What are the tips of Growing Social Media

The social media has grown all my platforms from Facebook by targeting the right audience and communicating with them properly. Its all about being consistent and picking a niche to grow the brand and build up that value for the clients. In this course I have learned how to communicate properly to the audience and be consistent in posting videos or pics every week or every day but in my life it was not easy. Their were problems that I had to recover that brought me down and couldn’t post anything on the platforms at all. This was an opportunity to grow myself and learn the values of life and gain an experience and have some sense of stability to offer unique message to other people.

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The platform Facebook is very unique as it helps are social platforms to grow and to pick specific audiences around the world. I will tell you the tips of why Facebook is so important to grow are platforms, one thing is target your audience and pick a niche you want to get in to. Second is call to action on every post to let people be aware of your page and third is use the page to tell a different story which means don’t copy someones idea. Use your own idea and experience to tell others about what is in your mind and sell yourself to the people you want to target. Its all about marketing your self and picking a specific niche and targeting the audience around you and building awareness on the page.

The tips for all social media is to be consistent all the time and keep to date with unique activities and engage with clients. Always post all the time to let your audience be aware that your active and this lets them know they can follow you and make them aware its a unique brand. Their is no easier way to grow the brand but takes time and patience and consistency.

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Do we care about building an awareness to our platforms?

How can we see are followers of how much we grew are platforms?

Facebook: You want to grow your business or your personal brand, Here are the tips to grow: https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/5-simple-ways-to-grow-your-facebook-following/554713/

Twitter: These days people want to grow their twitter account, These are the tips to grow: https://sproutsocial.com/insights/how-to-get-more-followers-on-twitter/

Why we care about the Verified Badges on all social media apps?

The apps we use is to connect with other people and communicate with them all over the world but it seems their are some issues with the app. Its a disaster responding to millions of millions of people around the world to get a verified badges when their channel or page is not authentic enough to get noticed through their audience. This is a major problem as we see that many people have social platforms and want to get verified but they can’t because they haven’t grown their platforms in that level. Their is a lot of applicants who want to get verified but it takes time to get it done and patience is the key to success.

Now as I was talking about verification badge, recently Facebook and twitter and other platforms have put everything on hold because these days people are so confused of what their business is and what they need to do in their niche. You work hard, you will get it and if you don’t, you won’t get it at all and believe me this is very messed up situation. Life teaches you a lesson to provide a unique communication and build that type of audience but no one really cares, they just want to get, what they want the most. Its all about patience and creating a unique audience and engaging with other people.

Their are so many policies that the platforms gave us but why we don’t use them wisely and keep it appropriate for other users who want to follow the brand. Doing something inappropriate will take you out from getting verified and this is not a joke. People these days work hard to maintain their audience and engage and communicate to build their unique brand. All I am saying is getting a verification badge is unique for those who’s brand have been grown and if someone impersonated them then they can but no one is bothering then don’t. It all depends on the brand and how we create the engagement and bring are client together in to our page and for your own personal safety

Why we care took much about social media?

How can we use the platforms wisely and follow the policies?

Are we able to help others with social media?

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Blog 2: What is Social Media and What Are The Big Trends

Social media is interacting with your audience and bring them to your page and engage with them and keep on posting consistently. This is all about learning how to engage with your followers and keep the conversation going every single time and bring it to live. In my expertise I have gained more followers but wasn’t consistent at all and then left like a year and then everything dropped down. As they say consistency is the key to life and not giving up is better thing to do and hoping you will do something in your life is a valuable lesson for you.

Never be negative on social media as you will get people who will spam your messages and give you a hard time. This can cause mental disorder and depression to one self and not being able to move forward. As I know anything is possible but we have to make sure we can do it and not create negativity and become a cyberbully to others who can be treated as hate and disorder. Think about how will this help others in the up coming events and learn from others and have a positive life.

The big trend are vlogging , beauty channels or car videos even fashion but this depends on whats your niche and how will you achieve. Achieve your goal with your own ideas and brainstorm those values of your life. This is the time to learn new things in life and know the trends of the society and bring a value in our life’s. The trend is always changing every time but we have to know how to keep up to date and know the experience and gain knowldege from other industries or competitors or organizations.


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What is the point of social media and how we can use it properly?

What are the key features we can do on social media?

How can we remove negativity on social media become positive in our life?

BLOG 1 – Why is Social Important in our lives and whats the point of it ?

Why we use social media and whats the point of it ?

The use of social media is to gain with your audience and bring people together and engage with them and bring unique content. In social media we can all connect together and talk to one another and bring awareness to positive change and keep away from negativity and bring everyone together and learn from each other. The point of this is to gather the audience and try to be consistent and bring awareness of negativity around us and realize what is happening around the world.

The unique thing about social media is knowing everything around you and realizing whats happening around the world. The link of the news about twitter and Facebook tells others about how some politics can be fake towards the audience and not knowing the issues that have brought in peoples mindsets that they think that its real. These days people don’t care about how much they can get by using twitter and Facebook and gaining a positive ethics towards people. Its the dumbest thing you can ever do to gain a popularity in politics and not caring about the people around you.

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The world has its own issue and where you go, you will see poor gets poorer and rich gets richer. What is the main key of social media then? Why can’t we use it wisely and effectively? Don’t bring negativity to this world, always bring positivity to people that way you and me can think about the changes and the issues of our people. For facebook you spend thousands of dollars on stupid ads and still don’t get anything then whats the point of it and how will you reach that target?

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