COM0014 -Personal Brand

It is difficult to look at yourself objectively and talk about the things that make you good at what you do,  To highlight the positive!  But here goes…

Working in social media for a not for profit is a new role for me, and is one that I have taken on with eagerness.  I have worked hard, and advanced in my job from an office manager, to now a program manager, focusing on Social media.  I have taught myself many things, and then had the drive to take this certificate in Social Media, to better my skills and expand on what I already know.  Going back to school at the age of 45 was difficult and trying to balance work, school work, and family while I do it even more challenging.  But I am committed and I have worked hard and have been able to maintain an A+ average throughout the program.

I recognize that you are never too old to learn, to improve, to better yourself.  There is always something to accomplish, and I am embracing this.  By doing so, maybe great things have begun to happen for me in my role as the Social Media Manager.  I leave on Thursday to attend a conference in Chicago on Social Media for Health Care managers.  To have just been accepted to attend this conference is an achievement unto itself, but I will have the added bonus of learning so much while I am there, allowing me to improve even more, to make me even better at my job.

There is no greater compliment than to be recognized as being very good at what you do.  We all want that validation.  This week I got that when I was invited to be a presenter at an International conference in Geneva for skin patient organizations.  The topic:  Social Media for Patient organizations!


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