COM0014 – Blog No. 7 – Won’t Close This Door.


One of the lessons that have stuck with me was about how to create stories to make them intriguing, to make the reader stop and actually read, and maybe just maybe to share it with others. The process of storytelling is engraved in all of us; just have to find where to connect the dots. The storyteller needs to have a strong personal brand to promote self because once a great story is shared it lives on forever. As its human nature, people are compelled to look for connections in everything they see, if a picture tells a thousand words, imagen how much thousand words can create to blow the reader away.


A couple of weeks ago we were introduced to the inverted triangle, it showed us how to release information in stages, this helped me think about what I want to write without rushing. I learned about what different types of audiences and how to communicate through digital content. I have learned when my voice is heard and where it can bring a response to the stories posted that I post. Throughout this course my writing style has changed, I have become more descriptive in my communication, the blogs was a great idea as I got out of my comfort zone.

COM0014 – Blog No. 6 – Intoxicating Thoughts.


What choices have I made that I regret?

Well here’s one…

Grade 10, High school – this is the year that I switched schools mid first semester because my family moved to a new house and school borders changed and hence I unwilling moved too. The first class on the first day of new school was Mr. Pollack’s English class (he looked just like Robert Downey Jr., just with dirty blond hair plus beard) it was at the back of the school in a dim lit hallway the lights always flickered. I was nervous, scared and lonely. I sat on the second front row from the chalkboard. All day I was shy, alone and sad, I had to introduce myself over and over again. At the end of school, I went home and cried. I really just wanted to be back with my old friends and sit in the same hallways as the year before.

The next day I really was just a walking zombie; waking up, not eating breakfast as a sign of protest to show my parents my displeasure of their choice of uprooting me from my safety zone. The same bell that every school has rung, ringing in my ears telling me and 100’s of rushing students pulling and pushing each other to reach their destination in 5 minutes that I must also rush to English class. However, as I enter the class I saw a girl with bright orange hair sitting in my seat. As I was awfully shy I did nothing but look her in the eyes quickly and moved to sit in the only open seat right in front of Mr. Pollack.  That day was the beginning of our inseparable journey. My best friend Klara and I were joined at the hip, sure I thought she’s a little self-absorbed but for me, our friendship was too strong, so I overlooked it. Months passed and we became really close, we found out that we had 6 out of 8 classes together. We sat together, eat together, shared sketchbooks to draw and at one point started to share our clothes too. Our relationship was always looked on as “sisters”.

When grade 12 started and we again had Mr. Pollack for English, we meet someone new a boy, in the same class named Rick. At first, we (Klara, Rick and I) just hung out a lot (with and without other friends) whenever and wherever we could but slowly I saw a change in her, I was still really shy around rick but he and Klara had moved past the platonic relationship. She transformed into a whole different person right in front of my eyes, skipping class with or with rick. I felt I was losing her to something and I said this to her as well but she was oblivious to my feeling. One week she didn’t show up to school at all, I called, texted, emailed but got no reply then I found out from our mutual friend that she had dropped out and had left for the different city. My heart sank and again I reached out so many times, send so many emails but all I got out of her was that she hated our school, hated our friend and hated rick too. Why? Why? Why?  Was all that ran around my head the last year of high school, I spend so much time, showered her with love and all I got was she “hated” all her time here. I regret not seeing what kind of person she was and maybe if I was mature enough I would have realized that she only needed me to fill the void of a lonely girl, she used me to survive two years of high school so she wouldn’t  have to alone.

PS: Rick and I are still great friends. Also, I recently saw her at the retail store at downtown, she looked right at me and then looked away, for some reason that stung a lot too. Oh well, life is too short to hold to the negative.

COM0014 – Blog No. 5 – Simply Me…it’s not so bad?


The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown. H. P. Lovecraft        



Who am I?

What am I made of?

Isn’t that what everyone asks them self, well that’s the question I have asked myself so many times. The last couple of years have been a journey to self-explore, sure it not as adventurist as most individuals; I didn’t travel, eat exotic food or meet people but my journey is more about learning who I am and what I can become.

 I have found an abundance of personal character traits that I’m satisfied with but the three that have been prominent in everyday life are Listener, Camouflage and Committed; I have become an effective listener, learned to hear the details in a conversation, to be more empathetic to who is talking, to keep eye contact, and look more positive.

My second strongest trait would be camouflage; I use it to conquer any situation that I land in. Even though I want to be in the legal world I used to have a problem with hiding my discomfort of people approaching me, and it would automatically show on my face but as I worked in the customer service industry I have to manage to learn to go with the flow and to get clarity before I react to problems.

My last significant trait, for now, is Committed whether to family, work or just small projects, I have a strong belief that I will finish and see through all my commitments because other people depend on my advice or support daily.


I still have a long way to go and I defiantly will change again but knowing to be good and see good in all things will never change. I am proud of the things I have an accomplished and one day will show my true colors as the season show theirs!

COM0014 – Blog No.4 – All Thou Can Ever Want!

Surprising, as it is Amazon is not the only world’s number one large-scale professional online company, there is another; is a massive electronic engineering Chinese E-commerce corporation, as of 2017 it holds employees 122,405, the revenue for 2016 alone was 260.2 billion. The company was founded in 1998 by Liu Qiangdong but was named Jingdong Century Trading Co., Ltd and at the time was only selling magneto-optical. As the years and technologies expanded was launched in 2004. In 2013 the company’s domain title and mascot were changed to, it became the world leading High-Tech and Al (drones and auto-robotics) supplier.It focuses on items like phones to computer & accessories, clothing items such as shoes, bags for men, women & children.

In the last 8 years, it has offered the consumer unlimited amounts products from Automotive to household & gardening supplies, books, toys and jewelry to sports supplies, and even health and beauty. It will make constant efforts to offer consumers better and latest products, a consumer can also sell their own items on their website. uses social media from their current customer contact database and it attracts new ones by monthly sale or promotions, they use the data from different regions to promote different selling items. In my opinion, business should be appealing to the mass audience by having all available products, having personality and I believe the as the right media control because they take questions, responded to comments on products, and will contact all groups of clients with different promotions from different regions.


COM0014 – Blog No.3 – Common Law is Common Right.

“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty”  – Thomas Jefferson

What is PRO BONO?

Pro Bono means “for the public good”, it is a legal service of a Lawyer, Barrister, or a Paralegal offer to a client in their difficult times without charge. Every law student is encouraged to develop a habit of taking in pro bono work as they transition into their preferred field of practice.

In the near future, I aim to become a Paralegal. I want to create a safe place to help the community, its will be my professional duty to provide a person(s) or certain nonprofit organization of restricted access to dependable legal services. However there are still rules and regulations that surround the pro bono, and these rules can affect each law firms, clients, differently. The primary audience is very broad; the person can come from any race, religion, income level.

In Canada, for students pro bono work by volunteering and being supervised by a licensed solicitor or professor. It might include might include doing intake at a legal dispensary, managing legal research and writing, or aiding with court proceedings.

Recently the highest number of Pro Bone gathering happened in the US at many airports (John F. Kennedy, O’Hare, etc ) across the country, where many parties of lawyers sprang into action to offer their pro bono services to the detainees.


In this time and age of immediate sharing of information, I want people to know that they are not alone in their battles, that there is a bright side you just have to look for it.

COM0014 – Blog No.2 – The Scribbler was here…



Starting something new is always different from the norm. As a creature of habit, I just want to rush, rush, rush, but then this week’s lesson has thought me that I can slow down, and be able to dive in the details. We tell stories for many reasons; one to share the human experience, two for passing on culture, tradition, and myths, and three for the purpose of profit. A load of information has led me to be pickier with my writing style. The inverted pyramid style has thought me that the reader wants to quickly access information, whether they read your whole article or not. By front-loading your info to the first paragraph, you the writer allow your reader to skim and pick up important key points quickly.

As a new blogger, I don’t have a lot of experience with capturing the audience’s attention or how to implicate pressure to keep information on a constant but humble flow. Also to have a blueprint of the content I want to present, so then I’ll know what action is needed and when. I have always been a quick reader and even quick writer, I have now learned to experiences how the readers would like to read my blog. 

What did you learn?


How would you tell it?

COM0014 – Blog No. 1 – Summer Escapade of a Homebody.

Blog Post# 1


Summer a season of warm sun, laughing children, fewer clothes, and long days with short nights.

This summer vacation I was in school, well part-time anyway. However, once the last classes were dealt with and exams were done, I had three whole weeks of nothing except, my siblings had other plans. While I was consumed with studying, they were all planning away all of my alone time. You might say “why do a young person like you need alone time, go have fun outside?” but let me just tell you, I’m the biggest homebody in my family, everyone from my parents to my youngest siblings are excited to be out. Well, I was roped into their “master plan” as one of them said. (PS: I’m one of the two siblings’ that have a driving license).


The first week was mostly local; we primarily did things that the little kids would enjoy. We want to the movies four to five times, watched all the kid movies that were playing like the Legos movie, Despicable Me 3, Emoji movie, the Power Rangers and obviously Spider-Man. In downtown Ottawa, we went to the kontinuum night walk, it was long but the images and the music were well worth it.

The second week was all about moving around Ottawa, so we packed our picnic baskets with loads of food and we went to the Ottawa’s botanical garden, it was a beautiful but hot day. The plant-based sculptures were really amazing; such hard work was done for their upkeep.

The same week we had family over and had old style desi barbeque. It was interesting to see all the little toddlers running around the yard, it was also very exhausting to catch them all for dinner.

We, and when I say “we” I mean my sibling’s because now I had become the designated driver for the whole end of summer trips, they wanted to visit the Children Museum, mind you I have been there six times before but not in the same summer but throughout growing up. And so we hit the road again. My favorite part was the totem poles.


The last week was spent in Montréal. We celebrated Eid with Family. Then we went to the Parc Safari Zoo, oh! was it an experience. The animals were great to feed and interact with. I had camel slobber and teeth marks all over my hand from feeding them.


One of the young ostriches bit my dad’s thumb; he probably thought it was a nugget!!! Oh man, I couldn’t stop laughing but only after he said he was fine and it didn’t hurt. Oh! one of the camels was just lying on the driving path and everyone was going around him!!!


Anyway, due to my siblings wanting me to drive everywhere, I had an amazing summer, best vacation for this homebody! So what did you do this summer?