COM0015-Blog Post #4 – Out of the Box

In the world of social media things are always advancing. There are constantly new effects and tools that come out making the use of social media easier and more effective. The biggest, unexpected application I was introduced to was the ability to add a QR code to anything. Your phone, phone case, business card, poster you name it. This allows someone easy access to reach your LinkedIn account, blog, social platforms, websites and more. This tool has made it easier for a lot of business owners and creatives to network.

When networking at events sometimes you don’t have a lot of time to connect with everyone or even highlight your work. Having a QR code on your phone or business card helps people access your work  easier. Making the process of networking continue after the fact. With social media continuously advancing I know more tools such as this will continue to advance and be produced. Helping creators and business owners network and grow their business  more effectively.

Assignment 5: Event- CVLTURE MARKET

STREETCVLTURE Profile and Links |

Cvlture Market is a vintage shop located in the GTA that host multiple events throughout the summer. They use their shop space to provide a place for local small businesses to hold  pop-up shops and highlight their work. It also always these business owners to network and provide advice to others who may be wanting to open their own business. I chose to go top this event because not only do I love art, but I love to be around other creatives. As a freelance social media manager, it also gives me the opportunity to network and connect with others in and outside my field. You get to meet people with different gifts that come from different occupations and in the end learn from them. It also gives me the opportunity to gain more clients.

While at the event I met all different kinds of people. Artist, photographers, content creators and more. I was able to network and make connections with a few photographers that in the end turned into gigs. I was able to get advice from other artist on how to build my business and spread my business amongst other social platforms. I enjoy being in a space with creatives because its motivating. Sometimes being a creative can be hard especially when you are doing it fulltime. Being around people that are like minded and know the struggles of being in this field is encouraging.

Photo captured of myself & friends at Cvlture Market

A lot of the ideas I took from the event were how to run my business as a freelance social media manager. One tip that I learned was how to put a QR code on my phone/phone case and business cards to make it easier for people to access my profile, Instagram page and website. I was also able to gain some tips on how to remain relevant and consistently having a flow of funds while being a freelance social media manager as in most cases if not working for an organization fulltime you’re continuously picking up contracts. It was a great feeling to connect to people who understand not only the struggles but have advice on how to progress in this field.

Since this event I have continued to attend more events like this within the GTA. Some catered to fashion, art, food and more. I will continue to attend these events as you never know who you will meet. As well it helps me strengthen my skills on networking.

COM0015 Blog Post #3 -Professional Networking Now and in the Future

To stay relevant as the current social media manger that I am today networking is crucial. Which for me means staying up to date with what goes on in the social media world but also show casing my skills. With being a freelance social media manager, before I can lock in a client, they always want to see what my skills are. I make sure to always have my portfolio up to date. However, I also use my own personal social platforms as an example as well. By creating content whether, it is a picture of video to also highlight the skills that I have.

 My overall goal it to be a successful fulltime social media manager. However, to achieve my goal and to continue to gain more clients I will have to network. Attend PR events and continue to get my name out there. Reach out to influencers and brands to collab and highlight what I can do. The more I build my name and expertise the more I will be able to reach my goal. During Covid there were not many opportunities to visit PR and influencer events throughout the GTA. However, with things starting to open back up more events have been starting back up giving me the advantage again to interact and network in person.

Post 2 – Strong & Weak Organizations COM0015

Two social platforms that I find have been successful with using social media is HM and Zara. Both are fast producing apparel stores that utilize social media as another avenue to push their products to their consumers. They produce content as well as engage with there followers . I have also seen from time to time when tagged in a consumers post wearing there clothing , they always interact within those individuals comment section. Both brands yet being competitors both have a similar way of operating on there social platforms, which is catering to their audience and listening to them.

A brand that I find could pick up on some on HM and Zara’s social media techniques is Urban Planet. Although they are as well known as HM and Zara their social media presence is not as prevalent, and it shows. For a brand like Urban Planet to be around just as long as HM and Zara, but their social pages are not verified can be for may reasons. Currently from reviewing their social platforms they lack in interacting with there consumers. As well as the content that is displayed on there pages are not interactive. They also do not collab with influencers which in this day in age is crucial for a brand as influencers are also what will push your products and content. Proving the brand with more exposure. Overall, this brand needs to revamp their social pages if they want their online presence to flourish.

Blog Post #1 Com0015: Social Media Tools

If I were to sum up my two favorite social media tools it would be Instagram and TikTok. As much as I also enjoy twitter and YouTube, I find Instagram and TikTok consume most of my time. They are both tools that I look forward to accessing everyday. Whether it is to get updates on the latest news or gossip. Or to just stay on trend with what’s going on in the fashion/styling world. I find both apps not only are always up to speed with that’s going on but with the content I enjoy watching its always lighthearted. Since I enjoy viewing lifestyle and fashion content on a daily these apps fit me best.

I usually lean on Instagram for fashion and styling content. Whether I am receiving the content as a photo or video. Although I use TikTok for the same reason, I find the authentic of TikTok’s lifestyle content and sometimes fashion content tends to be more increasing to me. TikTok  is currently the most used  social media tool and I can understand why. They have unique features that only their app carries that draws you in wanting more. When I’ve used platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or YouTube to obtain the content I like, unfortunately I have always found myself disengaged. I believe this could be because the creators making the content I enjoy are not using those platforms as much to display their content. TikTok and Instagram are exceedingly used by fashion and lifestyle creators. Therefore, this persuades the type of social media tool I prioritize and enjoy most.

Blog Post #7 – Personal Reflection

With this course coming to an end, I can say I’ve learned a lot. However, my greatest take away was learning how impactful story telling can be. It allows your audience to see a different side of you and allows them closer into your personal world or the world you create online. Storytelling can capture your viewers and allow them to see a more vulnerable side to the writer.

For myself I think my storytelling will be drawn from my life experiences. I want my audience to feel like they can relate to me and have a sneak peak into my everyday life. Since my brand is more directed to lifestyle and fashion my storytelling will be based on that but I’m willing to also make it fun. By telling story’s about my experiences within the fashion world down to providing them with details that happened within my day. Storytelling will allow my viewers to feel like they know me. Not all of me but at least a part of me. Another side to my storytelling  will be to encourage. When I started off in my field it was hard especially when I felt  and didn’t have anyone to relate to personally that I knew. I want to encourage my audience to see that if I can do it so can they.

Blog Post #6 – Do People Know Your Story?

Why did I start my business?

A question I wouldn’t have been able to answer a few years ago because when I started my business it was just out of fun. About 3 years ago I felt stuck. Stuck at a job I didn’t love and wanted to wake up every day enjoying the field I was in. but didn’t know were to start. After taking some time to reflect I was able to discover my hidden talent.

 Although it was something small , it was something that put a smile on peoples face which I loved. I started off creating content surrounding fashion and showing people how to style clothing online. Which was already something I was doing in my personal life with family and friends. In addition to overtime wasn’t hard to do as I was also able to put an outfit together on a budget. However, I didn’t start to take things seriously until I started receiving an ample amount of comments. People telling me that they loved my work and that I made finding affordable yet stylish clothing easy for them. As simple as it sounds, I enjoyed receiving the positive feedback. From there I had photographers and small brands reaching out to collab for modeling gigs and even down to social media management roles.

Fast forward to now. Being a freelance social media manager. Managing my own brand and others as well as doing a little bit of modeling on the side. A field I simply fell into not looking to receive anything from it but happy I did.

COM0014 – Blog #5: Personal Brand

I am a social media influencer. Some may consider me a digital creator; content creator and others have even called me a model. I create content on Instagram and TikTok that show case how my followers can look bougie on a budget. Not only do I create content for fashion but also for lifestyle. I make Reels and TikTok videos that highlight what I do in my everyday life. Whether that is spending quality time with family or doing an activity, I allow my followers to see a bit of my professional and personal life. I give my following access to see what is behind the clothes and makeup, which is a girl with great personally that enjoys spending time with their loved ones.

The content I create can be used across multiple platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Tumblr. However, I have chosen to keep my influencing on Instagram and TikTok as I have more control over the information, I put out about myself on these platforms. What sets me apart from my competitors is that I am practical and authentic. Social media can tend to be superficial at times. Sometimes people like to pretend to be something there not. On the receiving end the consumers feel that they need to have the things that they see on social media to have status or purpose. With the content I produce, I show my followers that you can still look and feel good without having to break the bank. You do not have to buy the most expensive bag, shoes, or clothing to look good. Which I find also helps me to stand out.

I believe my peers would say my best trait is being personable. I always strive to make sure that I am relatable because I have been in the spot that a lot of people have been where they come from nothing and are forced to make nothing into something. Which is also what I am most proud of. I love to make people feel good and feel seen. My mission has always been to show people that its not about what you wear but how you wear it, and I will always strive to keep that at the forefront of my brand.

COM0014 – Blog #4: B2C Case Study

Fashion Nova is currently the #1 clothing brand on social media. There use of  social media marking has shown that there aware of there target audience, were to find and how to communicate with there audience on social platforms. Fashion Nova connects with there audience on the following platforms: Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Snap Chat, Pinterest and TikTok. Not only has this company used multiple platforms to expand there brand, but they have also had the positive exposure from celebrities supporting and promoting there brand.

With Fashion Nova’s success there also comes failure that has to do with the quality of there clothes and their customer service. Its been known that they do not provide full returns like platforms such as Pretty Little Thing and Boohoo. As well their quality is not always up to pare based on the photos they post.

  • Instagram

Fashion Nova’s Instagram consist of  a variety of promotion and content. They post their new products and sales that are currently available within there brand. As well as content imagery of there products from there brand ambassadors that can show their audience what their products look like on the average person.

  • YouTube

Fashion Nova’s video content on YouTube is appealing to the eye. It contains of tutorial’s on there clothing as well as their products that are up and coming. Within Fashion Nova’s YouTube channel, you will also find a lot of interaction between there audience, there brand and brand ambassadors.

  • Facebook

The content that Fashion Nova promotes on there Facebook page is similar to what they post on there Instagram. You will find a lot of coverage on there brand ambassadors highlighting their products and the promotions of there campaigns.

  • Snap Chat

Snap chat is more of the similar apps where it is usually used for just video content. However, Fashion Nova has orchestrated there snapchat to cater to their audience. When on Fashion Nova’s Snap Chat, you can find items that are currently trending and on sale.

  • Pinterest

Fashion Nova’s Pinterest is an eye capturing collage of the products that are currently trending and in style.

  • TikTok

Fashion Nova’s TikTok consist of trending videos not only displaying their products but how to style them. These videos display women of all different colors, shapes and sizes .

Overall Fashion Nova has proven that they are here to stay. They use multiple platforms to keep their name relevant and they always have a co-sign from an a-list celebrity. There brand provides trendy clothing at affordable prices making their audience feel like there wearing designer. Within there social media platforms there are consistently networking and communicating with there audience to stay on top. I do believe Fashion Nova will be around for a long time.

COM0014 – Blog #3:Target Audience

As a fashion and lifestyle influencer, I have been able to determine over time who my target audience is. Throughout my last three years of influencing my target audience has remained mainly 70% female between the ages of 20-40. The language my audience speaks tends to be friendly and inquisitive. They do not seem to shy away when it comes to asking questions whether its through direct message or in the comment section under my content.

I have been able to maintain the audience I have and positively influence them by obtaining knowledge from the insights and analytics section on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. Through these departments I can determine not only who my audience is but what they like. As well as what content did not get as much attraction and what post they interacted with the most. This making it easier for me to cater to them.

Tools used to communicate with my audience and collect feedback always seems to start in the comment section. Were my audience will ask questions or convey. From there other avenues of communication stem from direct messages and  Instagram stories. Overall, I believe I have created a space were my audience feels comfortable enough to reach out if needed.

Personal thoughts: let me know what you enjoy most about your audience?