COM0015 Blog #1: Tools and Sources

I work as a freelance musician and YouTube content creator. I’ve been doing so full-time since 2015 and it has been an incredible journey. Managing my own YouTube and social media channels on my own isn’t a simple task so, today, I’d like to share with you the monitoring tools and sources of news that have been the most beneficial to my work.

I make arrangements of video game music in various styles/genres, so keep that in mind as you read this post.

Photo credit: Aman Pal on Unsplash

Trend Listening/Monitoring Tools

  • YouTube Channel Analytics
  • Twitter Search/trending tab

As a YouTube content creator, the “Channel Analytics” section of the Creator’s Dashboard is an incredibly powerful tool to use when trying to monitor anything from video performances, engagement, all the way to trends. With it, I’m able keep track of the types of videos that pleases my core audience the most while also being aware of which content reached the widest audience that isn’t already subscribed to the channel. One of my favourite feature is called “Content your audience watches” which allows me to know what my audience likes to watch/listen outside of my channel. That way, I can know which video games and/or music is popular among them and work on something YouTube tells me they’ll like. I then get comments telling me that my timing with this cover was incredible, and to that I can only reply… “I know”.

When it comes to social media itself, Twitter is my favourite tool to use for monitoring the video gaming community. Since I follow a lot of video game related accounts, my “For you” trending tab is always video game related. This allows me to keep track of what’s trending both for myself as a gamer, but also as a video game music content creator who likes to follow the trends. The Twitter search bar itself provides me with a way of knowing which hashtags seem to be more popular for me to tag my content accordingly. For example, a game such as Final Fantasy VII Remake can have multiple hashtags such as FinalFantasyVIIRemake, FF7R, FFVIIRemake, etc. But which one is the most popular one to use if I don’t want to fill my tweet with too many hashtags? That’s why Twitter Search is useful to me.

Sources of News & Updates

  • Twitter’s trending tab
  • Trusted industry experts (on social media)
  • YouTube on social media

In terms of staying updated, the Twitter trending tab also does a fantastic job at keeping me up to date on the recent video gaming news. This allows me to know what people will be excited about and prepare new content I that know will get searched. I also follow many industry experts who pass on news as they are made public. I prefer using Twitter over other platforms as it provides, in my opinion, the best ratio of text/images/videos. I don’t seem to gather information as quickly on Facebook or Instagram.

Finally, following YouTube on social media is a great way for me to be aware of new features or changes surrounding the platform so that I can start using these new features myself or adapt my content for these changes.

To conclude…

Whether you’re an individual like me or a large organization, I think it’s very important to familiarize yourself with some social media tools that will help you put yourself out there. The competition is fierce these days and keeping track of trends and news around your business’ field of interest becomes crucial to its success.

COM0014 – Blog #7: Personal Reflection

During the last seven weeks of this course, we read a lot about communicating by the means of social media, but we also learned about the great importance of storytelling. In this post, I look back at some of the most important things I’ve gathered from this course and also share an interesting tip that might be helpful to you.

Photo credit: Benjamin Davies on Unsplash

Why is Storytelling so Important?

Everybody loves a story. We have been told stories ever since we were little kids and we still enjoy them today. Storytelling in the world of social media marketing gives personality to a brand or individual. A generic/corporate post telling a targeted audience to buy a certain product doesn’t work so well anymore, but add a story to that same product’s ad campaign and it’s bound to reach and connect with people. As humans, I think we bond with what we feel is “human”. Therefore, stories that show that human personality in a brand create a feeling or emotion within the consumer and might lead them to grow attached faster.

How Will it Affect my Content?

For me personally, I always applied storytelling to my own content because of the way that my personal brand works as a self-employed musician. I’m an individual to begin with so I share some of my stories with people and those posts always perform better than any regular promotion post that I made. But if I were to work for a big organization, I’d make sure that I find ways to tell stories according to our target audience. After all, you can’t just tell any story to anybody. You have to know who the main audience is.

Interesting Tip

I remember hearing this mentioned in another college course that I took on social media marketing, that only 20% of the content we post should be related to a product specifically while the other 80% should focus on people and storytelling. Take a look at Nike’s Instagram as an example. Look at how many posts there are featuring people and stories in comparison to posts specifically about products. This makes the brand feel very human and less corporate as a result. I thought it would be interesting to share with people on here as well.

What Stories to Tell?

I think that it’s important to tell stories that reflect your personal brand or the organization that you might work for. I also think that the stories that we tell should feel authentic as I don’t think that a story that feels forced will reach as many people. No matter who you are, if you have a good story to tell, I think at least some amount of people will connect with you.

COM0014 – Blog #6: Do People Know Your Story?

In an article titled “How to Find Your Story“, John Jantsch mentions the importance of storytelling in businesses stating that it’s “essential for forging relationships with your audience”. In today’s blog post, I answer the following question: “Why did I start my business?” I have a different story than most so I think it’ll be a fun read for you.

Photo credit: Wes Hicks on Unsplash

Why Did I Start My Business?

I make music for a living. More precisely, I take video game songs and re-arrange/re-record them from the ground up in a new genre or style. I turn the project into a music video and I share it on the internet. I also compose music and do commission work but, mainly, I do video game music covers.

Now let’s answer the question, shall we?

To be completely honest, I started my business by accident. What do I mean by that? I mean that I never started doing what I do with the intention of turning it into a profitable business. I started playing guitar in 2010, I was highly into Rock/Metal bands such as Metallica, Guns ‘n’ Roses, and Bon Jovi, but I was also a massive fan of video games and their music. One day, on YouTube, I stumbled across a channel named “CSGuitar89” who was playing video game music on electric guitar. This was brand new to me and it blew my mind. He had drums playing in the background and everything making it sound like a full band but I couldn’t understand who played them. Eventually, he released a tutorial showing his process of creating/recording video game arrangements, programming drums, recording guitars, and mixing audio.

In 2012, I decided to attempt making a video game arrangement of my own and shared it on YouTube. I did this as a fun little hobby throughout my high school years and I eventually noticed the channel gaining more and more popularity.

With time and experience, I was able to create arrangements that sounded different from everybody else’s and managed to develop my own unique sound that can only be found in my music. This has been a huge step for me as it allowed me to differentiate myself from other artists doing similar things and build an audience that would come back for my own style.


I guess sometimes the best way to start a business is to not even try to start one in the first place. Sharing your favourite hobby with the world and becoming very good at what you do just might turn itself into a business of its own if enough people are drawn to you. If you truly are passionate about what you do, others will notice it and new opportunities will surely reveal themselves in due time.

While I may have started my business out of pure chance, I think in the beginning I truly started it out of my love and passion for music and video games, as well as to entertain people. I always loved making someone’s day better through music and that’s what my business now allows me to do.

COM0014 – Blog # 5: Personal Brand

In 2023, our personal brand is more important than ever. Social media usage is at an all time high and we are exposing ourselves to a lot more people everyday than, let’s say, our ancestors ever were. The image that we project online can strongly influence the perception of others towards us and a bad social media post can cost us a lot more than we think.

Today, I’d like to reflect on what I think my personal brand is and how I project it among others.

Photo credit: Sergey Zolkin on Unsplash

My Personal Brand

In my case, my personal brand or my online persona are one and the same and I need to take good care of its image. Being a freelance musician, it’s very important to me that I act professional enough. This means that I don’t use my social media channels to share memes and inappropriate jokes that I see many people sharing on the internet. Most importantly, I absolutely value for my online presence to be authentic. The person that you see through my tweets has to be the same person that I am in my personal life.

That being said, I think that the best assets of my personal brand is that, for one, I’m not trying to be somebody else. Secondly, I’m a very humble person and I don’t let things get to my head. And finally, people usually refer to me as being enthusiastic. I like to promote positivity a lot, especially on social media and I think people enjoy that about me.

What I think sets me apart from others in my field can especially be seen or heard in the content that I make and share. Most musicians I know can only play one instrument and it often becomes overused in the arrangements that they make. I make it my mission to keep learning to play as many instruments as I can to be able to incorporate more of them in my own music leading to more innovative sounds.

If we stay solely on the social media presence side of things though… People would probably agree that I have a way of making others interested or excited about the things I like and share online.

In Conclusion…

They say that it takes a lot of work to build a good reputation and that it takes almost nothing to ruin it. I firmly believe this and that’s why I like to take good care of my personal brand and I think twice before posting things online.

I believe that being authentic is one of the best traits somebody can have and that’s what I’m always trying to evoke through my personal brand. While online negativity might take people’s attention for a bit, positivity will always draw people who will stay in your circle for a longer period of time.

That’s what I think anyway.

COM0014 – Blog #4: B2C Case Study

Soundrop is a music licensing/distributing service that allows for musicians to acquire song licenses and distribute both original and cover songs to digital stores/platforms in a fully legal way. Their popularity among musicians has grown impressively fast and I think that a lot of it has to do with the way they use social media. Let’s take a look.

Soundrop logo

Soundrop on Social Media

Compared to other companies offering similar services, Soundrop on social media acts as every musician’s friend. They join conversations, they’re quick at replying to people’s questions regarding their services or even about the licensing of obscure video game soundtracks, and they also share other people’s posts. Not to mention the memes.

While this type of organization usually seems very serious or corporate, Soundrop just feels like your friend that is there to help you get your new song or cover out there for the world to hear. I use their services quite regularly myself and often reach out on Twitter with questions about specific licensing questions and they have always been very friendly, quick, and helpful in their replies.

Is It Working?

I think their approach to social media has been great overall. Especially in this type of business where licensing things the legal way is of extreme importance, making people want to trust in your services isn’t easy. Yet, they managed to gain the trust of thousands of musicians including myself and stay close to them through the use of social media.

The only thing I could suggest would be to cut down on the memes a little bit and perhaps use their social media platforms to promote the musicians that trust in their services a bit more often. They already showcase musicians, which is great, but they don’t do it regularly and I see this as a bit of a missed opportunity. Showcasing more musicians would without a doubt make these artists share the post they’re featured in to their own profile making more advertising for the company as a result.

COM0014 – Blog #3: Target Audiences

Playing video games has always been my biggest hobby ever since I was just a young child. Around 2012-2013 the video gaming industry became more profitable than the movie industry and is predicted to be worth $337 billion by 2027 according to TechJury. Today, I take a look at the gaming industry’s target audience in an attempt to understand it better.

Photo credit: Enrique Guzman on Unsplash

Interesting Statistics

According again to TechJury, there would be over 3 billion video gamers in the world in 2023.

  • 70% of gamers being 18 or older
  • 60% playing video games daily
  • 45% of US gamers are women
  • 70% of parents believe video games have a positive influence

When you think about it, this means that around 37% of the global population now plays video games. A very impressive number if you ask me. 18 and older is a bit wide of an overall age range I thought so I made some more research and found that the average gamer falls in the 18-34 years-old age range according to DataProt.

I found especially surprising that 70% of parents believe video games have a positive influence. My parents were always supporters of video games as they taught me many things including English (being a French speaker) and problem solving but, being a kid of the 90s, most parents I knew growing up were against video games. I’m happy to see that times must have changed.

Something that I found very interesting also is the effect that the COVID-19 pandemic had on the gaming world. For instance, there has been a nearly 60% spike in game playing among people 45-54 years-old according to Business Insider.

How to Use Those Statistics

What I found interesting about the demographics of video gamers is that it pretty much matches that of social media users. Video gamers seem to be around 18-34 years old while social media users are on average in the 25-34 age range according to Neal Schaffer. This means that social media might be the best way to get into contact with the core gamer audience. This doesn’t mean that we should ignore TV ads and such, but it’s good to keep in mind when advertising in this industry. I know for one that social media is where I get exposed to new game trailers and information the most.

Screenshot from Playstation’s 2018 Black Friday ad.

The Perfect Video Gaming Ad (in my opinion)

Around the time of 2018’s Black Friday/Holiday season, Playstation put out a video advertisement online which I thought was absolute perfection. The ad features a man who seems to be in his early 30s singing and being overall very excited from the fact that there is a massive snowstorm going on outside stating that “it’s a gorgeous day to play inside”.

I think Playstation understood its target audience so well with this one. The guy seems to fit right in the average demographic, he probably has a job and/or obligations like the typical 18-34 year old would have and might even have a hard time finding time to play video games. But then, the snowstorm arrives and that’s it… the perfect day to stay at home and play video games.

A truly wonderful ad if you ask me and it’s been living in my brain ever since I say it 4 years ago. The musical-like song definitely helped too.

In Conclusion

I think the video game industry in general has been very good at reaching and understanding its audience. Ads are made prominently for social media as that’s where the main target audience is, but it has also been good at branching out to TV and such for people who still watch it. The video game industry is at a very good spot and I don’t think they could change much of what they do for now.

COM0014 – Storytelling and Communication Styles

In this age of social media, communication is made both easier and harder than ever. Anybody can write something and post it online and we’re exposed to hundreds of tweets every day as a result. The hard part for a company or individual is to find new ways to write that’ll keep their audience’s attention.

Photo credit: Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

The Importance of Storytelling

Any business can create a product and tell people to buy it, but I think we’ve seen this too much now and people don’t like that type of direct approach anymore. That’s why storytelling becomes so important, especially if the goal is for the company to grow a social media following and create engagement.

With storytelling, we trigger an emotional response from people which creates a stronger relationship between the customer and the company. Storytelling makes the product feel closer to them and you retain more of their attention as a result, which might lead to potential sales too.

Communication Styles

I think it’s very important that we find our voice before launching our social media campaign. You want the identity of your brand to retain the same type of style from post to post. Changing communication styles all the time might just confuse the audience or make the brand feel inauthentic.

Which brings me to my next point. Authenticity. I think that staying true to who we are is the most important thing. People on social media can spot a pretender from a mile away and won’t hesitate to point it out. Which is why it’s crucial to stay true to ourselves or to properly understand the company that we’re representing so that the communication style remains the same throughout the years.

In conclusion

There’s no right or wrong style of communication. That being said, it’s very important that we find a voice that’ll better suit our personal brand or organization so that we keep that same voice throughout our posts. This will help avoid confusion from the audience and retain the image that we intended for ourselves or the company that we’re working for.

After all, communication is key.

COM0014 – Blog #1: My Trip to Toronto [featuring Air Canada]

Last June (2022), my girlfriend and I went on a trip to Toronto to go see the great Joe Hisaishi in concert. It was our first trip since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world by storm and we were really excited to get out of our small town in New Brunswick to go explore the big city while also getting to see our favorite music composer in concert. All went great, until Air Canada came in. Twice.

The Trip

The concert was on the 25th so, on the 24th, we took the plane from Fredericton, NB and arrived in Toronto a night before the show. Oh right! We were supposed to arrive in Toronto in the late afternoon so that we’d have time to settle at the hotel and go have dinner somewhere but that’s not what happened. After many delays with our flight, we finally arrived to the big city very late at night and we had to run to catch the last train from Pearson to Union Station.

By the time we got to the hotel, it was already past midnight and our stomachs were still empty. I asked the lady at the front desk if there were any restaurant’s serving food this late and she recommended us Earl’s Kitchen just a little walk away from the Hilton we stayed at. We loved Earl’s Kitchen so much that we ended up going twice during our time in Toronto.

The next morning, we left the hotel to explore the big city and had a fun shopping day at the Eaton Centre.

That evening, before the concert, we went to eat at a place called Momofuku Noodle Bar as I wanted my girlfriend to try ramen for the first time. Being from a small town, we don’t have ramen restaurants so this was a great opportunity for her to try some. Their ramen was delicious and beyond that, their peach beer was incredible! It’s a beer that’s being brewed specifically for their restaurant and being the beer enthusiast that I am, I just had to try it.

My ramen dinner + peach beer (that’s going down quite fast)

Seeing Joe Hisaishi in concert was an experience that I’ll never forget. He is best known for his original soundtracks for Studio Ghibli movies which I’m also a massive fan of so you can bet I cried when he played songs from those movies during his concert!

Joe Hisaishi conducting. Photo Credit: Tickmaster

Air Canada Strikes Again!

The next day was our final day in Toronto. The plan was to go to the aquarium in the morning/early afternoon and go back to Pearson in the evening to take the plane back home. This however, isn’t how the story goes.

I got an email from Air Canada saying that our flight back to Fredericton had been canceled. The email stated that they were actively searching for a way to fix things for us and that they’d be the ones contacting us with a solution. There was nothing we could do about it so we still left the hotel with our backpacks and headed for the aquarium as planned while waiting for news from Air Canada.

After going to the aquarium, we spotted the Steam Whistle brewery that was just on the other side of the road and went there to have a beer while as we were still waiting for an update. The Steam Whistle brewery is an old train station that was repurposed as a brewery and it was a very nice place to visit.

Having a beer at the Steam Whistle brewery.

The day eventually ended and we finally got an update email from Air Canada late in the evening. They were unable to find an alternative to our canceled flight and it was now up to us to book another flight. Yes. In other words, they gave up on us and we were stuck in Toronto without an hotel. I tried calling Air Canada about the issue but their automatic message said I’d be in queue for at minimum 5 hours. By the time, I gave up on trying it was late at night and we ended up going back to the hotel to explain the situation and ask if they had any free rooms. Keep in mind, this is in the Summer. It was 400 dollars for the night but we ended up taking it anyways as the other hotels all had similar prices. I kept trying to get in touch with Air Canada but eventually had to give up.

The next morning, we took our things and left for Pearson straight away to go talk to an agent directly. We were in line for hours as so many people were in the same situation as us. Eventually it was our turn and after talking to an agent for nearly an hour, we finally manage to get a flight later that day. We both got meal vouchers that didn’t even pay for an entire meal and were told to contact Air Canada once we got home about getting compensated for the extra hotel night and flight.

Our flight was delayed many times and we landed in Fredericton at 12:30AM. We still had to drive home so we drove in the middle of the night and got home around 4AM that night.

The aftermath…

Air Canada gave me an email address that I had to write to about being compensated for everything that had happened so I wrote to them. I got a reply. About a month later.

“After investigation, we have determined that the root cause of your arrival delay was due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our operations.” is what they replied.

They refused to compensate and blamed the incident on the pandemic. So I replied to the email expressing my deception in their service and they never replied back… until December (nearly 6 months later). In December, out of nowhere, I received an email from Air Canada stating that I’d be receiving an e-transfer from them in the next couple of days.

So… The story ends well but what a stressful experience this has been!

Do you have any interesting Air Canada stories like this? Let me know if so!

3 Easy Tips for Disconnecting (…and they work)

If you’re anything like I used to be, you’re probably being consumed by social media more than you consume them yourself. All social media platforms are designed to keep our attention for longer periods of time so it’s up to us to decide when to turn off the apps. Today, I’d like to share with you three easy tips that have helped me disconnect.

Photo credit: dole777 on Unsplash

Tip 1: Keep only your favorite apps

I had the bad habit of jumping from one social media app straight to the other. I’d scroll through Twitter for a while, jump over to Instagram, scroll for a bit watching reels I realized were literally just wasting my time, close the app, open Reddit, waste some more time, etc. My solution to this situation was a simple one but it really helped me be more productive. I removed every social media from my phone except for Twitter and Instagram. That way, if I want to go, let’s say on Facebook, I need to use the browser version on my computer since I can no longer quickly access it from my phone.

Tip 2: Don’t keep social media apps on your home screen

I keep my social media apps on the second page of my iPhone’s home and this has also helped so much with my productivity. Being able to open my phone without being greeted by social media icons is a magical feeling. I can go on my phone to text someone, look up something on Safari, and get back to what I was doing without getting distracted by a quick (it’s never quick) Instagram scroll.

Speaking of Instagram… I said it was the only social media on my phone along side Twitter right? Well, Twitter is the only social media actually on page two of my phone’s home. Since I need Instagram to share some of the work I do but don’t want to actually scroll on it, I deleted it from the home screens and I have it accessible only from the “App Library” at the very end of my phone. That way, I never get tempted to open it.

Tip 3: Set up your notification settings

This… has been the most important one for me. At one point in my life, I was getting push notifications for every single like, retweet, mention, comment I was getting, and so on. That is the way apps are setup when you download them so I had never questioned it. At one point, I started to have battery problems with an old iPhone that I had and only then did I ever think of changing my notification settings to stop my screen from powering on all the time. This changed everything for me.

Now, I only get notifications if someone messages me through an app or if someone replies to a tweet I made. That’s it. You could even argue that I don’t even need to know when someone replies to my tweets but, honestly, this is working for me for now. It has significantly reduced the amount of times I look at my phone every day which led to me opening the apps less often as a result. Most of the time, it took away my focus for a simple like popping up.

You could even remove the badge notifications that glow over your apps. That way you don’t even go and check what they’re about and you end up only catching up on social media when you truly feel like it.

In conclusion…

Social media apps are designed for us to return to them all the time. You might think that it’s impossible to avoid social media in this day and age but, hopefully, reading this posting of mine will help you reduce the amount of social media you’re exposed to every day. That way, you can become the one consuming again and not the one being consumed.

If you’re interested, I found this PCMag article that shares other useful alternatives to my own tips I just shared with you.

Do you have any tips for disconnecting from social media? Did it help with you productivity? Let me know!

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Having a hard time disconnecting from social media? Here are 3 tips that helped me become less consumed by social medias.


#tips&tricks #socialmediatips #socialmedia


Social media can consume a lot of our time and energy so it can be beneficial to disconnect for a bit. Before you do disconnect though… Here are 3 tips that helped me become less consumed by social medias and improved my productivity.


#socialmediatips #tips&tricks #lifestyle

How Social Media Made My Favorite Hobby Less Special

It might be hard to believe when we look back, but social media wasn’t always part of our life. Social media has now taken the world by storm and today I’d like to talk about how it made my favorite hobby feel… less special.

Photo credit: Eugene Chystiakov on Unsplash

What Are Video Games to Me?

I’m a huge fan of video games. When I say that to new people, they might think that I play Fortnite, Rocket League, or other online multiplayer games that got so popular these days. But no. What I love is a great single player experience. I’d like to put the emphasis on “experience” as I really do think that video games provide more than just a quick form of entertainment. To me, they are stories, works of art that bring you to new worlds beyond imagination, and a vessel for extraordinary pieces of music. I wrote this paragraph because I want you to understand that when I say video games, I don’t just mean the guns and violence ones that get parents so worried.

How is my Enjoyment of Video Games Affected by Social Media?

Video games are still my absolute favorite hobby. I play so many of them and I’m aware of everything that’s coming out but… Something just isn’t like it used to be.

Back when I was a kid and then an early teenager, a new video game would come out, I’d get it and it felt like I was the only person in the whole world experiencing it. Games had been made for me specifically. Now I know this sounds odd and of course I was aware that millions of people probably were playing it, but I didn’t hear people talking about it. I’d talk about video games with my friends, invite them over to show them this new game, and if they were playing it too, we’d help each other out. It truly felt like this niche thing.

Fast forward 10 years and video games have gotten more mainstream than ever before. It’s now almost impossible to play a new video game and have that same experience because I see everybody talking about it on Twitter. I see all those opinions being shared online, people complaining about different aspects of the game or spreading spoilers. These days, if I want to truly enjoy a new game for myself I need to either leave social media completely or play through it faster than I normally would just to make sure I don’t get spoiled by some funny person on Twitter. Not to mention that video game companies now share so much information about their upcoming games that it feels like I already know the game before I even get to play it. Times have changed and getting a “blind experience” is now pretty much impossible. I think Happy Console Gamer on YouTube made a video on the subject titled “Gaming Then and Now” which inspired me to write this posting. In the video, Johnny and Rob, two childhood friends now in their 40s, reminisce on how video games used to be for them and how the internet changed things.

Additionally, the rise of online gaming and communication through the means of Discord, Skype, Facebook calls, truly makes games feel a lot less social to me. The times of inviting friends over and playing video games seem to have been replaced by online sessions and that’s still a weird one for me to accept. The busy schedules of our adult lives sure didn’t help either, but I think it’s great to make sure we still invite each other over when possible. The fact remains that everything is becoming more and more digital/remote and I don’t know how I feel about it.

In Conclusion…

Social media has made me realize that, while my hobbies may be very special to me, they aren’t as unique as I used to think. Social media have been a great way to meet new people that share the same hobby but at the same time… It kind of made everything feel less magical.

Has social media changed how you enjoy certain things? Let me know!

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Has social media changed how you enjoy certain things? Here’s how social media has made my favorite hobby feel less special.


#socialmedia #videogames #oldschool


Social media changed how we see many things. For me, as a massive fan of video games, it completely changed how I enjoy the hobby. Today I’d like to talk about how it even made my favorite hobby feel less special than it used to be.


#videogames #retrogaming #socialmedia