Peronal Reflections.


Assignment # 1

Blog #7

Personal Reflection

Kimberley Scott

October 24, 2017



Over the duration of this course, I have learned a range of beneficial skills, one being how to log into WordPress as that was my biggest challenge thus far. That aside I also gained the benefit of knowing how to effectively communicate on social media, answering questions like:

Who is my audience?

What is my message.

How do I create content to stand above the noise in order to read the readers whose attention I seek to gain?

How to filter through that noise.

What online tool are best to utilize for which target audience.

I have also gained the ability to create my own style, whether it be formal or informal. Tailoring it to the delivery of the message being delivered.

Therefore using this information, I would have to say that storytelling is very important to creating digital content, a writer uses storytelling as a captivation tool. Writers often have a message they wish to share. However, the audience/ readers dictated the flow and the guidelines in the way the writer delivers this message and the channel used to reach them. A writer wants to capture the readers, after captivating them the reader must be kept engaged and stimulated.  The story a writer wants to tell is that which will attract the conversation of others.  A story is really just a message, companies use commercials to attract consumers, parents use a tale to scare their children into doing what they wish, and online bloggers give makeup tips. These are all forms of storytelling, what a writer, video blogger or artist wishes to tell their audience is a personal preference.  Digital communication means posting what you want when you want to whom you wish, using a selection of sites provided.




Do Poeple Know your Story – The Career Chapter


Assignment # 1

Blog #6

Do people Know your story

Kimberley Scott

October 24, 2017


I remember I was about 10 years old the first time someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I had no idea what that meant, I remember looking at my mom. “Mommy why can’t I be myself when I grow up?’. Both adults laughed.  Them my mother began to explain when I was her age I would have to work, everyone had their own jobs, like the doctor and the bus driver I too would have to select something I wanted to do for work so that I would be able to buy a house, a car and all the fancy shoes and dresses I liked to wear.

A year later I attended what was to be my first career day, I then decided I loved numbers. My teacher shared with me that one day I could be an accountant, for the next few years if someone asked me what I wanted to be I would say when I grew up I wanted to be an accountant.

Little did I know that as the years would pass I would find Math to be one of the most difficult things ever! Years have passed and so has my first career and here I am already grown up and I’m going back to school to learn bookkeeping and account.  I might not have been good at math however as an adult I have learned that I don’t need to be good at algebra I just need to be good with money, this I have concurred.

What is your industry’s greatest flaw?

Reflecting on the days were my teacher implanted the idea in my head that I had to be really good at math to become an accountant, I would hope that teachers now define the career with the requirements. The misconceptions of the financial industry are that you have to be a math genius when in factuality that’s not at all the case.  There is much more to becoming an accountant, as well there are many different jobs for individuals who excel at math.

Personal Branding

Assignment # 1

Blog #5

Personal Branding

Kimberley Scott

October 24, 2017


Reflecting on a time in my life when I used branding to my advantage, would have to be when I first decided I wanted to become a chef. I had been working in the industry since my late teens, at this point it was go back to school, or excel in the industry I was currently working in, but I didn’t finish chef school.  I also had no intention to do so, this came up a lot when I interviewed for high-level positions. I had the experience, skill, knowledge, and capability of those who had attended George Brown , however, I was always asked if I would be going back. No! I had no intention to go to school for something I was already doing much better than my colleagues who had, many times I was already directing these individuals on how to operate a section on the line or even the tools or machines used to complete the task at hand.  What would I do, I had worked in Toronto since I was a child, everyone who was anyone knew of me, I couldn’t lie about who I was, and they would not stop using my labor at a discounted rate.

I was 25, with 6 years professional supervisor experience after landing both a scholarship and a lead prep cook position right after high school graduation. I made the choice to work and make a good living. Now I wasn’t about to turn back. I was now working at the Westin Castle Harbour hotel downtown Toronto, a few days away from joining the Union, I asked myself is that what I really wanted. To just be a cook for the rest of my life. I knew the answer was no.  With that, I gave my two weeks notice, packed up my apartment and moved to Montreal.

First, I rebuilt my resume to highlight all the top position I’ve held, my skills and responsibilities, this got my foot in the door. I then purchased a great quality camera and started building a personal profile after getting a job. Taking photos of items, I worked on when at work. I then took my skills to home, showcasing mixed drinks ingrediency, I even started to write out the recipes for food items.

It had already been a month at Queue de Cheval, one of Montreal most respected establishments, I had so much content. I then took to the internet, I first created a dashing linked in profile, then a Facebook page. I started to promote myself as a personal chef. When I originally got into the industry that was my objective, however after the 2008 market crash that was one of the many job titles which became a luxury item not many people could afford making it a very niche market for celebrity chefs.

It was three months later when I had a fully up and running blog I told one of my coworkers about. Two weeks later I was approached, the coworkers told me of a place looking for a new chef, it was a small operation but the manager had seen my profile on linked in and my Facebook page, he thought I was a good fit for the bistro and wanted to meet with me.

In short, I took that job, I was underpaid as I was an inexperienced chef, but what I gained from that position could not be bought. I was given a kitchen and staff for full creative freedom. This allowed me to even further my blog and resume.

In under 6 months, I went from being just another line cook in Toronto to receiving job offers from hotels in Banff and parts of BC. By the age of 27 I was a professional chef, earning equal pay as my male colleagues. When I went back home to Toronto it was very hard for employers to low ball my pay as job opportunities where jumping out at me, perception is everything and if used correctly personal branding could propel someone to success

Assignment # 1 Blog #4 B2C Case Study Kimberley Scott October 10, 2017


Assignment # 1

Blog #4

B2C Case Study

Kimberley Scott

October 10, 2017



One organization comes to mind when asked to reflect on companies who use online means to connect with its consumers, Poo-Purrie. This product was first introduced via Youtube. A few clips would pop up, the message was clear to some, funny to others and unbelievable for a few. It wasn’t unlikely to overhear someone talking about the funny 15 second clip.

In 2013 when the product first hit the market no one really knew what it was, to intercept the confusion of consumers the company released a full-length ad. It then offered consumers the ability to try the product free of charge by visiting the website.

2017 and I have yet to see the product in stores, however much like many consumers, I know what it is and where to find it, thanks to all the online clips strategically placed to capture my attention. Therefore its only fitting that the product has developed a loyal fanbase gaining most of its popularity from online exposure, the company now has 182 094 followers on Facebook, 13.8 K on Instagram and 15.6 K on Instagram. Now fully acquainted with the product line, majority of these consumers would not have had the opportunity to use this product had they not been exposed to it’s online messages



COM0014 Digital Communication-Blog #2 Communication Styles



Assignment # 1

Blog #2

Communication Styles

Kimberley Scott

September 22, 2017



Storytelling Styles

The social and cultural activity of communicating using storytelling has been around since the dawn of time, used to keep traditions alive, deliver information or just simply entertain. This way of communicating can be done in many ways, dancing, singing, writing, spoken, visual arts and so on. A story could be a fictional tale told by a fire, a true story interpreted through dance or a brief recollection of an actual event. The evolution of written stories has come a long way from writing on cave walls, circulation of books and newspaper to the reading of adventures on the radio. Today’s form of communication is much more advanced, now we have television and computers where we watch movies or scripted reality shows. There is also the internet, providing many forums and platforms for professional and non-professional individuals willing to share, they have the opportunity to do so with millions of people around the world.

Communication Styles

There are five forms of communication styles, aggressive, passive-aggressive, submissive, manipulative and assertive.  Depending on the personality of the person, situations, and circumstances or messages being communicated. Aggressive communicators ten to put themselves first, conversations can be close-ended, conflicting and very demanding. Passive- aggressive, the opposite behavior is a person who physically or verbally lashes out in a nonaggressive way, using niceness to cover the aggression they might also speak and act in a kind way with malicious intent. Submissive communicators will often be self-doubting, pleasing to others or unsure of themselves. This communication style is used to avoid conflicts, disagreements or to refrain from giving offensive or disappointing information unpleasing to its listener. Manipulative is calculated, words are delivered with intent to influence. Deception is often the overall goal of the message being conveyed.  Lastly, there is assertive, assertive communication involves being very direct, clear and concise with no ill intent or hidden meanings.

The ability to engage, captivate and keep the attention of one’s audience is not always an easy task, rarely used of all the communication styles, but is the most effective is assertive. An assertive speaker who is able to deliver their message, providing the most important information first in a clear concise and direct manner is perceived as informative. The audience is likely to listen to as well as endorse this speaker.

COM0014- Blog #3





Financial Services


In evaluating individuals who use financial services such as bookkeeping, accounting, financial advisers and business development coaching. I found the demographics included a variety of consumers, from business owners, operators, managers, lenders, and investors to the average household. This information is necessary in order to predict who my audience would be for a financial firm, my projected goal is to open an online financial and business development corporation, aiding small business and entrepreneurs around the country.

Creating an online presence for this market is important, as this will be a business with its main functionality and operations being conducted via the web. My target audience will be web-oriented, familiarity with social networking mediums and information sourcing. The service seeks to attract a range of clientele with a specified need and a level of intellect.  Getting the message to these consumers will need to utilize all forms of social networking such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, linked in, as well as creating an online blog. Using these channels of communications will expose the business to further growth.

Encouraging the business of industry professionals and small businesses will mean, using a professional financial language which is both inviting and understandable to persons whom might not be familiar with finance, creating clear and understandable directions when blogging, making the business soft wear easily accessible user-friendly, while being an enormous time saver and extremely effective.

In the current market, there are few businesses such as this, although banks offer some of their services online, like opening a new account. It’s not often initial business meetings and business evaluations can be done predominantly online. Giving, even more premise for the digital signatures and the growth of more tech-savvy and time-saving applications.



Kimberley Scott

October 10, 2017