COM0015 – Tools and Sources

Social-media-overview-1080x675Pick a tool….any tool!

As the video in the lesson shows, content is being added to the “interwebs” (my mom calls it that and I think its funny!) at an alarmingly quick pace, and therefore it is virtually impossible to find relevant content without using some sort of tool to help weed out all of that information and find something that is share-worthy.  But how do you decide on which one is best.  Let’s be honest – there are almost as many content tools out there as there is new content! (okay so maybe I am exaggerating a little bit, but you get my point…)

Chances are that my new favourite tool hasn’t even been created yet…or it has and I haven’t discovered it yet.  But until that new and improved model shows itself, I currently have two that I use with frequency -in fact almost daily – to gather content to share on my social media platforms at work.

I currently manage 2 twitter feeds, 3 Facebook pages, 1 Instagram (although admittedly this one is the neglected third child if we are being honest!), and one Linked In page (and if Instagram is the neglected third child then Linked in is the fourth child that i forgot i had!).  I use Hootsuite to manage them all, and this platform is a godsend to anyone who is managing several platforms.  Finding relevant content can be challenging, especially since HootSuite discontinued its Suggested Content feature that allowed a user to enter key words and content posts would automatically be suggested.  This made things very easy to schedule future content (especially during weekends, holidays and vacations).  Thankfully HootSuite suggested several content based apps that could be added to the contentgemsHootSuite Web dashboard, that can automatically generate new content based on keywords and hashtags that you can enter into them.   The one that I use with great frequency now is Content Gems .   This allows me to add a stream for each Interest I have and then share this content direct to my social networks via HootSuite.  It really is a one-stop shop kind of application and has allowed me to quickly mourn the loss of HootSuite Suggestions that I had grown to depend on.

downloadThe second fav tool is the tried and true, fits you like your favourite pair of slippers, Google Alerts.   Given the number of platforms I manage, adding google alerts for all our key information and interests allows me to share news as it happens without missing a beat.  Having the alerts come direct to my in box makes it easy to add to my daily activities and checking my alerts is often the first thing I do when I log in each morning, to ensure that news and information can be shared with our followers in virtual real time.  As with everything, the changes in our industry are hard to keep up with, so Google Alerts allows you to change, add, delete any alerts to ensure the content you are receiving remains relevant and optimal.

Given the rate that things are changing, and how quickly content is coming at us (Quite frankly knowing that by 2020 human knowledge will double every 12 hours is already giving me a migraine) having these tools available is essential to having a successful social media presence, in fact I would say critical.

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