Social Media Brings Cruise Night to a New Level

Social media has allowed automotive enthusiasts to share their passion and ideas with others around the world. Even with this new technology most communities still have car meets where people can bring their cars and gather in person to talk and chat about their cars. They have been meeting at the same place on the same night mostly likely, for decades. This is a unique mix of the new social media outreach and the old car meets that are bringing out new generations globally to share in the fun.




Cruise nights taking your car down the strip for all to see used to be part of North American daily life. Now, people still enjoy seeing the cars in person in parades or at a local meet but social media have helped grow these meets in exponential ways. From a few guys getting together to now, a meet can easily having hundreds of cars.

End of season for the small town Carleton Place Cruise night was 255 show vehicles! In a town with a population of less than 10k, people come from miles away to participate and enjoy.

My brother and I heading out to the last car meet of the year 2022.
1972 Mercury Cougar Convertible and 2003 250Z.

Social media has allowed people to share their photos and stories online bringing their hobbies to an international level. Being able to connect and communicate with other enthusiasts have brought niche groups together to enjoy their hobby and for some created careers in car modding and restoration.

There is no need for expensive cars to participate. Anyone is welcome and they even have a category where you must have bought and fixed up the vehicle for under $500. Yes, that is it’s own niche of fun. And yes, there is plenty of duct tape and wire hangers but seeing these vehicles roll up each week under their own power never stops amazing me.

Make your way to your next local meet. You will find people there friendly and inclusive …as long as you don’t mind to listening to them talk about their car.

For some local Ottawa Region Meets see:

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