How To Improve Your Advertising On Popular Social Media Sites

Algorithms on social media change and sometimes they can cause complications to users. How do businesses and influencers adapt to the change? According to Hana Bieliauskas on Columbus CEO, here are a few ways to advertise within the algorithms:

When I hear Pinterest, I think of a platform aimed at women who are looking for food recipes and fashion inspiration. Though those are the most common reasons someone would search Pinterest, it is also a great place for craft ideas and art inspiration! Bieliauskas suggests one should run Pinterset ads tied to seasonal or date-specific campaign 45 days in advance, and it’s an affordable cost-per-click with high website traffic.

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Instagram plays a huge role in advertising on social media. One way to use Instagram to advertise your profile, site or product is by using a sponsored ad. Instagram has about a billion users and more than half of them are millennials, which you can expect are those who take up most of social media’s population! If that’s your target audience, Instagram might be a great place for you to advertise.

Another way to advertise on Instagram is by posting a story, which you can include a “swipe up” link so that the viewer can have easy access to where you’re directing them. This would be mostly useful if you already have a large following and are just trying to promote a product.

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I would also like to add that Snapchat is a good place to advertise as well, as in my personal experience, I find that ads on Snapchat often catch my attention when I’m aimlessly flipping through stories!

There are so many different ways to advertise on social media. What sites do personally think are good to advertise on? Which ones are likely to catch your attention?

Twitter: Struggling to advertise with new algorithms on social media such as Instagram? Here are some tips to improve your ad engagement:

Facebook: Here are some ways to improve your social media advertising:

Instagram Is Forcing IGTV Onto Their Users

Did you forget about that little TV button right beside the DM button on Instagram? Most of us have. According to The Verge, Instagram announced that IGTV will begin playing a one-minute preview video on the top of our feeds to attract more viewers, and there is no escaping it.

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IGTV was launched in 2018, to give users the opportunity to post videos that are longer than one minute, as you’re unable to do so to your feed. It’s supposed to be like their own YouTube, however, it didn’t seem to gain much attention. Users were uninterested in the feature.

This hasn’t been the first time I’ve talked about Instagram and how they are forcing features onto their users. Of course the app has every right to make changes as they please, however sometimes when things don’t work, they don’t work! When people don’t like something, the last thing they want is to be forced to interact with it.

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If you use Instagram, how do you feel about IGTV? Do you feel like Instagram is pushing away users by forcing features that they don’t want?

Twitter: Ever forget about IGTV? Well Instagram is about to remind you:

Facebook: Instagram is about to force IGTV onto their users:

Is Instagram Finally Bringing Back Chronological Order?

If you’ve been a user of Instagram for a while, you went through the dramatic change of the platform’s algorithm. Which is… what exactly?

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Chronological order has been something we’ve all been used to on Instagram. We even have reverse chronological on Twitter. A few years back, Twitter had an update where they changed the site to show “In case you missed it” tweets above and throughout your timeline. Due to the many complaint by users, Twitter added the option to disable it from your timeline. Even Facebook has had the option to view “Top Stories” and “Most Recent” on your feed.

So what’s the big deal about chronology? Why is everyone begging Instagram to change back to the old algorithm? And what even is the current algorithm?

In my personal experience, chronological order is like, Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Except I’m keeping up with my following list! In a society where a lot of us experience FOMO (fear of missing out), being able to come back to Instagram and scroll through each new post until you get to the last post you had seen before you closed the app, is truly satisfying.

Instagram posted this thread on Twitter last week explaining their algorithm.

Tweets from @Instagram.

If you scroll down to the replies, it is completely unsurprising. There are two recurring words: CHRONOLOGICAL. ORDER. So why hasn’t Instagram been listening? If so many people are constantly demanding chronological order, why can’t they just go back? Is this a marketing scheme to have people constantly talking about them, or is there a secret reason that no one knows about?

Twitter: Is Instagram finally bringing back chronological order?

Facebook: Will Instagram ever bring back chronological order?