Summer Grill’n

Chicken and Sweet Potatoes

What’s Cookin’?

Welcome to the best of the backyard BBQ, Summer is here and its not staying for long, better fire up the grill to get the party started! I prefer recipes that require marinating the meat for a day/few hours, as well as a meal that involves all the food groups. I mostly grill chicken, pork, and beef but sometimes a vegetarian recipe attracts my eye. I’ve put together one of my favourite BBQ dinners to give you some motivation and ideas to throw down in your own backyard.

The Breakdown: Chicken Butt Strips (Picture 1)

Caribbean sweet potatoes on the grill, goes great beside some spicy chicken strips all on there own or smash it all up inside a wrap.

I marinaded the chicken strips in a real nice rub I discovered while shopping for BBQ stuff,

I chose a Bad Byron’s “BUTT RUB” initially consider it for pork but as the label states it a “Barbecue Seasoning” and states it to be a great all purpose seasoning. As far as rubs go this will be in my BBQ kit from now on. Keeper! Butt Rub

So, add a good coating on the strips, and thrown them in a bag with a 1/2 cup of olive oil. Squish it all together and let sit in the fridge for a


The best way to eat a sweet potatoes in my opinion is off the grill, so I just slice a couple a big ones up in 1/4″ slices and lay on a cookie sheet, cover with olive oil and sprinkle salt and pepper all over.

One of the most highly recommended BBQs on the market right now is the “Big Green Egg” which is a charcoal/wood-chip cooking method rather than more popular propane method. These big eggs are made of thick ceramic to keep the heat even and for a long duration. The only problem, the price. That’s why I highly recommend the “Mini Green Egg” which is only $800. This BBQ will provided you with the most flavourful meals, you will notice a difference between charcoal and gas, and you will never want to go egg.jpg