COM0015-Blog 1- Best Tools!

In my experience with monitoring/listening on social media, there have been obvious challenges with attracting your key audience, keeping them focussed on what is being posted, and tracking the progress of each post. Many websites don’t quite do everything you need. In this blog I will be talking about what 2 websites worked for me!

Pixabay via Pexels

Google Alert is a great way to track the keywords you have set up for your business. Whether it be a misspelling of your own business, the category the business falls under, etc. Once you have chosen which words best fit for your business, Google Alert will guide you to success. It is important to use creative wording, avoiding common words (ex. Clothing, Shopping, Fishing) Choose words that are specific, and describe your business as a whole.

Whether it be alerting you when you receive a negative comment, keeping you in the loop with the latest trends, or sending new websites that you can contribute to! And it is all delivered right to your email, as frequently as you would like!

This can be very useful for any business, whether it be a start up, or a long time running business navigating through social media. As an easy way to track your business’ progress, receiving updates on new trends, and monitoring reviews, mentions, experiences; Google Alert is beneficial to any company wanting to get ahead of the social media world!

Photo by OVAN from Pexels

As social media is becoming more relevant in more business’ around the world, it can be hard to manage multiple platforms at one time. From blogs, to Twitter, Facebook, review sites; having creative posts organized can be a challenge! Hootsuite is an amazing website that takes that weight off of our shoulders. While helping to keep track of each profile, managing each account, it also allows you to monitor what viewers are saying about your business, and allows you to react quickly to those comments.

As you are able to connect to multiple accounts, whether it be Twitter or WordPress, organized to post different content on each platform, you can also combine more than one post on multiple channels!

If the help of organization was not enough, Hootsuite also will send a weekly analytics report straight to your email! In the email summary it will…

  1. Number of clicks per day
  2. Geographical information on the people clicking through
  3. Top referrers
  4. Most popular links

This information is extremely useful to any business person wanting to achieve a solid social media presence. With this information, we can see what people are more interested to click on, where their interest lays (with links, post information), and where your key audience is located!

With both of these websites, they come with different strengths that will help a business achieve success in their social media! Although keeping it updated with relevant content, new posts, and staying on track with trends, there is still work to do! These websites are more of a helping hand to get you where you want to be!

If you would like to learn more about setting up an account, I have a link for each site that will guide you through what to do! How To: Hootsuite How To: Google Alerts

COM0014: Blog 7: Reflection

Photo by Canva Studio from Pexels

There are many aspects to social media, and how to market a company through the different platforms. Many people think they have the hang of it, just from what they know running their personal accounts. What they don’t know is all the steps it takes in order to make a company account successful. Finding the target audience, listening, and portraying what the values are of the company, and what that means as a follower.

Target Audience

Photo by Anton Belitskiy from Pexels

Not every company will appeal to every single age, gender, etc., nor should they. When a company is ready to market out to customers, one of the first steps is finding a target audience. The target audience is who you are trying to sell to. Who is interested in the product, is the #1 customer to be buying it, and will be most convinced with the marketing and advertising. Once you have figured out this audience (whether it is 18-35 year old females with a medium income, or 40-55 year old males with high income) creating content will become easier for a creator, and will bring in who the company seeks. Creating posts that use colour, slang that fit this audience, and are posting on platforms most used, and at reasonable time for the audience to be logged on.

Without having a target audience would be like fishing with no lure, because you are interested in every fish. Which would result in 0 fish being caught. Having the specific group of people will narrow down the search for what platform to use, what slang to use, and creativity of each post. This will also help when reaching out to influencers to sponsor a product, because a company can choose someone who is most relative to this genre of people.


Photo by Burst from Pexels

Listening on social media is more important than many companies realize. This can be the factor of major success, or become a failed starter. Listening on social media is much like the quote “Think before you speak” (unknown). Or in better words, think before you post!

“You need to listen to your audience. What issues do they care about? How can you help solve their problems?”

Heather Malec

A company must listen to their audience in order to be able to connect with them. Listening goes along side the target audience; if a company listens to what the group enjoys, what is popularized between them, and are able to live through the mind of the group, they will have a more successful time on social media. Being able to listen on what is trending, or happening in the groups world, and how a company’s post can relate to that.

Listening can help companies answer the 5 W’s with their target audience. Rather than relying on hashtags, shares, and who is following. It is also important to see what is being commented, good and bad. How can us as a company receive the negative review, and turn it in to something positive? How can the company perfect their customer service, and marketing tactics to help please more followers? Listening can not only help the company see where they can improve, but may also give them inspiration for their next great idea!

Photo by Cristian Dina from Pexels

As I worked through this course, it has gained my knowledge on not only creating a successful social media platform, but how to listen to trends, and tell your story through the platform. How you want to show off to the world, and what we can do to show that vision.


COM0012- Wintours Way!

Anna Wintour is one of the top most respected women in the fashion industry. As the Vogue editor, with her distinct short hair and wide glasses, what Wintour says, people follow.

In a recent article called ‘Love your clothes and pass them on, says Vogue supremo Wintour’ by Michele Kambas (Posted: Nov 28, 2019, CBC News), it is explained that Wintour is noticing a fault in the fashion industry. More businesses are throwing away ‘damaged’ clothing. With things as little as makeup marks, or a loose button. These clothing items worth thousands of dollars are put in to bins to get cut up and thrown in the trash. With no chance of an after life on the shelf, these close to perfect clothing items have a long life cut short. Literally.

“I think for all of us it means an attention more on craft, on creativity, and less on the idea of clothes that are instantly disposable, things that you will throw away just after one reading,”

Anna Wintour

As there used to be a high stigma against previously ‘loved’ clothing, and purchasing items from stores like Value Village, that is quickly fading. From personal experience, when my friends and I need clothing for costumes, festivals, or everyday life, buying reused clothing is an easy and affordable option. People are forgetting that re-wearing clothing, or buying reused clothing is not only not noticeable to anyone, but is a much more appreciated/respected story to tell.

Much like the roles reversing, when we are getting rid of our clothes, donating them to shelters, Salvation Army, and organizations that can bring these clothes to people in need. It is better for the people taking them, and is not waste for the planet.

I think it is a major benefit to the fashion community, and entire world that Wintour has taken the initiative to step up and speak out what we have all been thinking.

Enough with wasting perfectly good clothing because of small marks. It is time to start resourcing new use for them. Donating, reusing fabric for new merchandise, and becoming more environmentally and economically friendly with our used clothing.

COM0014:Blog 6: My Super Fan!

Photo Via Personal Library

As I think about my own life, and the children I will have, I look forward to having a kid that is just like me. Same humour, same energy, and a kid that is my right-hand-man. This is the exact relationship between my dad and I. Ever since I was young, my dad and I did everything together, and still do! Trips to Home Depot for his next project, trips to Michael’s for MY next project, and trips to Starbucks for our own enjoyment. There is no one in the world I would trust more than my dad.

My dad grew up in a family owned chemical distribution and manufacturing business. Since 1978, the business grew to now a highly successful investment company! As he grew up during the big transition, he learned to have tough skin, become an amazing leader not just at work but in everyday life, and that to be a good leader you have to guide and listen, not control! These are all the skills he has instilled in me.

Although he is constantly working, my dad does an excellent job in splitting his work life and home life. Always making sure he attended Christmas concerts, sport competitions, and even brought me a soda when I forgot it on ‘National Soda Day’ in Grade 2! Through all of this he has remained my biggest fan.

Photo Via Personal Library of Dad and I posing in India as my mom said “LOOK NICE!”

When I was asking the question “Who is your super fan?” my answer immediately popped in to my head.

As a dad, I rarely hear criticism, but rather gives me new ideas, and creates other strategies to help me. My dad would never take over a project from me, or tell me exactly what to do. He will always guide me to success. Letting me know what worked for him, or tell me the tools I will need. Then he sits back and watches me achieve it. Instead of making me feel inferior, this actually makes me feel more successful, and is a better learning lesson.

My dad loves to see me achieve anything I set my mind to. There is no control over my life. If I love it and want it bad enough, he encourages me to pursue it, and be the best I can. I always know he is rooting for me, whether a small situation, or big opportunity. He will always push me to be in a leadership position, because he knows I can handle it. Seeing my strengths and guiding me to where I shine.

All of these features about my dad is a clear sign that he wants me to achieve as high as I can, and have independent success. Without leaning on him for everything, so I can say I did it, rather than he did it and I held the flashlight.

I know I can count on him to explain any topic, answer any question, and give me any guidance in every aspect of my life.

Photo of my dad in 2014 at my Cheerleading competition wearing a ‘Cheer Dad’ shirt with my face on it… He still wears in to this day.

Whether he be wearing his Cheer Dad shirt, buying every ‘Algonquin College Dad’ merchandise, or listening to my crazy boy drama, I know my dad loves me with his whole heart, and is proud of all my success. Looking forward to where I go in life, and reminding me of my strengths. I will always pick up the phone when I see the ‘Dad’ caller ID, because in my eyes, we are each others super fan.

COM0014:Personal Brand: Personally Me!

Photo via Personal Library

When I was thinking of my own personal brand, and how I define it, I decided to reach out to my closest friends, asking them what words they use to describe me. The answers flooded in with different words. Enthusiastic, determined, out-going, creative… Everyone had mixed replies, except one word that was mentioned by everyone…

I am HIGHLY extroverted.

Being an extrovert has helped me throughout my life. Socially, work wise, and creating friendships. It has also brought me to one of my biggest passions of work… Sales & Marketing. Having an enthusiastic and positive outlook on life makes connecting with people more comfortable and easy. Having determination when selling a product, while thinking of creative ways to show off the features helps customers make their final decision to purchase, and ultimately gives them more reason to buy.

While talking may be considered a specialty of mine, knowing when to zip the lips and learn is key to anyone wanting to expand their chatty expertise.

While socializing is something I enjoy, I also love to learn. Learning is not only class room, but creating job shadowing opportunities in fields that I have a high interest for. Both can go hand in hand. While going to school to expand my knowledge, I make sure to crate a work/student lifestyle to fuel both needs!

Life is not all about jobs. Remembering to make time for things I love, like travelling. It has always been a huge part of my life; creating memories with people all over the world, being shown new cultures, learning different types of living, and being exposed to some incredible lives. Learning this from travelling is something people remember, and carry on in to their everyday life back home. Remembering how they work, their traditions, and ideas on different topics.

As school, work, and travel are all massive parts of who I have become, going back to my roots in Saskatchewan has taught me great, valuable lessons. Especially growing up in a family business, and being shown what hard work is. Being taught that ‘everything is in my job description’, and witnessing all sorts of different career options, that I can look forward to in my future!

Photo via Personal Library

From learning all there is in different career options, to keeping up with a memorable a social life, throwing parties with my friends, and using creativity as an outlet, creating masterpieces via Pinterest, it is never a dull moment in my life.

With work, and travel being a priority to me, my personal brand is how I am perceived by others. From what I do, how I show off myself, and who I am. Creating a life I enjoy, remaining the real me, and showing the world that I am in fact an extrovert that just likes to have fun! And yes, I would love to talk about it!

COM0014 – Blog 4 – Branding Beauty.

As a major make up source for all beauty guru’s, Sephora is a one-stop-shop for make up, fragrance, and skincare. As a huge company that provides endless products, their marketing must be creative, and very thought out.

Sephora is mainly marketed online, using social media. They are active on Instagram, and post on Twitter frequently. Because they have so many different brands, they always do a great job at spreading out what they are posting, and how.

As you see from the photo provided, Sephora uses their platform to encourage customers to buy their products by giving useful reasons. Showing people the great secret santa gifts they could buy, for under certain amount of dollars. Providing a link to how to find the products, and the list of great choices.

Sephora is also very good at being interactive with their followers. Posting on their story what products they like best, asking questions, and replying/posting responses. This lets their customers know that Sephora cares, appreciates them, and is listening to them. As a brand, it is important to be active with their customers. Then Sephora can understand where their customers stand, empathize with them, and it will be easier to find their target audience.

Sephora knows that creating content that relates to their viewers, adding fun colours, and showing off more than one certain brand with resonate with everyone. Using attractive ads, having stickers and using strategic wording to inspire customers to buy their products.

Sephora as a brand is creative, and thoughtful about their marketing. Having Facebook ads, using multiple social media outlets, and creating an email string for their customers; they focus on empowering the beauty community to feel good, and look good.

references: Sephora – Instagram, Sephora – Twitter

COM0014 – Blog #3 – For a Very Important Beauty Member!

Photo by Marcelo Moreira from Pexels

As I think about a high interest of mine that incorporates a massive branding and sales community I think of the Makeup & Beaty industry. With the world wide variety of beauty companies, store locations, products, and different price ranges (based on the brand), the beauty community has a massive audience, all depending on the audience member. The beauty industry has evolved massive amounts since the beginning. Introducing more products, more colours and shade ranges, and becoming open about men using their products.

One specific company in the beauty industry is Sephora. “Sephora is a leader in global prestige retail, teaching and inspiring clients to play in a world of beauty. Owned by LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, the world’s leading luxury goods group, Sephora has earned its reputation as a beauty trailblazer with its expertise, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit.” ( – About Us) Owning “over 2,500 stores in 32 countries worldwide, with an expanding base of over 460 stores across the Americas.” ( – About Us)

Basically, Sephora is the outlet for all middle to high end beauty companies. They host multiple brands within their Sephora stores. Managing and taking care of branding and advertising new products, promotions, and in-store & online sales. You can buy these brands through Sephora. If they do not have a product from a certain brand, the brands carried by Sephora will also have a website. The individual brands will also advertise their products, use social media, and will often have pop-up stores in different cities as promotions of their products.

“women who value fashionable/quality skincare, beauty, and fragrance products and are open to a medium to high price range. There are also sections with richly decorated cosmetics that appeal to pre-teens and young adults”

Sephora by Morgan on Prezi
Photo by zhugewala from Pexels

The beauty industry is very inclusive. Having affordable brands at Walmart, creating clean products that do not animal test, and high end products with every shade range. Makeup & Beauty is one giant community, that is separated in to smaller parts. Every member in the community has an interest of some level, whether they are just starting out and trying new products, are a makeup professional, or somewhere in between. Even product wise; if they only shop homemade and local, or prefer the full coverage name brand items.

Sephora is a great option for someone who is familiar with makeup, and has a high budget. Although Sephora’s products are a medium to high price range, it is great quality, and will have the exact product that is perfect for your skin type. If your skin is specifically oily and sensitive, Sephora will have multiple products that will work for you. As well, the return policy is impeccable.

As a beauty shopper, Sephora invites everyone to join their ‘Beauty Insider’ membership. Depending on how much you spend a year, you get a points card. The points are: every $1 you spend is 1 point. The levels of beauty insider are, ‘Beauty Insider’, a less frequent shopper, only shopping few times a year. VIB (Very Important Beauty), spending $350+ a year on beauty products. VIB Rouge, spending over $1,000 a year. With each tier of membership, comes bigger and better benefits.

Although you can come from any income for Sephora, and become a member, it is suggested that because of the high-end products, coming from a higher income is advised. Male or female.

Photo by Mihai Stefan Photography from Pexels

Depending on your income, and interest, the store you shop at will differ. Whether you are a top make up vlogger on Youtube, or a VIB member at Sephora, the makeup community will welcome you. Providing tips, videos, and recommendations!

Referenes: , Forbes: The Biggest Trends in the Beauty Industry , Business Insider: Beauty has blown up to be a $532 Billion Industry , Self: Women spend $15,000 on beauty products

COM0014 – Blog #2 – How to Tell the Tale

Photo by Gratisography on

Story telling has been around for thousands of years. Many stories date back to wall stories; when paintings were drawn on to rocks! Although humans have evolved from wall stories, to now book & blogs, stories all have a big similarity. The storyteller is describing an event, real or make believe, and keeping us interested by the way they tell it, and the excitement of the story!

Imaginatively Clear!

In stories we will often read descriptive details of the characters, or better known as character building. The author will give us enough details of who we are reading about in order to visualize our own thoughts of this character. Although, the author does not over share on exactly who the character is. This lets the audience/reader use their imagination for themselves. Giving enough information for the audience to work with, keeping them focussed, yet is not over sharing.

Big Turning Point!

Although this goes against what our grade 3 teacher may have taught us, straying away from beginning, middle, and end. The audience came for the big turning point (or climax). Something about the story has caught the audience’ eye, and brought them here. Remind them at the beginning, and throughout the story what that is, and why they are here to stay. Give them something to look forward to. Instead of the specific beginning, middle, and end; give hints to the audience until you are near the end. That way, at the end the audience can soak up the ‘big turning point’ or ‘climax’ and be brought back down!

Keep it Interesting!

Like what was said above, give the audience something to work with. Let the audience use their imagination, but also help them get there! An example is, like on TSN, the host/narrator will never have a monotone voice. They are always using expression, and have TREMENDOUS, ASTONISHING, WORDS! This tactic keeps the focus and concentration on them, and we are interested on what they have to say! Using this skill throughout our stories and even everyday conversations will help keep people interested on what we say, and will impact their view on the story.

This also applies to grammar. If we hear someone constantly using poor grammar, using boring words, and misplace words/punctuation, we would peg them as an unreliable source. It looks and sounds unprofessional. With that said, making sure we use correct words and put “.” and “,” in the right places.

That’s all Folks!

After reading through my COM0014 Digital Communications content, it has opened my eyes to great storytelling tools, and views on what makes a good story. Many tips were foreign to me, do you have any helpful story tips for me? What tricks do you use to keep an audience engaged?

Photo by from Pexels

References: Algonquin College, Social Media Course, Digital Communication – Module 2

Party time!

As I get older, it is easier to find more reason to host a party. Now, I am not talking your cheesy house party you throw when your parents are on vacation… I mean the kind of party MTV would air on an episode of ‘My Super Sweet Sixteen‘. As an avid party planner, the joys of deciding on a theme, organization, decoration and execution are always on my mind when a special event is brought up. Whether it be a birthday, holiday season, or an achievement. If the interest for a party is there, my creative brain is rolling through ideas.

Photo by Pineapple Supply Co. from Pexels

First thing I recommend is to pick a theme! (And yes, there should always be a theme). Whether it be Tiki on a birthday, or Gatsby on New Years Eve; having a theme gets guests excited to attend. This also helps with future planning for decorations and organization. This way, creating photo walls, picking music, and allowing guests to dress accordingly will be more fun and a more unique event!

After your theme has been chosen, it is now officially party planning time! After you make a list of the guests, you can start working on your invitation! It is easiest to make it online, or create one from scratch to take a photo of, and send it out! With the theme in mind, Pinterest is full of ideas for all themed party ideas, including the invitation!

Photo Via Personal Library

Like the invitations above, making sure all the information is clear. Time, day, location, and any tips for the guests upon arrival! Using bold fonts, colour to fit the theme, and stickers! This will keep the theme in everyones mind, and help remind people of the details for the party! (Using Avery for invitation creation is the most efficient!)

We have our theme and the invitation has been sent out! It is now time to pick a location! Keeping in mind the weather, amount of guests, and activities you will be doing! If it is a sunny day, try hosting a backyard BBQ! Picking a location before decoration shopping is very important because it will help with where you will hang certain items, and where to put food and tables! Again, using Pinterest is an easy way to find ideas to fit your theme.

To find the basics supplies like streamers, poster paper, paint, etc. I like to look in WalMart and the Dollar Store. Cheaper prices, with just as good product. For the ‘real deal’ products, specifically theme based, I go to Party City. At Party City they have every colour imaginable. Any theme you are thinking, they will have costumes, cups, plates, napkins, piñata’s, etc! The price is higher than other stores, but you get exactly what you’re looking for! A good example from a Tiki party I hosted; many people upon arriving aren’t sure how ‘all out’ others will be, so they dress down. At my Tiki party, I made sure there were enough lei’s for everyone. That way, they felt included in the theme, without having to wear anything specific.

Photo by bruce mars from Pexels

Based on your guests and the time of the party, make a grocery list! No one will be expecting a buffet, but having party favourites like chips & dip, veggie/fruit trays, and candy will be an added bonus. It is always a hit, no matter how simple it may be. I recommend using nice trays that go along with your party theme, to add to the experience. Picking paper plates and napkins that fit in, and choosing a quick & easy cocktail to make for your guests to try. I like to put mine in an infuser drink dispenser. Picking a simple drink with few ingredients will be completely unexpected but will make guests feel welcomed and excited to attend future events.

Lastly, it is music time! This is something people will often look past or forget, but for themed parties it is such a bonus add-on that brings the mood up! Having a party specific playlist with crowd hits, and theme fitting songs is easy, quick, and you can do this during down time. Remembering, not to make it too obscure. People still want to hear their favourite hit songs. Simply googling songs to help you, and making a repetitive playlist on your music app!

Photo Via Personal Library

It is officially party set up time! Everything has been purchased, and you are ready for decorating! I hope my party planning tips help you for your next exciting event! Good luck! Were these tips helpful for an event you’re planning? I would also love to hear more tips that you have for my own future planning!

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

A Great Weekend Away!

School and work can take over anyones week! From homework piling up, to constantly feeling drained from a long day at work. Life can creep up on us at a quick pace, and will catch us feeling flustered. As someone who lives in Ottawa, what can we do? Vacations to far destinations can be costly, and time consuming. Here is an easy solution to enjoying a fun weekend getaway in a city close by!

Montreal is a beautiful city. With its old European charm, and quaint city feel, it is a beautiful destination for someone to have a weekend away from home.

Photo Via Personal Gallery

Back in September, while my boyfriend and I were planning what we wanted to do over the weekend we thought… Why not wake up early on Saturday, and drive to Montreal? Since it is only an hour and a half drive, it is an easy weekend getaway! Since school and work were coming at us full force, it was our last chance to enjoy a homework/job free weekend!

While in Montreal, we needed to find fun things to do within 2 days! As we filtered through our options, we picked activities that were easily accessible to walk to from our AirBnb (Downtown), inexpensive, and kept us engaged for a few hours!

When we arrived, we decided to walk through Old Montreal. Looking through the local shops, seeing the ancient structures, and gazing at the Notre Dame. As we made our way through, we ended up at the Old Port! Since the weather was sunny and very hot, picking up some fresh lemonade and poutines from the Food Trucks was inevitable! As we enjoyed our food, we saw there was a small line up at the Montreal Observation Wheel! So we collected our belongings, and jumped in line!

Photo via Personal Gallery

As we gazed at how beautiful the city was from on top, and imagined what all the small people below were up to, we thought… what’s next?

As the weather was so hot, it was almost unbearable, we agreed that an indoor activity would be most amusing!

The Barbie Expo is a definite must when visiting Montreal! As an avid Barbie user in the early 2000’s, it was an exciting experience seeing all the different award winning Barbies on display. In fact, at the exhibit I was able to step in to my own Barbie box as if I was a real doll…

There were endless dolls dressed as actresses, role models, and a barbie for every country in the world! Although I may have enjoyed it far more than my boyfriend, we both agreed that the set up and display of the Barbie’s was extraordinary!

After the long day of excitement and adventure, it was time to catch some sleep before another day of fun!

The next day was anything but ordinary!

We started off by eating at Cacao 70! Let me tell you, if you are a chocolate lover, you’ll love their crêpes! Filling our bellies with fresh chocolate & strawberry crêpes was exactly how mornings should be spent.

We then walked through the city streets, all the way to Mount Royal! The tiresome walk up the humongous slope, enjoying the fall trees, was all worth it in the end. The view from up top is the most magnificent view in Quebec! It displays an almost painting like view, dazzling the entire skyline of the city. It was well worth the steep walk up and down! Especially the fact that there is a popsicle stand once you reach the top!

While the trip was a fun-filled weekend, packed full of new experiences, it was time to travel home!

Montreal is such an easy road trip from Ottawa. In many cases, planning a trip to be fun yet inexpensive is easily done. Finding enjoyable, and free activities, such as a hike, and using your feet as transportation!

It took our mind away from our Ottawa lives, as we lived in the moment for our weekend away! It was definitely a must need, and something we are excited to endure again in January… this time, maybe a hockey game is in our future?

I love hearing other experiences in new cities, and finding new things to do the next time I visit, from people who have tried out different adventures! Have you visited Montreal? What are some highlights from your trip that you recommend?