Get more organized with Pinterest

Like most people, I have been working from home for the past few months because of the pandemic. This made me realize how my home office should be way more organized! While trying to think of different ways to improve it, I turned to Pinterest to find the best home office organization tips and tricks.

Pinterest is a great application to find DIY project ideas easily. I love using this platform because you can find great ideas by simply entering a key word in the search box, or by clicking on a specific category.

“People use Pinterest to search for ideas and plan for special events. Some 95% of members say Pinterest inspires them, and 91% say Pinterest helps them achieve their goals.” – Katie Sehl, Hootsuite

The application not only allows you to save your project ideas for later, it also allows you to organize them the way you want, which makes it easier for you to find them when you need them (this is especially useful if you are like me, and end up having more than 500 ideas saved!).

DIY projects to organize your home office

Since most of you are probably stuck at home, just like me, I thought I would share with you some of my favorite diy projects that I found on Pinterest that can help you organize your home office, so that you never have to look for your pen again!

  1. DIY Drawer Dividers for Desk Organizing by Cami the Crafting Nook

2. 25 pegboard inspirations to organize your office by Joy Kelley from HowJoyful

3. 15 Ways to Organize Paper Clutter by Craftsy Hacks

Whether you’re studying or working from home, I hope that you found something in there that could help you organize your home office.

Found great DIY projects lately?

If you are a fan of Pinterest just like me, I would love if you could share with me some of your favorite diy project ideas that you found. You can add them in the comments down below.


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Inspiration for Your Instagram Theme

I’ve always been fascinated by Instagram feeds that follow a specific theme. It’s visually appealing and I find that it helps capture the viewer’s attention.

“Instagram has proven to be an effective tool for getting people’s attention and spreading the message you want to spread, but with increased users comes increased competition.” – Jens Wirdenius, Webdesigner Depot

Of course, finding a theme is not always easy and making sure that all your pictures follow that same theme can be even harder. However, it’s really beneficial if you want to stand out from the crowd and drive attention.

Start Brainstorming

First, you should start by thinking about what defines you and what would better reflect your personality. Maybe write some key words down and start thinking about what your Instagram feed could look like. You can even ask a friend for help or get some inspiration from the way you decorate your room and the colors that you really like.

Get inspired

To help you start the process of finding your theme, I thought I would share with you some of my favorite Instagram feeds. I hope they will bring you inspiration.

The first one is Jillian Harris’ Instagram account. The pictures are always so bright and beautiful. Usually there is a white background and then a bright color. It really makes you focus on a specific item.

Source: Instagram, jillian.harris

My second favorite one is Trois fois par jour‘s Instagram account. Again, a lot of white with some nice and bright colors (you can probably guess that my theme would probably be bright and white with a pop of color! haha!).

Source: Instagram, troisfoisparjour

Have fun!

Once you’ve found your theme, then it’s time to have fun with it! Take pictures, edit them and make sure that they all fit together nicely.

Do you have any Instagram feeds that you find visually appealing? I would love if you could share them with me!


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Why user-generated content is better than your own content

With the ongoing pandemic, we are constantly reminded of the importance to shop local. Residents are encouraged to support small businesses in their community in order to boost the local economy during these difficult times.

What is really interesting is how consumers are choosing to support local businesses. They are not only deciding to shop local, they are also encouraging their friends and family to do the same by showing their support on social media. This made me realize how useful user-generated content can be, especially for smaller businesses with lower marketing budgets.

Photo by Tim Mossholder from Unsplash

A lot of small businesses are using user-generated content as a promotional tool on Instagram (usually in their Instagram stories)…and I have to admit, I like this content way better than the ads created by businesses to promote their own products.

By Pink Bow Tie on Instagram

By sharing user-generated content, it not only shows that your business is able to sell products and attract customers, it also shows to potential customers that ‘real’ people are supporting and loving your brand so much that they are willing to promote your products for free.

“…user-generated content is authentic content, not branded marketing content. It feels more genuine, and users generally agree that it’s more authentic. When a user is creating content for you, it comes from that user’s creativity, and not because you’re paying for it.” James Parsons, How To Grow an Instagram Profile with User-Generated Content

So user-generated content is a valuable marketing tool that you can use to promote your business at no costs. Despite the fact that it’s free, it can also help you establish a strong relationship with your customers and build a community.

What is your opinion on user-generated content? Are you more inclined to purchase a product when it is advertised by a customer vs the company itself?

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How social media can disrupt your crisis management efforts

It’s now easier than ever to create, share and post content on social media. Not only for businesses and organizations, but also for individuals.

With a smartphone in their hand, they can easily take a picture or a video and post it on their different social media accounts in a fraction of a second.

This is one of main reasons why social media should not be overlooked by businesses and organizations in times of crisis.

Hand holding smartphone with social media applications
Photo by Tracy Le Blanc from Pexels

There is no time!

Businesses and organizations used to have time to react to a crisis, to think about different strategies, about how and when to communicate the information to the public…Now? There is no time! Someone out there probably already knows what is going on and can’t wait to be the first person to share it on social media.

In October 2014, during the shooting at Parliament Hill in Ottawa, “…many Twitter users began reporting the location of officers on the ground and sharing images of snipers who had armed the roofs of many nearby buildings.” Nicole Bogart, Global News

This definitely impacted the way the Ottawa Police and RCMP had to deal with the situation at hand. Because of everything that was being shared on Twitter, they not only had to deal with the emergency on the ground, they also had to deal with citizens who were constantly posting and sharing their observations on social media.

By Amika Alert on Twitter

This is just one of many examples that shows how social media can come with its share of challenges during a crisis. This also shows the importance of having someone to monitor and manage your social media accounts when dealing with a crisis. Social media can certainly not be ignored.

It’s not all bad

Even though social media can sometimes interfere with your crisis management efforts, it can also help you communicate directly with the public. The fact that everyone can now take pictures and videos easily can also be a good thing. It actually became an asset for the Ottawa Police and the RCMP during the shooting, because they were able to get pictures and videos that were taken from different locations at different times.

By the Ottawa Police on Twitter

How about you? Have you ever had to deal with a similar situation in the course of your career? Or, do you know any other organizations that had to put out fires on social media while dealing with a crisis?

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