COM0014:Personal Brand: Personally Me!

Photo via Personal Library

When I was thinking of my own personal brand, and how I define it, I decided to reach out to my closest friends, asking them what words they use to describe me. The answers flooded in with different words. Enthusiastic, determined, out-going, creative… Everyone had mixed replies, except one word that was mentioned by everyone…

I am HIGHLY extroverted.

Being an extrovert has helped me throughout my life. Socially, work wise, and creating friendships. It has also brought me to one of my biggest passions of work… Sales & Marketing. Having an enthusiastic and positive outlook on life makes connecting with people more comfortable and easy. Having determination when selling a product, while thinking of creative ways to show off the features helps customers make their final decision to purchase, and ultimately gives them more reason to buy.

While talking may be considered a specialty of mine, knowing when to zip the lips and learn is key to anyone wanting to expand their chatty expertise.

While socializing is something I enjoy, I also love to learn. Learning is not only class room, but creating job shadowing opportunities in fields that I have a high interest for. Both can go hand in hand. While going to school to expand my knowledge, I make sure to crate a work/student lifestyle to fuel both needs!

Life is not all about jobs. Remembering to make time for things I love, like travelling. It has always been a huge part of my life; creating memories with people all over the world, being shown new cultures, learning different types of living, and being exposed to some incredible lives. Learning this from travelling is something people remember, and carry on in to their everyday life back home. Remembering how they work, their traditions, and ideas on different topics.

As school, work, and travel are all massive parts of who I have become, going back to my roots in Saskatchewan has taught me great, valuable lessons. Especially growing up in a family business, and being shown what hard work is. Being taught that ‘everything is in my job description’, and witnessing all sorts of different career options, that I can look forward to in my future!

Photo via Personal Library

From learning all there is in different career options, to keeping up with a memorable a social life, throwing parties with my friends, and using creativity as an outlet, creating masterpieces via Pinterest, it is never a dull moment in my life.

With work, and travel being a priority to me, my personal brand is how I am perceived by others. From what I do, how I show off myself, and who I am. Creating a life I enjoy, remaining the real me, and showing the world that I am in fact an extrovert that just likes to have fun! And yes, I would love to talk about it!

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