The ‘true’ face!

Went for a trip, let me post some pictures. Bought something new, let me show it to the whole world. Someone died, let me mourn with a post. We all often do that, don’t we?

People usually hide their true identity behind a veil. Nobody on social media wants to show their true-self to anyone. People don’t post ‘what is true’, but, what they ‘want’ the audience to know is true. They are curious about what is going on in the world even if they are least bothered about the situation or condition. They will unnecessarily try to fit themselves in the picture and are the ones who show sympathy without actually having any interest in it. It is a mere show-off so that they are not criticized by their colleagues and the public.

In recent news about the suicide of Indian actor- Sushant Singh Rajput, one of his friends made a statement against (the use of) social media.

Captured at 11:30 pm, on 2020/06/19 Captured from Instagram @kritisanon

Her views clearly state how people manipulate things to fit their purpose. If one does not mourn on social media, it does not mean that he/she isn’t grieving. Also, posting sad comments does not necessarily mean that one is grief-stricken.

Emotions are a ‘trump card’ in the hands of people who are active on social media with a hawk’s eye, looking for an opportunity to attack upon. Therefore, it has become quite hard to distinguish between what is fake and what is real? Let’s just pause for a moment and think, are we even real?


Facebook: People usually hide their true identity behind a veil. The ‘true’ face, if any!

Twitter: The ‘true’ face! #fakeemotions #fakeidentities #whatisthe’real’truth

Trend Setter

What’s new today? How many people are following it? Am I one among them? Each morning when one wakes up, these are the questions people ask themselves. The first thing that people do as soon as they wake up is go through their social media accounts. Believe it or not, social media has become the ‘tea/coffee’ of today’s generation.

One who wants to keep himself updated with whatever is going around him will definitely follow social media. A thing that is trending on one social media platform will have its impact over other platforms too. For example, Tik Tok videos are not only viral over Tik Tok but also Instagram and the like. It has become a trend to follow what others do. Also, the person who is not following either of the trends is seen as if he has committed some sort of crime.

Earlier, trend was something that movies and news focused upon but now, it is something that is famous and viral on say, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Tik Tok and others. These trends come in the form of dance videos and challenges. People challenge their friends and they further challenge theirs’. These challenges sometimes even involve a large amount of risk. But it is what it is! No one wants to lag behind in this race.

So, we can therefore see what impact social media has on us. It’s okay to follow the trend but it is certainly not cool to put yourself in danger or other’s life at stake. We must always know about the trend to keep ourselves updated and not necessarily follow it blindly.

Social Media and Human Behaviour

Human behaviour and social media go hand in hand. Sometimes these are directly proportional to each other, at other times they may even be inversely proportional. This means that human behaviour has largely been affected by the use of social media. People now tend to meet and greet through online platforms, rather than actual meetings. Everything has become virtual. People who may have hundreds or thousands of friends on social media platforms, but in real life they do not bother to spend time with their family and friends. Though we can not forget that social media has brought people from far places together, yet we can not say that they are actually together.

Social media boasts upon quantity rather than quality. Union with loved ones with one press of button has also brought along immense interruption in everyday life. People are often seen posting material (posts and stories) on their social media accounts. But the question arises, have they really enjoyed doing what they have posted or have they just been there to make stories and click pictures for show-off? We may have over 200 friends on social media, but do we really have any friends who will help us in the time of need? The search for answer to this has put all of us in a dilemma. Social media has brought us far away from our families. Today’s generation is more busy using their cell phones while their parents are conversing with them or tend to spend time with them. This has also caused a gap within generations.

Thus, we can see how we have adapted ourselves so comfortably with the social media without having any clue about what’s going on in our families. Social media is undoubtedly a blessing to keep ourselves updated and connected to others. But at the same time, it is also a fact that we have immersed ourselves deep into it, so deep that we do not see the difference between reality and virtual reality.