Out Of The Box

Throughout not only this course but the program I have learned so many things about social media, from general knowledge to how to use it to benefit your business with it. It’s important to use social media in your business now, not only for advertising but for engaging with followers of your business. When starting this course I didn’t realize all the tools out there to help us track and create a successful social media presence.

I just got a job of being my brothers lacrosse team social media manager. I am very excited to take everything I have learned in this program and put it to use on my journey to a social media manager!

Professional Networking Now And In The Future.

When networking yourself online or in person, you really have to look at who your targeted audience is going to be. You have to be will to step out of your comfort zone and put yourself out there. Meet new people and get your name out there. You don’t always just have to be meet new people in person. This can be done online by direct messaging people on various platforms. After meeting and reaching out to people, you want to develop a relationship with these people.

Just because you have done these things doesn’t mean that your job is done. After creating the relationships with these people, you have to maintain the relationship. But you also have to continue to make relationships with new people well maintaining the other relationships.

Strong And Weak Organizations

A lot of organizations have really strong social media skills. One being rare beauty. Throughout this program I have chose rare beauty as I the brand I focus on and monitor. They in my opinion have some of the best social media skills, they do a really good job engaging their followers.

With the brands that have strong social media skills, there are also brands that have weak social media skills. Most of these brands are just missing the engagement they need. Followers engagement is one of the most important aspects in having a strong social media presence.

So when a brand like rare beauty put engagement as their top priority, they can insure that their social media presence will be strong.

Tools and Sources COM0015

One of my favourite trend tracking tools is just simply scrolling through feeds. Scrolling will help you see what trends are happening and take inspiration from others, without coping them. Another one is listening to your followers. Once a month or so creatures could make a post asking what kind of content their followers are wanting to see. This gives you engagement from the followers but also ensures you are creating content they want to see.

ii think one of the best sources for new and updates on topics of interest is twitter. One twitter you can follow local police or whether or who ever you want to that will post and keep you up to date on everything going on in your area. You can also follow creators or brands who will use twitter to keep I’m updates in products or day to day life. Another one is joining Facebook groups regarding the topic of interest. People in the groups will be posting updates about the topic when need be. These two tools can go hand and hand always keeping you updated.

Personal Reflection

Story telling is so much more important than I ever imagined. I didn’t realize how much we actually use it in communication. As short form media is becoming more popular we have confined more creative ways to tell our story.

Throughout this course I was figuring out the story I want to tell. Knowing the story I want to tell has helped me figure out my plan for the future. Of course the story can always change. For now I have a pretty good idea of how I want my story to go.

Coming to the end of this course I’m glad I get to look back on everything I have learned in this course.

Personal Brand

For as long as I can remember I have struggles with anxiety. One way I coped with my anxiety was dance, I was a competitive dancer for 6 years. When covid hit we moved to zoom dance classes, this took all the joy out of it for me. I ended up quitting dance and even taking the year off school. I was a year behind all my friends, so I ended up doing summer and night school to catch up and graduate only 2 months later then my original class. In the mix of catching up with school I stated my own at home bakery.

After graduating my plan was to work, and that I did. I somehow ended up with 5 jobs. You may be wondering what those 4 jobs are. 1. an office job 2. shoppers drug mart 3. babysitting 4. my baking and 5. helping teach a theatre class. Safe to say I am very busy, but I wouldn’t change that for the world.

Now since your seeing this post you know i’m also taking some online classes. I started these in November and am planning on being finished with this program at the end of this school year(in June). This may seem like a lot on the go and it is but like I said I wouldn’t change any of it.

B2C Case Study (COM0114)

Rare beauty’s main way of advertisement is through social media. But how are they keeping everyone engaged the whole time?

Well rare beauty encourages their followers to post about them by creating little contests and games on TikTok and Instagram. TikTok, Instagram, and twitter are the main social media platforms rare beauty uses. The brand has created special hashtags for people to use when talking about the product. When this hashtag is searched all content that has used this hashtag will show up.

You may be wondering what could some games that can be used in social media. One I have seen a lot is the greater will comment a certain work letter by letter without someone else’s comment interrupting you, if you get it you will get a follow back.





This not only gets the followers involved but busts their engagement. Another game you could play to promote a certain product is have a contest to see who can create the best work with said product. winner could get a shout out.

Little things like this really help with advertising and growing your supporters. Also make sure that you are being active with the people playing these games or entering the contests.

Target Audiences

Any time you post you have a target audience in mind, it may not be intentional but there is always a targeted audience. For example Rare Beauty, their targeted audience would be makeup lovers. Makeup lovers have an extensive range of ages, but rare beauty advertises more towards teens and young adults. The brand was created and is owned by Selena Gomez, I feel that they advertise towards the age group that watched her growing up.

When Selena created the products, she choose to design the packaging to be more accessible. This meaning she made the packaging bigger so they are easier to hold.

When trying to reach your targeted audience you should research what apps they are likely to be using. What I mean by this is for example Rare beauty mainly advertises on Instagram and TikTok because that’s where will find the majority of the audience.

Another way to reach your target audience is sponsor influencers to post videos about their products. The influencers you choose should have a similar audience to your targeted audience.

Storytelling COM0014

Storytelling has come a long way since it started. It all started with pictures in rocks, then developed into song and dance, word of mouth, reading, all the way to digital media. We still use most of these ways of storytelling to this day. Next time you’re listening to a song really focus on the lyrics, and listen to the story that the song is trying to tell you. Everyone has their favourite versions of storytelling from both telling and listening points of view.

Getting your audience involved in your posts helps grow your page and helps push your content out there. You may be wondering, how do I achieve this? When posting on social media, at the end of every post put a question. the question could relate to the intent you just posted or be totally unrelated. for example for this post a question I could ask is “what is your favourite version of storytelling from both points of view? When people are answering the question in the comments, this is an opportunity to start conversions with them. Reply to their comment, and ask questions back. Little details like interacting with your audience.

Pine Lake (COM0014)

No phone signal, sun, water, reading, sitting around a campfire every weekend. That my idea of vacation, at my trailer every weekend during the summer. Sitting by the water in the sun well reading a book is my kind of relaxing. 

My trailer is on a lake called Pine Lake in North Frontenac. From May-October my family and I go to my trailer almost every weekend. I spend most of my days there reading by the lake, and most of my nights sitting around a campfire with friends. My trailer is a place for me to get away from all the busy and just relax. 

The lake my trailer is on, is known for its sunsets. The sunsets are beautiful, sky looks like cotton candy. My trailer is my safe space, and im so grateful to get to escape to it every weekend.