Jumping Onto Social Media Completely!


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My name is Michile Graham. Yes, it is pronounced Michelle! I am an entrepreneurial single mother who has had traditional small businesses for years and had some success. That’s right, businesses plural! I was also a school bus driver.

I have dabbled {just a little} in social media over the last ten years. I started using Facebook, Kijiji and Airbnb to market both my product sales and room rental businesses.

Then Pandemic hit the globe causing a shift in my thinking!


While in the Pandemic and during a lockdown, I realized Facebook, Kijiji, and Airbnb were keeping my businesses and my family alive! I started to go onto these platforms regularly to manage them. I was getting better at doing business online. However, I always need to learn more and do more!


That being said, I am a social media marketer and now a blogger. My blogs will be sharing my opinions, perceptions, information, and stories about my experiences on social media going forward on this new adventure!

[Platforms]: [Not Just Shoes/Boots Anymore!]


When you said, “platforms!” (photo from Pintrest stock)In the 70’s and 80’s, you were talking about the coolest high heeled shoes/boots! If you wanted to be the who’s who of any group or the talk of your town! You had to have a pair of platforms! Available at the nearest store, in ankle, calf, and knee styles! Customized to suit or off the shelf. They came in many types, designs and colours. Platforms screamed,”unique individual!”

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When you say, “platforms!” You are now talking about social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, etc.! If you want to be the who’s who of a group or the talk of your town! You have to be on one! Available on the internet, with all different aspects on each platform! Customized to suit or off the shelf general information. They come in many types, designs, and colours! Platforms scream “unique individual!”


No matter if you are wearing platforms today! Or you are on a platform, looking for a new pair of platforms! In my opinion, the similarities, are many! However, the one that screams at me is “unique individual!” Over all, people have not changed their “platforms that much.

Did you wear platforms? Please let me know!

Which platform are you on? Please let me know!

Facebook/Twitter: Don’t miss this tidbit! You’ll be smiling when your done!

Me & Modern Millionaires! [A Social Media Experience]

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My social media presence and experience had been non-existent. I would not spend a lot of time on social media. However, my world changed because of the Pandemic and so did my social media experience. Facebook was the place I wanted to be everyday all day! While on Facebook, during the summer of 2020, the Modern Millionaires video ad popped up for the fourth time in a row! Personally,I didn’t like that the ad was in my face irritating me. However professionally, I did like the power the ad was beginning to have over me! I thought, what a great sales campaign! That’s when I realized social media was going to change my life in more ways than one!

Modern Millionaires!

The video ad was the next best thing since sliced bread! In the video, Chance and Abdul are talking about their system being original and progressing all the time. How it will give people the tools to create a passive income and to be able to help other businesses grow! How it is all done on the internet. There were testimonials from people who had already been successful! There was even mention of a Facebook community! Their system was explained thoroughly.

The Experience!

I was hooked when they said community! After all, I am a Pieces! I bought into the Modern Millionaires Family and never looked back! The Modern Millionaires experience is all on social media! I am looking forward to putting in W-O-R-K which equals SUCCESS!

Have you experienced something like this? Let me know!

Millionaires, Modern (2022). The Modern Millionaires, The Fastest Way to Create a Semi-Passive Business in 2022.http://www.modermillionarires.com