COM0015: Assignment 5

The event I took part of was an online LIVE Digital/Social Media Training Session, called “Digital/Social Media Intro & Update for Small (and not so small) Businesses”. It was 6 sessions (an hour long) between 3 weeks (through YouTube), run by Lyle Wetsch.

I chose this because it highlighted to social media platforms I wanted to most updated knowledge on. It provided information for Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, and how to improve a businesses website. It also discussed how to refine strategies and tactical plans; such as how to have a website viewed more on google. Providing more knowledge on social media platforms, giving guidance and training to market a business, how to use each platform, and insight!

As this was online learning through Youtube, I did not get a chance to meet the 400+ people watching. The only communication was with Lyle Wetsch, the host. Lyle is an Associate Professor at Memorial University of Newfoundland, and Digital & Social Media Instructor/Consultant. Although it was not as personal online, it gave me a great connection I can communicate with in the future if I ever have marketing questions!

Within the sessions, you learn how to acknowledge where your businesses digital activity lays. What platforms are you on, and do they go hand in hand with your target audience? Where are your competitors? Is your social media easy accessible for each platform? Meaning, if someone found your business’ Instagram page, could they easily find your Facebook, LinkedIn, Website, etc. The sessions also cover strategic planning, and why/how it should be perfected. Much like a puzzle, bridging the gap of strategic goals and tactics. Needing to see eye to eye within both, instead of doing something ‘fun’ with having no plan to maintain it.

I will definitely attend more lessons like this, especially with Lyle. It was very informative for each lesson topic he discussed. There was massive amounts of information in each lesson that will carry me through my own online marketing career. Doing more online marketing lessons definitely interests me, as I want the most amount of knowledge in order to have the best online marketing platforms.

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