COM0014 – Blog #7: Digital Communication

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This course has given me a lot of knowledge, insight and understanding into the in’s and out’s of the digital communication world. It has given me the proper tools and resources to better communicate efficiently and effectively online through various social media tools- blogs, instagram, facebook, twitter and much more. Throughout the many lessons and assignments of this course, some of the key concepts that have really impacted my mind and learning are the following:

Storytelling– this has opened a whole new world for me. Having the mindset that everything is a story really stuck with me and helped me with my future content posts for my job because I ask myself before posting now “what is the story I am telling” and it resonates with me. 

Audience diversity– This was also really interesting to learn about because your target audience is going to come from all parts of the world with different backgrounds and language and it is important to be accepting of all and really know your demographics and where your audience is from, what part of the world they live in, if they speak another language and so on. I feel that this is something to be extremely mindful of. Does anyone else agree? If so, people feel free to comment in the comments section below!

Target Audience– Knowing who your audience is will really help with your brand. It is so important to know beforehand, whom you are trying to target, or if your brand could cater to all ages and genders. 

For me, these three key concepts really stood out to me and helped me have a better understanding of the online, digital world and how to properly communicate to people. 

Storytelling is so important because it helps to convey a message of what your brand or company is trying to portray. In other words, it helps to paint a picture on a blank canvas. People respond to the emotion, vulnerability and excitement of a story, which helps draw them in and also intrigues them to want to dive further and know more. It is such an effective way of communicating because it allows for people to share and to relate. Storytelling helps to create great digital content because it captivates your audience, and helps to create a strong connection between your brand and your audience. For me personally, my content will be guided by a story by ensuring that the story is compelling, relatable, memorable, easy to follow along, and has some awesome visuals to make the story stand out that much more. The stories that I want to tell are stories about my childhood, my friends, and family and about things that I am passionate about. 

I look forward to storytelling more often in my career and personal life and feel confident that I will succeed knowing that I have the resources and knowledge to do so. 

COM0014 – Blog #6: Do People Know Your Story?

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Growing up I always strived for perfection and success. I remember being a little girl, strong willed and fierce, never wanting to give up at anything because I didn’t want to be a failure.  My parents, soft, strong and compassionate, always pushed me in the best way possible, without being too hard on me. They had expectations for me but allowed room for me to grow, fall and even fail. They reassured me that it was okay to “fail” because you will learn and grown from your mistakes. I never looked at it that way and still to this age, 29 years old, fear was and is something I always had in the back of my mind sending shivers down my spine whenever I thought of it, as I never wanted to not be great at something. Through the hustle and bustle of life and landing a career that I am doing great at and feel so passionate about, I cant stop thinking about my greatest fear for my business and work over and over again like a never ending song I can’t get out of my head. The words fear and failure imprinted in my mind. My greatest fear for business and work is failure. Failure to not be enough, failure to not make enough, the list goes on. I know this is a fear that we all have and think about from time to time, and I try to remove the negative thought as soon as it comes, but fears are scary and failure is something I’m sure we would all like to avoid. If it does happen, I will remind myself that this a chapter in my life, a lesson worth learning from to build on, and that it’s okay to “fail” every now and then because it will help me learn from my mistakes, and make me stronger and more aware. 

How To Grow Your Social Media Audience

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Social media is all about being active through communication, content and your overall brand. It thrives off of your audience and without it; there really isn’t room for growth. Having an audience helps to not only build your brand and help you gain recognition, but it allows room for more followers, more comments and more importantly, more hype.  The first and most important steps in growing your social media audience is to simply figure out what sets you apart from other brands, who your target consumers are, and whether or not your audience will be intrigued by what it is you are selling. Another important step to ask yourself is how you will reach your target audience. Whether it be through Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, it is important to research where your target audience tends to be active most. 

Below is a list of ways that you can grow your social media audience effectively and organically: 

  • Have an understanding as to who your audience is. This is so important in any social media growth because you want to know who you are targeting, and then base all of your social media content around that.
  • Post quality content– The more quality and eye catching content you have, the more it will catch your audience’s attention. You want to ensure that the content you are releasing is in line with the overall message and value of your brand, as well as really speaks to your brands representation.
  • Hashtags- Hashtags are so important and effective to use. At my current job now, whenever I post any content on Instagram, I always use as many hashtags as I can that relate to the photo or video content that I am posting. Hashtags will get your content more recognition and views from all over the world, which increases the views of your content from Instagram users. I’m curious if any of you have used hashtags in your line of work and found it to be effective or not? Please feel free to comment in the comment section below.
  • Engage with your audience- Communication is key in building your brand and audience growth. Followers love when you respond and give feedback and insight, and it also makes them feel important when you answer back efficiently. People like to get their questions answered and it is important to stay on top of this so that you don’t lose any trust or followers from your audience.
  • Use Advertising or Ads- The more you advertise and utilize ad’s, the more you are getting your social media page noticed, recognized and seen. 

These five, effective steps are key in growing your social media audience. There are many more factors to consider when growing your social media audience, however I wanted to highlight the important ones. Do you know any other key factors in growing your audience? If so, I would love to hear them. Again, feel free to comment in the comment sections below.

Here is a link that highlights 15 ways that you can up your audience game. Let me know what your thoughts are on this article and whether or not you think they highlighted the important steps.

Growing your audience takes patience, time and hard work, but if you follow the proper steps in growing your audience organically and honestly, chances are you will succeed. It is important to really take the time to know your audience thoroughly, so that you can continue to flourish and have the respect and loyalty from your followers. 

Are you looking to grow your audience and gain more followers? #audiencegrowth #morefollowers

Do you feel like you are giving your audience what they want? Is your audience growing rapidly instead of decreasing? Comment what your key effective steps are in the growth of your audience.

COM0014 – Blog #5: Personal Brand

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Interior decorating is something that holds my interest like no other. I am passionate, driven and excited about decorating a space or a room because it is a creative outlet for myself and I am able to see a vision come to life, which is pretty remarkable to see. Whenever I am feeling down, or not myself, I always find myself looking at a space in my home, dreaming of how I would re-arrange the space to make it feel more calm and comforting. For me, my personal brand is interior decorating and because this career is high in demand, it is important that I take into consideration how I will set myself apart from others, and the importance of my brand and what it means to me.

Some personal qualities or characteristics that will set me apart from other competitors will be listed below:

  • Remain authentic to myself and my brand
  • Be mindful of a budget and ensure I do not go over that
  •  Creativity
  • Drive
  • Time Management
  • Take the time to really get to know my clients and have a proper understanding of their vision and style
  • Communication- which is key in any business. Ensuring that I respond in a timely matter to my clients is very important
  • Love for design- This is something that is very important to me and my brand because it will shine through my work. When you really love and feel passionate about something, people can see that, and because I have such a love and desire to want to do this, I feel as though it will be noticed. 

Lately, I have been thinking about ways I can make myself stand out. For starters, I am currently working on a project with my family that takes place in Exuma, Bahamas. We bought an abandoned house and have been renovating it into a luxury vacation rental. I have been hands on and involved in the process every step of the way from sourcing fabric and furniture, picking out flooring and paint colours, and even helping with the architectural design of the rental. It has not only given me a vast knowledge and understanding of this field of work, it gives me the opportunity to get my name out there and gain some recognition so that I can slowly build my portfolio and clientele. 

If I had to guess what my colleagues would say is my best trait, I believe they would say my respectfulness. I am always mindful, courteous and sensitive to others feelings, ideas and thoughts. I care about each and every one of my colleagues and their abilities to help our work environment thrive. Whether it is a simple hello or asking of how their weekend went, to a surprise coffee, or a compliment, I always treat my colleagues, as well as others, with the same kind of respect that I would want to be treated with. A simple conversation could make someone’s entire day, as we truly never know what someone is struggling with, so I strongly believe this is a trait they would highlight about myself. 

Interior decorating is not just designing a room or a space and fulfilling a clients dream, it is about communicating effectively and efficiently with clients so that we are always on the same page as to what is going on, which I think is very important. With time, I hope that I can make something out of this career interest and really brand myself in a way where I can be different from others not just design wise, but business wise as well. I look forward to my future endeavours and would love to hear what your passion or future endeavours are!

Does Instagram Affect Our Self-Esteem?

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Instagram is a place where we share important events, ideas and pictures that occur in our daily lives. It is a self-expression and representation of who we are or who we strive to be. Some of us put so much thought or detail into a single post ensuring that we achieve the most likes or comments about how good we look, others use their platform to gain recognition on an important subject or matter that is dear to their heart, but at the end of the day, Instagram is a social media outlet for us all that can come with many pressures, stressors and insecurities. Constantly comparing ourselves to another human being and wishing we had their hair or body type, or wishing we had as nice as a house as one of the home decorators we follow, or better yet simply wishing for what others had and not focusing on what we have and loving it is not the way we should be living our life, as we only have one.

Instagram affects our self-esteem in so many ways. We constantly feel like we need to live up to the lifestyles of those we follow online, as well as stress ourselves out when we see others online doing things that we may not have the means or time to do so. I’m curious what your thoughts are on this matter. Has your self-esteem ever been impacted by Instagram? To be brutally honest, mine has, many times. I have been guilty of looking at pictures of models, obsessing over my body and panicking over why I don’t look like them. I remind myself, when I get this way, how different our bodies, hair, and facial structures are from one another, and that it’s within us that is what really counts. Below are a list of other ways I strongly feel Instagram affects our self-esteem: 

  • Lack of sleep from spending too much time on Instagram which can cause us to feel exhausted, unmotivated and unproductive which can also alter our moods.
  • Body shaming- seeing our ideal bodies on other people that we wish we had can cause serious self-esteem issues, and can even go to the extreme of having an eating disorder.
  • Negative thoughts- the fantasy land of Instagram can cause us to have negative thoughts about our own personal life and relationships because we tend to see things that seem “better” then what we have.

Below is an article that discusses how Instagram can affect our mental health. Read through and let me know if you agree with what this article says. Anxiety, depression and many other mental health disorders are what can arise from too much Instagram. Do you believe this?

These are just a few ways Instagram affects our self-esteem and there are so many more. There is something Instagram did recently which I think may be beneficial to all of us. Instagram disabled the like feature on peoples photos and videos. People tend to get caught up in how many likes they have on a photo thinking it defines their status and popularity, and many people have been affected hugely by this because it makes them feel unpopular or worthless, so Instagram listened to the complaints and removed the option which I thought was fantastic. What do you think of Instagram doing this? Do you think it could help make a change like I do? Please feel free to comment in the comments section what you think about Instagram and whether or not it is affecting our self-esteem. I would love to hear your feedback! 

Has your self-esteem ever been affected by instagram? #selfesteem

Does Instagram give us a sense of false hope?

COM0014- Blog #4- Are You Familiar With Etsy?

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Etsy is an online shop that offers handmade, unique and charming products for consumers to shop and buy. Whether you are looking for items to fulfil your dream design space, or homemade soaps to give as a gift, or even personalized items for birthdays and baby showers, Etsy has it all. Etsy is made up of different online stores, shops and companies that you can filter through to find what it is you are looking for and let me tell you- it has something for everyone!!

Are you familiar with Etsy? If not, I highly suggest you check it out at

Etsy is considered to be a B2C business, which in other words means, business to consumer. Business to consumer essentially has to do with the online financial aspect of the sale between the consumer and the business. In simpler terms, Etsy is based on online transactions only. With that being said, a shop will sell their products to its customer, which is considered a transaction between a business, and its consumers, which are the customers.  In even simpler, simpler terms, as I know this can be a little confusing; the businesses that are on Etsy sell their products to its customers and are solely selling their products online through Etsy or on the internet.

This company is using social media as a platform through its Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages which helps promote the shop thoroughly. Etsy uses social media to create a community, or in other words a marketplace made up of different vendors, that can communicate and come together to support and help one another in order to sell their products. It is brilliant invention, which is why I think Etsy has really sky rocketed because as I said earlier, it is a place where I find EVERYTHING!!

Etsy has a wonderful approach on social media and marketing and I don’t necessarily think they need to change or do anything different. The online shops help promote one another’s businesses which really gets Etsy recognition. Etsy also has a very personal feel because you get to talk back and forth with the shop owners, get immediate and quick responses, and find just about anything you are looking for. Just recently, Etsy teamed up with Ex-Bachelorette and Interior Decorator Jillian Harris to do an Etsy collaboration. It housed all of Jillian’s favourite products and shops, which was a huge advertisement for them because she has over a million followers. The quality of Etsy’s interactions are top notch and I can say this personally because I have purchased numerous items on Etsy through different shops and have always received the highest quality of customer service, quick and informative responses, and have also received my products quickly as well! believe there approach is ethical and only getting better with time! 

Please feel free to comment below in the comments section, as I would love to hear your thoughts on Etsy and whether or not you think their approach is working. 

The Pros and Cons of Social Media

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Social media can be really beneficial in both your personal and work life. In your work life, it can help you network with others and get your name or brand recognition, which can help you flourish. In your personal life, social media can allow you to stay in touch and up to date with family members that may live far away, or high school friends you haven’t seen in a long time. As much as these are all pro’s, has it come too far? Are their also con’s to the chaos of social media because of how disconnected we are from others? Are we putting less work into things because all of our answers are readily available online without us having to do much research? I’m curious to hear what your thoughts are on this matter.

 Below I am going to discuss with you the pro’s and con’s of social media and if I have missed any, please feel free to comment some pro’s and con’s you have in the comments section below.


  • It is an easy way to communicate with other people and easily accessible.
  • Social media is a great place to network, build your brand and gain attention from viewers because of how many people use it. 
  • It is cost effective. Huge social media app’s such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube do not cost anything to sign up and use so it’s almost like free marketing. 
  • You receive feedback right away, which is great for business. 


  • Social media can take up hours and hours of your time and can be very draining and distracting from the real world.
  • Privacy concerns. Once you post something it is out there for the world to see and even if you erase, chances are it can still be out there floating around online through the web.
  • Bullying, stalking, peer pressure and many other concerning matters are at a high risk when it comes to social media. 
  • Identity theft. People could steal your information, profile, and even your banking information. 

Below is a link to an article that weighs the advantages and disadvantages of social media. When I first came across this article, what stood out to me was the large picture of the scale that reads “Advantages” and “Disadvantages.” As you can see on the scale, advantages are higher than disadvantages which indicates to me that there are more pro’s than there are con’s. Do you agree with this ? Again, feel free to comment in the comments section, as I would love to hear your thoughts. 

As you can see, there are many pro’s and con’s to social media. I believe it is all in what we make of it. For example, being cautious with our personal information, only accepting friend request from people that we know, using privacy settings, monitoring our daily social media intake and ensuring we are not on it too much. Like any thing in our life, there are always pro’s and con’s but it is up to ourselves to decide if the bad outweighs the good and vice versa. 

Why are there so many pro’s and con’s to social media?

How can social media work to our advantage and our disadvantage ? #socialmediabenefits

COM0014- Blog #3- Finding Your Audience Just Like The Movie Theatre Franchise Did!

When it comes to blogging and your intended purpose, it is important to first think of the audience that you are attracting. Whether it be intended for men, women or children, it is important to first start off with a target audience in mind to ensure that your brand, blog or company is able to reach it’s audience and most importantly know who their audience is.

A personal hobby of mine that I thoroughly enjoy is a night out at the movie theatre, watching the latest flick with some buttery popcorn in hand. When I think of Cineplex Odeon, a huge movie theatre franchise, I think of the target audience in mind that they have in place, which is everyone. They cater to families, elderly people, adults, teenagers and young children. Every one is welcome because there is something for every single person. Of course, the movie genres cater to your own personal liking; however, their overall marketing strategy is to welcome all with open arms because they know tickets will sell fast because they are catering to all. I strongly believe that when your target audience is all age groups you can have great success because it attracts all people which is great for your brand because it gets you recognized and also shows that you are focusing on equality as well which is so important. Everyone wants to be treated equally so by having a target audience generalized to all, everyone feels included which is a win, win in my opinion!

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

I believe there are many characteristics to consider in regards to the audience of the movie theatre franchise. For starters, location is very important. Movie theatres are all over nowadays and so convenient for people to get to so they are making it very appealing for people to just hop in their car and head on over for a date night at the movie theatre because of how many locations they have to offer. Another characteristic is age and gender, which they are also nailing because again, anyone can go to the movie theatres because of how inclusive their target audience is. Another characteristic that I believe is a work in process is the cost of going to the movies. Going to the movies with a family of four and including popcorn and drinks for every one is not cheap. However, on Tuesdays they offer half off your ticket and offer 10% off everything if you sign up for their free Scene Card, which gains points and can earn you free movies. I believe that is a characteristic they are consciously thinking about and working on so that they can provide affordability to all. 

The movie theatre franchise is constantly expanding, growing and gathering more and more tools for their toolbox. I believe they have a strong target audience with many ideas in mind to ensure they keep satisfying customers, like myself to keep on coming back! I’m curious to hear what your thoughts are on this matter. Are you an avid movie lover like myself? Do you find the movie theatre to be a place where everyone is included? Please feel free to comment in the comment section below as I would love to hear your thoughts!

COM0011 -Does Social Media Affect Our Relationships?

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Social media is right at the tip of our fingers. Any desire, thought, feeling, want or craving can be explored with just the click of a button. There is no work involved which is what makes it intriguing and highly addicting, but as social media advances does it start to affect the way that we communicate with our loved ones? Has it impacted our connection with others because we may no longer show affection through affirmations because it is easy to express our love through a couple emoji’s through text message? Most importantly, is it affecting our relationships? Are we not getting or giving enough to our loved ones because we are buried in our phones keeping up with the latest trends and instagram posts? I know it may seem like I am asking so many questions but I want you to think about the questions I’ve asked and really take a step back for a moment and think them through.

Social media is advancing quicker then we can keep up and offering more and more to its users to keep the appeal going. As it advances, is it taking time away from our loved ones? If the answer is no, then I will rephrase it and ask you, is social media capable of affecting our relationships? I’m curious if any of you have experienced this. I am the type of person that likes to communicate in person, verbally, and not through my cellphone because it makes me feel more connected to the person. I need to look the person in the eye and really pour my heart, feelings and thoughts out there as I find I don’t get the same if I was doing it through text or on the phone.

Do you find that you connect best with someone through: 

A. The phone

B. Through text

C. In person

Please feel free to comment a, b, or c in the comments section so I can get an idea as to how you best connect with someone.

Social media is a world that is inviting and exciting. It is a distraction to say the least and an escape from reality at times. I am guilty of spending time with my boyfriend and getting caught up on my phone scrolling through Instagram, trying to multi-task by scrolling through photos all awhile having a conversation with him about his day. It is something that I am trying to be more conscious and aware of because I don’t want him to feel as though I am not interested in his day or what he has to say. Do any of you feel like you can relate to this? Again, please feel free to comment in the comments section if you can relate to this and feel comfortable sharing! I look forward to hearing what your thoughts are on this post and reading your views on the social media world affecting our relationships.

Do you feel like social media is taking over your relationship? If the answer is yes, its time to re-assess this matter and see how you can make changes!

How do you connect with your loved ones? Is it through a tweet, a text or a phone call? Share with us at #howdoyouconnectwithlovedones  

COM0014 – Blog #2: Storytelling & Communication Styles

When I think of storytelling, it instantly brings me back to my childhood days where I would sit in my room with my friends in a circle and share stories. We would laugh until our bellies hurt making up the most magical, unrealistic stories and sharing funny moments that happened to us at school or with our parents. It was an outlet for us and it still is for my adult self. Storytelling surrounds us everyday. When we have something exciting or life-altering that happens to us we tend to immediately share it with our family, friends or loved ones. In the grand scheme of things, life is made up of stories. Our stories are what help us to connect with others.

This week’s lesson was insightful, interesting and informative because of how much storytelling has evolved. . We can chose to story tell through a blog like right now, through an Instagram post, a tweet, a Facebook status, and many more. I’m curious to hear from my followers what storytelling means to them and how they like to share their stories. Is it through a text message? A phone call? In person? For me, it is definitely in person. Please feel free to comment below in the comment section and don’t be shy! 

Lesson 2 also gave me more knowledge and insight into the various communication styles. I realize that I need to sharpen up my active voice style, as I tend to be more on the passive side. I would love to know what type of voice you have? Are you more on the passive or active voice side? 

As my blog posts progress, I hope to be able to draw my readers in so that they are excited for the rest of my upcoming posts because that is what storytelling is all about. Captivating your audience and keeping them intrigued so that they want to hear or read more of what you are trying to say.

Thanks for tuning in again everyone! Until next time 🙂