Whatever your goals in life, saving money, devoting a lot of time to your business, or shaping your skills, you will need self-discipline. we often act based on our emotions, and we do things we later regret. “No matter the situation, never let your emotions overpower your intelligence.” based on my own experience, as an artist, the difficulty in making art is how to start. Sometimes I Sit on the chair, and instead of making art, I open my PC and start playing the video game. In this blog, we are going to talk about a discipline strategy that works.


let’s admit it is tough to avoid something if it is near you or you can see it, even when dieting, isn’t it challenging to diet if you see junk food in your house, so it’s essential to remove the temptation, especially if you have a goal you want to reach, I like to watch movies and play video games. Still, if I’m doing something important, I delete this application first because I can’t avoid these apps when I see them, so I download them again after I finish my Important things to do; that way, I become productive. I finish what I have to finish.


 having a reward after you have completed something helps to improve what you do. In this way, you maintain discipline because you know that you will receive a reward .just like dogs, every time you give them a treat when they follow your commands. After all, they know that they will receive a reward afterwards; it is practical, especially for people who are just beginning to build their new habits.


Time is speedy, especially in something unproductive like playing pc games. Before you even notice that you have been playing for hours and you played too much . So it is important to set the alarm as it will serve as a reminder that you have a priority to finish and, Limit yourself in things that put pressure or distract you from.whatever bad habits you have, it is important that you know and accepts your weaknesses we all have his weaknesses others in eating junk food or in spending on things you do not need, if you are not aware of your weakness you will not find a way to change it


 “You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step ” we all have long term goals, but did you know that to reach this long term goal, you need to set small goals first, often when people think about their long term goal they are discouraged. It doesn’t seem easy to achieve because it requires time and intense effort . everyone wants to achieve a result. Still, not everyone is willing to go through the process. Hence, it is important to set small goals or daily goals which will help achieve the long term goal, for example, your long term goal is to have a huge muscle if on the first day you are going to lift heavy weights, you will have a hard time, or maybe you cannot carry it. Because of that, you will lose confidence in yourself, but if you start with light weights, and eventually you lift more and more weight every week, aren’t you gaining more confidence in yourself because you see improvements.

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