COM0014 Post#1 – Vacation

Honestly I’ve never been one to write blog posts or detailed Facebook statuses and when I saw the topic for the first blog assignment I mentally cringed. My vacation hasn’t been the best. It started out like most but took a turn for the worst.

My vacation started out fine, I was just finishing off my first semester of an online program I had taken through Algonquin. I got all my grades back and everything was to my liking, which was nice. I had gotten some extra shifts at work, and my time was split between work, moving, and Christmas shopping. Fast forward little, and my Christmas shopping is done and with good timing because it’s just around the corner. Christmas day was wonderful. I spent the day with my Dad’s side of the family, and that night by boyfriend and I would make the journey down to our home town to see my Mom. Everything went off without a hitch and everyone enjoyed their gifts. A couple days later we came back to Ottawa with too many leftovers and full hearts.

Fast forward some more and 2017 is here. My boyfriend and I have finally finished moving and I had even more shifts at work. Everything was good, until one morning when I was leaving for work and it was freezing rain. I was running late because the car was still covered in ice even though I had started it 20 minutes before I intended to leave. So I scraped the ice off, hop in the car and get going. I was leaving Carleton Place on highway 7 heading towards Stittsville, where I work, when the tires lots traction and my car started to veer towarimg_0019ds the ditch. I couldn’t stop it, and I didn’t have time even if I could. The front end hit the edge of a snowbank and the car rolled into the ditch.

When the car stop rolling I was sitting on the drivers side door. I was still hooked up in my seatbelt but had no major injuries. I started to panic. I had to find my cellphone, which had been sitting in the cupholder before I crashed. There was dirt and glass everywhere, the windshield was smashed, the front side windows were completely gone, the roof had been dented in, my glasses were gone, and my cellphone was no where in sight. This was when I really started to panic. Thankfully, a man had stopped and called 911. He came over to the car and looked down at me through the passenger side window and made sure I was alright, and called my boyfriend for me. A police officer happened to be driving by and stopped. He had called the ambulance and the fire department. After what seemed like forever, I was finally crawling up and out of the passenger side window and the firefighters carried me to the ambulance. My boyfriend was waiting for me at the ambulance when they pulled me out, and he followed me in his truck to the hospital.


After the crash I started on the road to recovery. My shoulder had been hurt pretty bad, and I was covered in cuts and bruises, but the car was worse. It was totalled. My cellphone was never found, and my glasses were found but broken. The rest of my vacation was spent replacing lost items and looking for a new car.