Social Media and Film

Have you recently watched a movie or tv show because it was advertised on social media?

Back in the day I remember looking at the newspaper and seeing lists of good movies to watch, then going to my local Blockbuster to pick up my movie, grab a bag of popcorn and have some entertainment for the night. Looking back at it, something about those days felt so special and personal to me.

Now, I scroll through Instagram looking for good movies to watch, then go to Netflix and spend about an hour flicking through movies and next thing I know its time for bed.

Social media has given me an overload of movie options and I can barely decide which one to watch. It’s almost like social media has benefited movie marketers too much to the point where it can be overwhelming for users. No matter what social media platform i’m on, I will be scrolling through either Tiktok, Instagram or Twitter and see movies recommended for me. The algorithm works in ways that I will never understand. They know which movies I’m interested in and just fill my social media for you pages with my interests. This tactic works incredibly well and is able to pin point exactly what I want to watch and even tells me where to watch it. I have never watched so many movies in my life, all because of social media.

Like almost all industries, social media benefits the movie industry more than anything else. It has also given movie reviewers a voice and an easier way to share their opinions worldwide. Movie producers have people literally marketing their movies for them with giving them a penny.

The industry has gained hundreds of millions of viewers because of social media and that number will only go up.

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Impact of Social Media on the Restaurant Industry

Have you ever been to a restaurant because it was being promoted on social media? Most people under the age of 40 will answer yes to this question.

Like most things in the past decade, the restaurant industry has been heavily impacted by the use of social media.

Marketing through social media has been the most beneficial aspect of social media when it comes to the restaurant industry. Social media has allowed restaurant marketing teams to increase opportunity and creativity when trying to reach the attention of restaurant goers. You can find ads all over the internet, through platforms like instagram, youtube, facebook and even on the television. Most of the ads come from fast food chains like Mcdonalds, Harveys, Subway and so on. So how do small restaurants get their brand out there? Almost all restaurants, no matter the size, have accounts on big platforms and offer sales and give aways so that people will share their promotions with their friends and further gain on customer growth. One of the most important pieces of restaurant marketing is being active on said platforms by posting pictures of the food. Another area for restaurants to market their food is through food deliver services such as UberEats, SkipTheDishes, and DoorDash, and pictures are a great way for people to click “order now”. Pictures of food will attract people! Like myself.

Restaurants with a good marketing team will try to interact with their customers, whether it’s commenting on different posts online or engaging in conversation on platforms like yelp. This interaction will have people subconsciously thinking about the restaurant more and more over time, and soon enough, these customers will be at the restaurant ordering food.

Social media has given small restaurants an opportunity for their food to be shared with others and create a higher amount customers. It has also provided jobs for many people in the social media world that love their skill!

What do you think of this topic? Are you a food lover?


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The Impact of Social Media on the NHL

Like all other highly engaged sports leagues in North America, hockey has received a massive amount of new fans due to social media platforms. In the past 2 decades, the NHL has been understanding the importance of social media to gain viewership and attraction to the sport. Not only is social media being used to attract new fans to hockey, but also for existing fans to share their opinions and ideas across the globe, whether it’s showing love for their favourite team, or providing feedback to the NHL’s organization itself.

The NHL has been further expanding their creativity with the use of social media bringing fans the experience to participate interactively during live games. The NHL’s social media team introduced an opportunity where fans can use their mobile devices to engage with others to discuss opinions during live events. The fans are also provided with live stats and news from the game within seconds of the events happening. Andi Perelman, Manager of the new media for the Pittsburgh Penguins says “Fans want to discuss in real time. All the stats and information you could ever want is right there at your fingertips, and its other fans, friends and trusted teams and reporters that are providing it. It creates a giant community of fans that can watch and share together. It’s like being at a sports bar while you are at home on your couch. You are never watching your team alone.”

Every team in the NHL now has their own Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube accounts that provide fans with schedules, news, events and statistics for their team. Furthermore, social media has given many people job opportunities in the hockey community to help them follow their dreams of working in the world of social media. There are also many fan accounts on every social media platform that individuals create to make their own small businesses which further connects fans to communicate and share their thoughts.

The NHL has used social media very well to their advantage to attract new viewers and allow existing viewers to connects and share thoughts and opinions.

Are you a hockey fan? Did your interest of the sport originate from social media?

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The Future of the Ottawa Senators

To start off, I would like to say that I am a huge hockey fan and an even bigger fan of the Ottawa Senators.

If you aren’t so much into hockey, I will give an update on the recent history of the Ottawa Senators. In 2017, the team made it to the conference finals (semi finals), playing against previous Stanley Cup champions, the Pittsburgh Penguins. The Sens ended up going to double overtime in game 7 of the series. Pittsburgh Penguins player Chris Kunits took a slap shot and Senators fans around the world’s hearts stopped simultaneously as the puck went into the back of the Sens net. This was a heartbreaking time for the Ottawa Senators as their “Cinderella Story” of a playoff run was finally over. The following years would include the huge losses of names that carried the team to the semi finals in 2017. From then on, Ottawa has been stuck at the bottom of the league as they started a “rebuild” of their core players, trading big names for draft picks. Ottawa began to lose fans and be looked at as the “laughing stock” of the NHL. Many people gave up on them as there wasn’t any hope for success in the upcoming years.

Finally, in the summer of 2022, the “rebuild” is over and the Sens will compete to make it into the Stanley cup playoffs once again after five long years. The team has built an impressive young core with the names of Brady Tkachuk, Drake Batherson, Josh Norris, Time Stutzle, Thomas Chabot and newly acquired, Alex Debrincat and Claude Giroux. Today is the first time the Ottawa Senators fans have been this excited for the upcoming season since the 2017 playoff run.

Ottawa Senators players on cover of magazine

As a lifelong fan, I’ve been through pain for the last five years trying to watch this team and I am finally happy to say that I believe that this team will find success this upcoming season.