COM0014 #6 – Do People know your story?

“What is your favourite Customer story.”

In my job, we always say that “We aren’t doing brain surgery on babies” to remind us that the world will not end if we do not get something done that day.  While we work hard to advocate for patients and educate them on skin disease and conditions, we are not saving lives every day.   We maintain our website, publish a magazine and other marketing material and share information on social media.

Meet Grace- she is a patient who struggled with severe symptoms such as extreme fatigue, swollen feet so severe she could not walk, weight gain, acne and unwanted facial hair.   She struggled with severe depression and anxiety.  They were unable to find the cause of her debilitating symptoms.  On a routine visit to her health care provider, she, by chance, picked up a brochure we had published on unwanted facial hair (the last copy in the office), and she says that was a turning point in her story.  One of the listed causes of unwanted facial hair is  a very rare disease called Cushing’s disease.  After reading our brochure, she began researching Cushings and discovered that she had every single symptom that was listed for Cushings disease.  She presented this information to her doctor and underwent further testing and it was confirmed that she did have Cushings and it was being caused by a tumour on her pituitary gland.   She then went on to have surgery to remove the tumour and she is now reporting weight loss,  diminished swelling, the acne had cleared and the facial hair was far less than what she had.   She is filled with gratitude at the improved quality of her life.

She says that her diagnosis was nothing short of a miracle, and that she was meant to find that brochure.  By way of our brochure, she was able to find a reason for her bad health, and more importantly to get the treatment she needed.

Her story brings to mind the expression “To the world you may be one person, but to one person you just may be the world”.

So not brain surgery on babies….but our little brochure definitely meant the world for Grace.

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