselves, leaving them feeling inadequate or less.  The irony of that is that many people post half truths or lies about their lives on social media in order to seem more impressive or successful than they may actually be.

An argument can also be made for how Anti-Social, social media is becoming.  Take the infograhic below:


Social networking seems to give people  a license to be mean.  There seems to be a disconnect with people when they post on social media…you aren’t actually saying anything mean to a persons face which makes it much easier to be rude.  So much so that Jimmy Kimmel has an entire section of his show where celebrity’s read mean tweets


The truth is that Social Media is consuming people.  It is estimated that there are 2.03 Billion global active social media users…and we collectively spend 39,757 years of our time on Facebook every single day!  It has even created a phenomenon called ‘FOMO’ – the Fear of Missing Out.  This is so wide spread that people admit to checking their social media feeds before they even get out of bed, and have even admitted to checking, reading or posting on social media sites while using the bathroom!

Substituting social media for real life human interaction is costly to our relationships.  It is much more important to provide a friend who is going through a difficult time with a real life in person hug than a smiley face emoticon followed by a heart.    And an LOL or a LMAO can never replace that spirit lifting full on belly laugh you share with a friend that makes tears stream down your face and threaten to make you pee your pants just a little!

The internet has brought the world to our back door.  While social media has helped to bring us closer together, it also threatens to push us further apart.  Good judgement and integrity are paramount!



COM0011 Blog Post #4 – The art of Vague-booking

I am sure we can all say we have been guilty of this at one time or another…the dreaded Vaguebooking…which believe it or not is an actual thing!   You may not know exactly what it is, but I am pretty sure you have seen one, and perhaps even posted your own.

Urban Dictionary defines it as:

An intentionally vague Facebook Status update, that prompts friends to ask what’s going or, or is possibly a cry for help. 

Mary is:  “wondering if it is all worth it”.

Long before social media came to be, most people wrote their innermost thoughts and secrets in a “Dear Diary” format, and these musing were never meant for public consumption, much less meant to spark an ongoing plea from your friends to discuss what your thoughts might mean.  Writing “Dear Diary, Why do I bother” was meant for your eyes only and folks were not forced to speculate and draw their own conclusions…nor were you expecting Dear Diary to have the answer.

These days people have fallen into the passive-aggressive trap of posting a few words meant to  elicit an outpouring of love and support  from friends not to mention the curiosity and attention from said friends.  These status usually allude to a life turmoil, crisis, or emotional distress yet never give details.


But why Vaguebook?  According to Arik Beremzon:

“It’s a form of attention seeking behavior combined with “first world problems”. By being vague, an individual can elicit a response of concern from their surroundings that would normally be considered as overreacting.”

So posting “Regret is a terrible thing” may lead people to jump to conclusions and ask you if you are okay, offering words of encouragement and offers to be that shoulder to lean on, assuming that life has handed you a horrible blow….when really you are referring to that double Big Mac Combo you had after dinner which even included a Super sized fries!

Initially any good friend would see a Vaguebook post and ask “what is wrong hon”, or a “???” or even just a ” 😦 “, But this status is rarely followed by any insight or  clarification and often causes a great deal of discontent.  I mean there is nothing i hate more than one someone says “I have to tell you something” and then says “never mind!” as if you won’t spend the next few hours if not days wondering what they were going to say!

Vaguebooking goes one step further because you fell into the trap and actually set yourself up for the “never mind” that is bound to follow.  It has become the modern day “Boy who cried Wolf”…. and we all know what happened to him….



Blog Assignment #3 Who am I really?  My life in Memes.

Blog Assignment #3 Who am I really? My life in Memes.

As we get further into this course I am reminded a lot about considering what my personal brand might be.  And quite frankly I have no idea…Now I know we will be doing an assignment on creating a personal branding strategy down the road, but I thought I might reflect on what it is currently, based on my current social media activities.

And after this reflection, it would seem that I am a Starbucks loving, Pinot Grigio addicted, Crazy hockey mom who can’t stick to a diet!    To be fair it is also clear that I am passionate about Youth Mental Health, Volunteering and my two boys however it is the wine memes that seem to take centre stage!


So I scroll through my Facebook pages to try to find examples of the other things that define me…and I do…


Which is good…I’m a hockey mom…its all good…I go to the gym but hate every minute of it…and my husband does snore….so I’m doing okay…Besides, whats a little wine humour anyway….but then these..

And I’m only at December.   Of course mixed in with these are the number of times I have checked into a Starbucks, several photos of my kids playing hockey (which if you didn’t know better you’d think were all taken at the same game!)…followed by these…

Hmmmm….It would also appear that I’m a bit of a bad a$$…

So I’ve had my reflection and if you will please excuse me I have some deleting to do (make that a lot!)…and I think I best get a jump on that branding assignment…I think I’m going to need it!

What do the meme’s in your social media life have to say about you?