COM0014 – Blog 4 – Branding Beauty.

As a major make up source for all beauty guru’s, Sephora is a one-stop-shop for make up, fragrance, and skincare. As a huge company that provides endless products, their marketing must be creative, and very thought out.

Sephora is mainly marketed online, using social media. They are active on Instagram, and post on Twitter frequently. Because they have so many different brands, they always do a great job at spreading out what they are posting, and how.

As you see from the photo provided, Sephora uses their platform to encourage customers to buy their products by giving useful reasons. Showing people the great secret santa gifts they could buy, for under certain amount of dollars. Providing a link to how to find the products, and the list of great choices.

Sephora is also very good at being interactive with their followers. Posting on their story what products they like best, asking questions, and replying/posting responses. This lets their customers know that Sephora cares, appreciates them, and is listening to them. As a brand, it is important to be active with their customers. Then Sephora can understand where their customers stand, empathize with them, and it will be easier to find their target audience.

Sephora knows that creating content that relates to their viewers, adding fun colours, and showing off more than one certain brand with resonate with everyone. Using attractive ads, having stickers and using strategic wording to inspire customers to buy their products.

Sephora as a brand is creative, and thoughtful about their marketing. Having Facebook ads, using multiple social media outlets, and creating an email string for their customers; they focus on empowering the beauty community to feel good, and look good.

references: Sephora – Instagram, Sephora – Twitter

COM0014 – Blog #3 – For a Very Important Beauty Member!

Photo by Marcelo Moreira from Pexels

As I think about a high interest of mine that incorporates a massive branding and sales community I think of the Makeup & Beaty industry. With the world wide variety of beauty companies, store locations, products, and different price ranges (based on the brand), the beauty community has a massive audience, all depending on the audience member. The beauty industry has evolved massive amounts since the beginning. Introducing more products, more colours and shade ranges, and becoming open about men using their products.

One specific company in the beauty industry is Sephora. “Sephora is a leader in global prestige retail, teaching and inspiring clients to play in a world of beauty. Owned by LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, the world’s leading luxury goods group, Sephora has earned its reputation as a beauty trailblazer with its expertise, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit.” ( – About Us) Owning “over 2,500 stores in 32 countries worldwide, with an expanding base of over 460 stores across the Americas.” ( – About Us)

Basically, Sephora is the outlet for all middle to high end beauty companies. They host multiple brands within their Sephora stores. Managing and taking care of branding and advertising new products, promotions, and in-store & online sales. You can buy these brands through Sephora. If they do not have a product from a certain brand, the brands carried by Sephora will also have a website. The individual brands will also advertise their products, use social media, and will often have pop-up stores in different cities as promotions of their products.

“women who value fashionable/quality skincare, beauty, and fragrance products and are open to a medium to high price range. There are also sections with richly decorated cosmetics that appeal to pre-teens and young adults”

Sephora by Morgan on Prezi
Photo by zhugewala from Pexels

The beauty industry is very inclusive. Having affordable brands at Walmart, creating clean products that do not animal test, and high end products with every shade range. Makeup & Beauty is one giant community, that is separated in to smaller parts. Every member in the community has an interest of some level, whether they are just starting out and trying new products, are a makeup professional, or somewhere in between. Even product wise; if they only shop homemade and local, or prefer the full coverage name brand items.

Sephora is a great option for someone who is familiar with makeup, and has a high budget. Although Sephora’s products are a medium to high price range, it is great quality, and will have the exact product that is perfect for your skin type. If your skin is specifically oily and sensitive, Sephora will have multiple products that will work for you. As well, the return policy is impeccable.

As a beauty shopper, Sephora invites everyone to join their ‘Beauty Insider’ membership. Depending on how much you spend a year, you get a points card. The points are: every $1 you spend is 1 point. The levels of beauty insider are, ‘Beauty Insider’, a less frequent shopper, only shopping few times a year. VIB (Very Important Beauty), spending $350+ a year on beauty products. VIB Rouge, spending over $1,000 a year. With each tier of membership, comes bigger and better benefits.

Although you can come from any income for Sephora, and become a member, it is suggested that because of the high-end products, coming from a higher income is advised. Male or female.

Photo by Mihai Stefan Photography from Pexels

Depending on your income, and interest, the store you shop at will differ. Whether you are a top make up vlogger on Youtube, or a VIB member at Sephora, the makeup community will welcome you. Providing tips, videos, and recommendations!

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COM0014 – Blog #2 – How to Tell the Tale

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Story telling has been around for thousands of years. Many stories date back to wall stories; when paintings were drawn on to rocks! Although humans have evolved from wall stories, to now book & blogs, stories all have a big similarity. The storyteller is describing an event, real or make believe, and keeping us interested by the way they tell it, and the excitement of the story!

Imaginatively Clear!

In stories we will often read descriptive details of the characters, or better known as character building. The author will give us enough details of who we are reading about in order to visualize our own thoughts of this character. Although, the author does not over share on exactly who the character is. This lets the audience/reader use their imagination for themselves. Giving enough information for the audience to work with, keeping them focussed, yet is not over sharing.

Big Turning Point!

Although this goes against what our grade 3 teacher may have taught us, straying away from beginning, middle, and end. The audience came for the big turning point (or climax). Something about the story has caught the audience’ eye, and brought them here. Remind them at the beginning, and throughout the story what that is, and why they are here to stay. Give them something to look forward to. Instead of the specific beginning, middle, and end; give hints to the audience until you are near the end. That way, at the end the audience can soak up the ‘big turning point’ or ‘climax’ and be brought back down!

Keep it Interesting!

Like what was said above, give the audience something to work with. Let the audience use their imagination, but also help them get there! An example is, like on TSN, the host/narrator will never have a monotone voice. They are always using expression, and have TREMENDOUS, ASTONISHING, WORDS! This tactic keeps the focus and concentration on them, and we are interested on what they have to say! Using this skill throughout our stories and even everyday conversations will help keep people interested on what we say, and will impact their view on the story.

This also applies to grammar. If we hear someone constantly using poor grammar, using boring words, and misplace words/punctuation, we would peg them as an unreliable source. It looks and sounds unprofessional. With that said, making sure we use correct words and put “.” and “,” in the right places.

That’s all Folks!

After reading through my COM0014 Digital Communications content, it has opened my eyes to great storytelling tools, and views on what makes a good story. Many tips were foreign to me, do you have any helpful story tips for me? What tricks do you use to keep an audience engaged?

Photo by from Pexels

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Party time!

As I get older, it is easier to find more reason to host a party. Now, I am not talking your cheesy house party you throw when your parents are on vacation… I mean the kind of party MTV would air on an episode of ‘My Super Sweet Sixteen‘. As an avid party planner, the joys of deciding on a theme, organization, decoration and execution are always on my mind when a special event is brought up. Whether it be a birthday, holiday season, or an achievement. If the interest for a party is there, my creative brain is rolling through ideas.

Photo by Pineapple Supply Co. from Pexels

First thing I recommend is to pick a theme! (And yes, there should always be a theme). Whether it be Tiki on a birthday, or Gatsby on New Years Eve; having a theme gets guests excited to attend. This also helps with future planning for decorations and organization. This way, creating photo walls, picking music, and allowing guests to dress accordingly will be more fun and a more unique event!

After your theme has been chosen, it is now officially party planning time! After you make a list of the guests, you can start working on your invitation! It is easiest to make it online, or create one from scratch to take a photo of, and send it out! With the theme in mind, Pinterest is full of ideas for all themed party ideas, including the invitation!

Photo Via Personal Library

Like the invitations above, making sure all the information is clear. Time, day, location, and any tips for the guests upon arrival! Using bold fonts, colour to fit the theme, and stickers! This will keep the theme in everyones mind, and help remind people of the details for the party! (Using Avery for invitation creation is the most efficient!)

We have our theme and the invitation has been sent out! It is now time to pick a location! Keeping in mind the weather, amount of guests, and activities you will be doing! If it is a sunny day, try hosting a backyard BBQ! Picking a location before decoration shopping is very important because it will help with where you will hang certain items, and where to put food and tables! Again, using Pinterest is an easy way to find ideas to fit your theme.

To find the basics supplies like streamers, poster paper, paint, etc. I like to look in WalMart and the Dollar Store. Cheaper prices, with just as good product. For the ‘real deal’ products, specifically theme based, I go to Party City. At Party City they have every colour imaginable. Any theme you are thinking, they will have costumes, cups, plates, napkins, piñata’s, etc! The price is higher than other stores, but you get exactly what you’re looking for! A good example from a Tiki party I hosted; many people upon arriving aren’t sure how ‘all out’ others will be, so they dress down. At my Tiki party, I made sure there were enough lei’s for everyone. That way, they felt included in the theme, without having to wear anything specific.

Photo by bruce mars from Pexels

Based on your guests and the time of the party, make a grocery list! No one will be expecting a buffet, but having party favourites like chips & dip, veggie/fruit trays, and candy will be an added bonus. It is always a hit, no matter how simple it may be. I recommend using nice trays that go along with your party theme, to add to the experience. Picking paper plates and napkins that fit in, and choosing a quick & easy cocktail to make for your guests to try. I like to put mine in an infuser drink dispenser. Picking a simple drink with few ingredients will be completely unexpected but will make guests feel welcomed and excited to attend future events.

Lastly, it is music time! This is something people will often look past or forget, but for themed parties it is such a bonus add-on that brings the mood up! Having a party specific playlist with crowd hits, and theme fitting songs is easy, quick, and you can do this during down time. Remembering, not to make it too obscure. People still want to hear their favourite hit songs. Simply googling songs to help you, and making a repetitive playlist on your music app!

Photo Via Personal Library

It is officially party set up time! Everything has been purchased, and you are ready for decorating! I hope my party planning tips help you for your next exciting event! Good luck! Were these tips helpful for an event you’re planning? I would also love to hear more tips that you have for my own future planning!

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

A Great Weekend Away!

School and work can take over anyones week! From homework piling up, to constantly feeling drained from a long day at work. Life can creep up on us at a quick pace, and will catch us feeling flustered. As someone who lives in Ottawa, what can we do? Vacations to far destinations can be costly, and time consuming. Here is an easy solution to enjoying a fun weekend getaway in a city close by!

Montreal is a beautiful city. With its old European charm, and quaint city feel, it is a beautiful destination for someone to have a weekend away from home.

Photo Via Personal Gallery

Back in September, while my boyfriend and I were planning what we wanted to do over the weekend we thought… Why not wake up early on Saturday, and drive to Montreal? Since it is only an hour and a half drive, it is an easy weekend getaway! Since school and work were coming at us full force, it was our last chance to enjoy a homework/job free weekend!

While in Montreal, we needed to find fun things to do within 2 days! As we filtered through our options, we picked activities that were easily accessible to walk to from our AirBnb (Downtown), inexpensive, and kept us engaged for a few hours!

When we arrived, we decided to walk through Old Montreal. Looking through the local shops, seeing the ancient structures, and gazing at the Notre Dame. As we made our way through, we ended up at the Old Port! Since the weather was sunny and very hot, picking up some fresh lemonade and poutines from the Food Trucks was inevitable! As we enjoyed our food, we saw there was a small line up at the Montreal Observation Wheel! So we collected our belongings, and jumped in line!

Photo via Personal Gallery

As we gazed at how beautiful the city was from on top, and imagined what all the small people below were up to, we thought… what’s next?

As the weather was so hot, it was almost unbearable, we agreed that an indoor activity would be most amusing!

The Barbie Expo is a definite must when visiting Montreal! As an avid Barbie user in the early 2000’s, it was an exciting experience seeing all the different award winning Barbies on display. In fact, at the exhibit I was able to step in to my own Barbie box as if I was a real doll…

There were endless dolls dressed as actresses, role models, and a barbie for every country in the world! Although I may have enjoyed it far more than my boyfriend, we both agreed that the set up and display of the Barbie’s was extraordinary!

After the long day of excitement and adventure, it was time to catch some sleep before another day of fun!

The next day was anything but ordinary!

We started off by eating at Cacao 70! Let me tell you, if you are a chocolate lover, you’ll love their crêpes! Filling our bellies with fresh chocolate & strawberry crêpes was exactly how mornings should be spent.

We then walked through the city streets, all the way to Mount Royal! The tiresome walk up the humongous slope, enjoying the fall trees, was all worth it in the end. The view from up top is the most magnificent view in Quebec! It displays an almost painting like view, dazzling the entire skyline of the city. It was well worth the steep walk up and down! Especially the fact that there is a popsicle stand once you reach the top!

While the trip was a fun-filled weekend, packed full of new experiences, it was time to travel home!

Montreal is such an easy road trip from Ottawa. In many cases, planning a trip to be fun yet inexpensive is easily done. Finding enjoyable, and free activities, such as a hike, and using your feet as transportation!

It took our mind away from our Ottawa lives, as we lived in the moment for our weekend away! It was definitely a must need, and something we are excited to endure again in January… this time, maybe a hockey game is in our future?

I love hearing other experiences in new cities, and finding new things to do the next time I visit, from people who have tried out different adventures! Have you visited Montreal? What are some highlights from your trip that you recommend?

Jazz up your Instagram!

Photo by bruce mars from Pexels

In this blog, we are going to dive in to 4 key components of making Instagram a more successful platform for the ultimate influencer mind!

Doing Instagram Polls is a great kick start to seeing followers reactions, and input on what content they want to see! On Instagram, we are able to ask a question with 2 answers for users to click on! If we are posting many makeup tutorials, asking users through a poll which creation they want to see next keeps the audience be involved and spreads word on the account! After the poll, the followers will be anticipating the new post and look forward to keeping up to date with future postings!

Personal Image via Instagram

Collaborating with another brand is key to gaining popularity, not just for ourselves, but for other businesses. Often when we are just starting, brands will reach out (or vice versa) to post alongside us! Keeping it always related to our brand! Example, if we are all about hair, a scrunchy brand or hair care is likely in our favour! With that, realizing that not every opportunity is in our favour, making sure we stick to the theme! If your followers see that we are using certain hair care, while we are running a hair care profile, the trust of quality will start to form!

“If you have the opportunity to partner with another brand that has a similar target audience, this can be a great way to increase your exposure across social media platforms. The goal is to choose a company that is not a direct competitor but whose audience may also benefit from your products or services.”

Karen Smith on ’18 Fun Social Media Marketing Ideas to Spice Up Your Social Media Campaigns’.

Be open to aswering questions! Many people in the Instagram world will be inspired to start their own! Having fan followers who love our brands and want to be more connected are going to reach out! Be welcoming, show them why creating content is fun, and encourage them to start up! On Instagram, there is an ‘ask me a question’ sticker! Use it to its advantage!

This can also encourage jumping on trending topics. Whatever is popular at the time, using it to its advantage, and staying up to date with what is popular at the time, that also resonates with the followers!

Personal Image via Instagram

Creating tutorials and live stream videos related to your brand will involve more viewers, “…based on a survey conducted by GlobalWebIndex, 60% of users stream and watch videos whether they are live or not, even those random videos?” (Karen Smith on ‘18 Fun Social Media Marketing Ideas to Spice Up Your Social Media Campaigns,‘) Everyone loves watching how-to videos and tutorials in their spare time! Whether the Instagram is makeup, fishing, or baking, creating visual content that followers can watch on the bus, or before bed will heighten popularity, and cause our profiles to show up more on the popular page! The impact of a follower enjoying video content will attract them more to click on our profile, and want to watch more!

Buzzfeedtasty via Instagram

This all makes our followers feel like friends. They are more active in our lives by asking us questions, participating in live streams and answering our polls! Using products we advocate, and creating (for example) the make up look we posted, creates trust and an Instagram bond a follower will talk about! Having followers feel like our friend will put our name out in the world, and ultimately help make us the successful influencer we aspire to be!

If you are inspired to create the ultimate influencer Instagram, click my references links! , , … Enjoy!

Facebook: Jump start your Instagram brand to become the influencer you dreamed of! Click the link to find out more…

Twitter: Become the ultimate influencer with these tips… #InstaFamous #Influencer #HowTo

3 Benefits of Instagram Influencer’s

Image by Sophie Suchan via Instagram

It is very apparent that social media has taken over the world; not just personal, but for major companies as well. Social media has become a staple for companies to use as a cheaper way of advertising. Not only can companies post content whenever they want, but it is now easier than ever to capture more attention, to the exact target audience. Companies have now resorted to ‘Instagram Influencers’ as a way to market products. The brand trust, audience, and quality of photos are now being put in to the hands of Instagram experts! Which is one weight off a company’s shoulders.

The trust between influencer and follower is very personal. For many followers, an influencer is like a distant friend. Unlike large companies, influencers can live chat, do polls, answer questions, and be ‘real’ with their audience. Much like a friend, followers take influencers recommendations, and have trust that what they are advertising will be beneficial and great quality. Followers are more engaged to what their favourite influencer is wearing rather than the ad that popped on to the screen. It is also a great opportunity for companies to have influencers market their products because in todays age, many people have the ‘what what you have’ mind set.

Image by Jeff Wittek via Instagram

Reaching a target audience has never been so easy. Companies can now pick & choose the influencer they would like to have promote their products. Basing it off of age, gender, and lifestyle. Because of who the company has chosen, the chances of reaching each specification is higher due to the influencer and their following. From this, it allows the followers to see products they would be interested in, and look at what brand was represented.

“You don’t have to spend additional funds on testing and finding your audience – the influencer has already fostered this audience on social media.”

By Travis Huff on 6 Big Benefits of Using Influencer Marketing in Your Social Strategy

Having quality photos for minimal cost is a bonus for any company looking to advertise. Influencers are not only focussed on promoting a company’s brand, but they have to promote themselves in a positive light too. Having great quality content is at the top of an influencers mind. From high resolution, perfect lighting, and posing, the post will be impeccable.

“Traditional advertising is expensive, as a lot of money goes into creating the ad, buying ad space, etc.

But influencer marking can be a lot cheaper.”

By Shane Barker on 7 of the Best Ways Your Brand Can Benefit from Influencer Marketing

By using these influencers, the search for camera crew, models, and editing is gone. Plus advertising costs become extremely low by only dealing with one person who is visibly capable of doing an amazing job.

Image by Jeffree Star via Instagram

No matter the advertising, if it is out in the world, it is being seen. Why not market the easiest and cheapest way, by the people who do Social Media for a living? Having an influencer by our side to do the heavy work, while our business is thriving benefits not only the company, but the reputation of the influencer as well. Remembering that the influencer & followers are here to support the company, so the responsibility of trust & support must be reciprocated. Giving the influencer the freedom to create content they trust will have followers reacting positively.

If you owned a company, would you look for Instagram Influencers to help advertise? Do you think Influencers are the new age of marketing?

If you want to read more on this topic, I highly recommend clicking my references: ,

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Professional Creeping!

Photo by Moose Photos from Pexels

Have you every wondered what an employer looks at when they scan through your profile? Or maybe you have just applied for a job but worry your profile doesn’t express the real you? In this blog we will get a glimpse of what employers are looking at when they creep our profiles! From follows, imagery, to what we post, and the way we are perceived online.

Creeping is important for employers because it gives them data on who you are and lets them develop an understanding/insight. What you share (or don’t) is very instructive. Employers love knowing what you connect to, and who you promote yourself to be online.” – Cara Petrovicz, HR Business Partner at PIC Investment Group

When the employer starts their creeping journey, the easiest tool is Google. Typing a name into the Google Search Bar sends us straight to a world of answers. From Warrants (for serious legal matter) to Volunteer work; a life experience negative or positive can arise, whether we like it or not. Most employers only need up to 6 minutes to make their decision whether we are a good fit or not. In that 6 minutes, they are look at…

  • Is proper grammar is being used? If you use proper grammar online, it is certain you take it seriously in everyday life.
  • Are comments on posts appropriate? Typing in a name on the Facebook Search Bar can bring up past comments that have been made, or any ‘Facebook Fights’.
  • Are we representing ourselves professionally online as we do on our resume? Whether it is in our Bio, or the language/photos we use on our profile, it is noticeable what our interests are and how we act in our personal online life.
  • Privacy Settings. If we have a high privacy setting, chances are we keep our profiles safe, and free of negativity! We want our personal lives to stay within our close friends & family.

Another key point is making sure our profiles are up to date. When being creeped, employers are checking every platform. From Facebook, to Instagram, and especially LinkedIn. Having an updated LinkedIn page goes a long way and easy to maintain. It gives access to companies we follow, our previous job experiences, and gives insight on what job experience we are looking for. Employers also like to see if we have mutual followers that are good, trusted, reputable companies.

Taking a few minutes out of our day to update these profiles and make small changes can be the difference of getting a job or not!

Photo by from Pexels

Posting content can be very impactful to a career. There has been countless celebrities that said the wrong thing and now are at the bottom. Remembering that employers can go up to 10 years back on what we have said or done. It can be very beneficial to clear out our profiles, deleting the old us and maintaining the new, more professional side of ourselves. Keeping the drug related, sexual content, and one too many party photos to ourselves.

Employers also like to creep because it gives them an inside scoop on some of our interests. If we are posting our baking recipes, maybe that will encouraged us to be involved at the company BBQ? Dwelling on past news, or too many political posts can be a turn off. Remembering that what we discuss online is an indicator of what will be brought up at the lunch table.

Let’s look at the girl in these 2 photos below.

Photo from personal gallery.

Which girl would you hire as a babysitter? Not to say we can’t show alcohol! It is a given that majority of adults will drink, and want a snapshot of a fun night! The photos above are a great example of how we can keep it appropriate with a drink in hand! A good tip is, post the photo you remember taking.

With photos in mind…

Sharing photos and videos is an exciting, yet scary thing in the online world. What we post has the potential to blow up and go viral! If we have a tendency to show off a little too much of our bodies, post illegal/discriminating content, or use any gang-affiliated references/content, that is a big no-no. Companies want employees who represent their company positively inside and outside the office doors. Putting ourselves in a positive light, maintaining a professional personal account.

An example of a video shared in the wrong hands is…

During an SJHL (Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League) Game on September 14th, 2019, former Yorkton Terriers Forward Greg Mulhall collided with Melville Millionaires Goalie Berk Berkeliev in result to Berkeliev losing teeth and suffering from a concussion. Because of the headshot to the Goalie, Mulhall faced a 25 game suspension. Instead of accepting what had happened, taking his consequence and leaving the mistake behind him, Mulhall reacted in a SnapChat video, that was then posted online; tagging massive companies like TSN, BarStool Sports, and the Sports Centre.

As a result of the video going viral, and the video being negative, including profanity towards the opposing player, Mulhall is now banned from the SJHL this year, only serving 5 games within his suspension. (For more information about the hockey feud, go to

**Warning: This video includes explicit language**

Taken from Bradley McCallum personal Twitter Page.

Adding on, a reminder for everyone on Social Media to focus on how easy photos/videos can get around. We never truly know the amount of people who are viewing our photos/videos, so why not make it a good one! Keeping it light-hearted! Laughing with our friends, but keeping it appropriate. Videos like Greg Mulhall’s could result in ending sports career, and possibly not receiving jobs in the future, if employers find the video.

Speaking of friends…

It is important that employers see we follow not only the company we are applying for, but follow companies (like said earlier) that have good-reputations and trustworthy. This shows we have an interest in the field we are applying for and staying up to date with what is going on in the (specifically) business world. This also is a guide to see if we are following any inappropriate sites that could be discriminating to men/women. Although it is harder to see who we follow on sites like Instagram; LinkedIn is not private.

Photo by from Pexels

The online world is a massive place that soaks up information like a sponge. From Imagery, to the comments we share; remembering that someone will always see it. Keeping our sites updated with positive, insightful information that represents our true selves is extremely important, not just for future jobs, but expressing ourselves to the world.

After reading this blog, do you think your profile is a great representation of your true self? I encourage everyone to check their profiles and see what changes they could make. Because who you are online can be a large representation of your reality to someone who is creeping! Now, go out there and get that job!

Photo by from Pexels

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4 Ways Social Media is affecting teens.

When we ask someone their thoughts on Social Media, chances are the answer will be different every time. Depending on their age, career, or social status.

There is a large community of people who believe Social Media is a negative world for young teens, that can cause harm or mental illness. In this blog, we are going to discover how Social Media can put a positive spin in a teens life.

Unique friendships can be easily created through Social Media. It gives introverted teens a greater chance to reach out and become more involved socially. With a creative outlook, it gives teens a chance to find a group of individuals with unique interests and follow those pages; contributing to conversations that they may not find at school. “…according to a study by Common Sense Media, 52 percent of teens felt that social media improved their friendships…” (Sherri Gordon, Whether they have a unique talent they share on Pinterest or joined a fan club for a less popular band. These teens will feel involved and a part of something special.

“The main purpose of social networking sites is to allow people to socialise, regardless of distance and other barriers.” (Trinity Grammar School,

Advertising for good cause is sometimes missed when discussing not only Social Media, but teens that genuinely care about changing the world. Let’s take a look at Co-Founder of, Craig Kielburger. After seeing a local newspaper headline discussing young children in Pakistan being murdered in child labour, at just age 12, Craig knew he wanted to change the world. From then on he managed to reach attention from big names such as Oprah, BBC and 60 minutes. Through his journey, along side is brother and second Co-Founder Marc Kielburger, they have made themselves a platform, WE and WE DAY. (Read more about Co-Founder of WE, Craig Kielburger)

Craig Kielburger speaking at WE Day, Rogers Arena 2014
Jen van Houten Via Personal Photo from Concerts & Events

Without the specific advertising for youth around the world through Social Media, Craig and Marc may not have reached such an immense impact to world change. Through advertising online, speaking on talk shows, and creating commercials, many youth & parents of the youth would not know what they could accomplish without Craig and Marc to guide. With the empire Craig & Marc have created, we can travel around the world volunteering to build community centres, learn new cultures, and create friendships from various countries. Craig & Marc have also created a world-wide event called WE Day. Although it may not be in your specific country, they broadcast it on TV stations and posting news about what is happening at the event through Social Media. This allows teens to feel more involved and may peak the interest of teens wanting to start change!

WE Day is the manifestation of the WE movement: an unparalleled celebration of young people and educators who have made a difference. Held in over 15 cities across the United States, Canada, the UK and the Caribbean, the event series features an inspiring line-up of world-renowned speakers, award-winning performers and real-world stories of change. You can’t buy a ticket —you have to earn your way. All it takes is one local and one global action through WE Schools.” (Craig Kielburger,

Support through Social Media has gained enormous credit to many survival stories. Now teens have access to support & guidance through online companies such as the Kids Help Phone. Kids Help Phone is a website that allows teens to contact them through texting, live chat, phone calls, and gives teens resources to find help in their area. It provides tools to help themselves or a friend in a crisis. Displaying true stories that teens can relate to and answers common questions teens may seek. No matter what is on their minds, Kids Help Phone has an answer and is able to help 24/7. The comfort in knowing it is all confidential, a teen can ask questions without consequence, which is relieving for anyone, no matter what age!

” Kids Help Phone is always there for you. No matter what you want to talk about, we’re here to listen. No judgment, totally private, 24/7.” ( , 2019)

Photo Taken at the Kids Help Phone Walk in Calgary, 2015
(Davebloggs007 Via Personal Photo of events in Calgary)

With that being said,

Self Esteem is a controversial topic when it comes to Social Media. Often when the two topics are together we hear words like ‘damaging’, ‘destroyed’ or ‘bruised’. When looking deeper at this discussion, we will find companies such as ‘Dove’ that are changing our minds.

Dove has advertised multiple campaigns related to body image, beauty standards, and showing us that we don’t have to look like a model in a magazine to be considered worthy.

In fact, when we explore the Dove page, click the ‘Dove Self Esteem Project’. There we will find Dove campaigns, stories of courageous women for teens to look up to, and cruelty-free Dove products to try!

“The Dove Self-Esteem Project was created from a vision where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety. … Our mission is to ensure that the next generation grows up enjoying a positive relationship with the way they look – helping young people raise their self-esteem and realize their full potential. …” ( , Dove 2019)

A project that stuck out, directed at growing teens is the ‘Dove Selfie – Redefining Beauty One Photo At A Time’ campaign. Dove is not only a skin care brand, but a brand that is redefining the young beauty community. The video demonstrates young beauty insecurities often get passed down from generations, and it is up to teens and their mother (or guardian) to redefine the meaning of beauty. Helping (woman targeted) customers feel confident and giving them the power to realize their beauty inside & out. I encourage us all to check out the video online!

Whether a TV commercial, Billboard or Instagram page, we can all rely on Dove to help us rediscover our beauty! Check out their Instagram page!

Dove advertising real beauty from real, everyday women.
(Abigail Howey Via Global Cosmetics News)

While many of us focus on the detriments of Social Media and how it may cause teens in our society pain & grief, we should remember the benefits it can deliver. How easily teens can fit in to social groups, the advertising that can cause positive world change, large support between peers & online chats, and the beauty community that is encouraging self worth & redefining standards.

If we all help show teens the positive outcomes to Social Media and encourage them to find these reliable sources to follow, perhaps our thoughts & words will change. Instead of mentioning the harm, we focus on positive growth. What can our teens do with Social Media in their futures if they are exposed to positivity & feeling of inclusiveness? Will they allow themselves to achieve more excellence?

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