COM0015 – Blog #4 – Out of the Box

Over the course of the past year, I have been learning so much about social media marketing, and in particular the strategies that go along with it. I have always been fairly confident in using applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. The unexpected applications I have found and fallen in love with are TikTok and Cyberimpact. These two applications are now in my daily use. 


The first unexpected application I am going to talk about, is actually the most recent one I have started using! For the longest time I had heard of TikTok, but never bothered to look into it, or even sign up for it, I just assumed it was a “video app that teenagers used”. I never really considered the marketing side of it. Recently my husband and oldest brother signed up for it and both of them were very absorbed by it – at almost 40 years old I couldn’t imagine what they found so intriguing about this video app. 

Finally, a few weeks ago I gave in and downloaded the app. WOW, did I find myself down a rabbit hole of videos – I don’t even know how many hours I lost on that app. I was so fascinated, I loved it! But what shocked me the most, was how business promoted on it. I always thought it was “just a place for influencers”. Businesses were able to make a short 60 second video, and in some cases, it wasn’t until the end of the video that I realized I was actually watching an advertisement, especially the companies that really picked up on current TikTok trends. 

I absolutely love the app, I spend more hours on it then I wish to admit, and I am a believer that it is a great place for companies to be. It is interactive, entertaining, and definitely the way of the future. 


The next application I want to talk about is Cyberimpact. This is an email marketing tool. But what I really liked about this application is that it is Canadian (Cyberimpact, n.d.)! While being Canadian had its obvious perks – such as supporting local and simple billing, what I really liked about it is that it is made to work smoothly with Canadian Ant-Spam Laws (Cyberimpact, n.d.). A Canadian company, designed for Canadian needs, how great is that! 

In terms of overall use and support, it worked similar to many other systems I have tried. You upload your contacts, design your templates, write emails, and blast out your newsletter. I cannot say the concept of Cyberimpact was innovative, but making a system that works with Canadian needs and laws – that was the real game changer. 

I think it is easy to see why I love these two applications so much! What unexpected applications have you found and fallen in love with? Tell me about them in the comments below!


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COM0015 – Assignment 5: Event

On Friday, February 26th I attended the Monthly Networking Event for Women Entrepreneurs, put on by WeCan Network. WeCan Network was founded in Calgary, Alberta and is a space for women entrepreneurs to network and come together to share business ideas (WeCan, n.d.). I chose this event since it was for women in business and specifically in Canada. It was a great place to meet like-minded people and begin breaking out of my shell and networking. 

Here is a picture of me and the ladies I had the opportunity to meet at this great networking event! I am in the top right corner.

This event was hosted by Zulfira Pulotova who is the WeCan Founder. I also had the opportunity to meet four other wonderful women. I met Chelse who has her own plant-based manufacturing company in Rhode Island, I thought it was neat to meet her since she was from the states and we had the opportunity to talk about the differences in business between the two countries. I also met Mila who, like me was there to do some general networking and get to know other women in business.  The third person I met was Holy who currently works for the city of Calgary, and finally Alga who works in Alberta’s education centre. Since we were such a small group, we all had several opportunities to speak and ask each other questions. It was very different than any in-person networking event I have attended, but I really enjoyed it. 

A few things I learned at this event was how to find funding for starting a new business, specifically government grants. Something that I learned more specifically is that MasterCard has a foundation for business grants. I thought this was very interesting and something I may begin to look into further. 

Something that I was able to contribute to the interaction was that I could provide some knowledge on using social media in business. Holy specifically asked me about how she could use Twitter for her business. I was able to provide her some guidance and answer a few of her marketing questions. 

Some ideas I have walked away from that event with are some tips on your business’ elevator pitch. Zulfira reminded us to practice our pitch often and memorize it well. She also mentioned that while it is hard to talk about ourselves, and often sounds like we are bragging, it is so important to do it when selling our brand and networking. I thought these pieces of advice were very helpful and something I will be focusing on for myself. 

One quote from the event that really stood out to me was:

Who do you want to show up as? Build your brand and pitch around that. 

I will definitely be attending a similar event in the future. My goal is to attend one networking event every quarter throughout the year. WeCan actually offers networking events on the last Friday of each month, so I may start attending more frequently if possible. I would like to attend more to help me overcome my shyness and network better. I specifically liked being with other women in business. I think the really great part of having such a small group together was that we all added each other on LinkedIn before we parted ways. Furthermore, there is a closed Facebook group that we have now all been invited to join to stay in touch, hear about other networking events, and learn more business tips along the way! 


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COM0015 – Blog #3 – Professional Networking Now and in the Future

When I was in my last year of college, one of my classes was to put on a networking event, invite professionals, and then network. I was so excited to put this event on (it’s probably why I got into event planning as a career). Then the night finally arrived, I was dressed up and ready to go, once we arrived, the nerves hit me – walking around a room, not really knowing anyone, making conversations with strangers in a professional way – my stomach was in knots. I think most of my classmates felt the same, for almost all of us it was the first time we had really networked. Needless to say, I survived, and it ended up being a pretty great night, and I learned such a great skill. 

Now with the advancements of social media, networking can be done from the comfort of your home, while still making valuable connections. It is a great way to meet people in your industry from around the world.  

Networking Online

Photo by Yan Krukov on

My parent strategy for developing my professional network online is to become more active and involved in groups relative to my industry. As an event planner, I have joined several LinkedIn and Facebook groups dedicated to the event industry. For many months I have lingered, read posts, and followed along on some discussion. I will now start becoming more active on a consistent basis. I will be involved in the discussions, contribute my own ideas, and listen and reply the other professionals around me. I have also started revamping my LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter pages to give them a professional facelift, and update all my relative information. Last summer I began the event planning blog, From Setup to Cleanup, part of my plan is to revamp the blog site and begin blogging on a bi-weekly basis. This will provide good content for my social media platforms and also help show my skills to those in the same industry. 

In-person Networking

Photo by fauxels on

Once Covid-19 allows us to gather in groups and attend events again, my parent strategy for developing my professional in-person networks is to start attending more events in the Event Planning field. I have always had a fear of in-person networking, but over the past few years I have become a lot more confident in myself and my skills, so I believe I am ready to start showcasing them in the in-person world. I have even started teaching Lunch & Learn workshops – these are all gifts I can showcase and offer to my wider networks. 

Plan to Develop my Networks

While it is easy to say I am going to start networking online and in person, it will never happen without a solid plan. So here is my 6-month timeline:

March 2021

  1. Continue listening in the networking groups on social media to find some interesting topics of discussion.
  2. Gather research as necessary.
  3. Update my social media pages with a professional facelift.

April 2021

  1. Make 1 post on 3 different social media networking pages
  2. Reply to at least 5 other discussions.
  3. Revamp my blog and make my first (new) post. 
  4. Share my first (new) blog post on all my social media platforms.

May 2021

  1. Research some webinars I can attend online to network and/or increase my knowledge
  2. Attend at least one virtual event. 
  3. Make at least 2 posts on 3 different social media networking pages. 
  4. Reply and discuss to at least 5 other discussions on different networking pages. 
  5. Continue to research and listen to other for new ideas.

June 2021

  1. Attend at least 2 webinars/virtual networking events this month.
  2. Begin to share my blog to a wider community.
  3. Actively engage in several discussions in my networks. 

July 2021

  1. Begin to research in-person networking events I can attend in the next 6-12 months as Covid-19 allows.
  2. If possible, make plans/purchase tickets to at least one networking event.
  3. Continue to post to my blog.
  4. Continue to engage on social media networks.  

August 2021

  1. Share my blog within my new networks.
  2. Offer a Lunch & Learn workshop to my new networks in Fall 2021 – begin promoting now. 
  3. Research new ways to interact or launch new social sites.

What are your networking strategies? Tell me about them in the comments below!


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COM0015 – Blog #2 – Strong and Weak Organizations

We live in a world where a social media presence is so important. It is hard to believe there are still companies out there who are not utilizing social media to benefit their business. Some companies who are really doing social media well are Ottawa Public Health and Centre 105 Trinity Drop-In Day Program. A company who would especially benefit from a proper social media plan is Michael’s Craft Store.  

Successful Social Media Strategies

The first organization that I would like to highlight as having a successful social media strategy is Ottawa Public Health. I was drawn to this organization as they have been a beacon of hope and information since the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic. I believe they have a successful social media strategy because they post very relevant and helpful information, while remaining relevant and humorous.  They have successfully managed to relate public health guidelines to many different situations including the Superbowl, mental health initiatives, and reducing misinformation. 

While I have enjoyed watching Ottawa Public Health Posts over the course of the pandemic, a recent personal favourite was their Superbowl Tweet seen here: 

This post shows humour and relates to so many football fans but is also humorous enough for the non-football fan, all while reminding us to stay home and stay safe (the real message). It was clearly well received by their audience with many retweets and replies. Posts like this keep the information out there and continue to conversation between Ottawa Public Health and their audience, as well as outwards to even more audiences. 

The second organization that I would like to highlight as having a successful social media strategy is Centre 105 Trinity Drop-In Day Program. While this is a much smaller organization and currently only on Facebook, it is clear to see they have an impressive social media strategy. Centre 105 is a day program in Cornwall that supplies meals several days a week to those most vulnerable. I was drawn to this organization as I have a soft spot in my heart for those working to make a better world for those less fortunate. It has become obvious that Centre 105 uses their social media to thank their supporters as well as show the supporters what is being done with their donations. 

This post from Centre 105 is one example of them showing how donated money is used to produce meals for those in need. 

As a supporter of the centre, I find this very enlightening. I also tend to share this information quite a bit. By posting this, I think it makes it easier to find new supporters and also allow current supporters to start a conversation with others. Another thing Centre 105 does on social media that I believe makes them successful is thanking people or organizations for donations, like this one:

I think this works well for them as it shows their gratitude, but also allows them to reach a bigger audience by thanking and tagging the organization.

Room for Improvement!

The organization I think needs to adopt or at least improve its social media strategy is Michael’s Craft Store. Michael’s only appears to have a verified Facebook page, and nothing on Twitter or Instagram. While their Facebook page is active, shows great videos, and holiday ideas, I do think they could be posting different types of content as well as using other social media platforms to reach different audiences. 

I think Michael’s is missing out on a huge demographic by not using Instagram and Tik Tok to make crafting and DIY videos. With much younger audiences on both of these platforms, I think they are missing a huge opportunity to connect. Since both those platforms are made for videos – why not show some new craft ideas to a younger audience. I have also noticed that a lot of people hashtag or mention Michaels on Twitter and Instagram, by not being on these platforms they are missing so many interactions and audience growth. 

While Michael’s is on YouTube, I think one area they should focus on is the DIY Bride. Many brides are looking to cut costs and do their own decorating – Michael’s could easily have an entire play list dedicated to bridal ideas such as bouquets, floral arrangements, centre pieces, and more. 

Michael’s is certainly on social media with a large fan base, but I do see a lot of room for improvement for them. I think if Michael’s wanted to create social media objectives, they would be to increase online sales through social media and grow a dedicated audience on new platforms. I think they could achieve this by launching onto the other platforms, and begin making specifically DIY Bridal videos, as well as asking for their viewers to post their home crafts and share those. Everyone likes to be featured by a large company! 

Social media is an important part of doing business. I think businesses should always be monitoring their own social media, as well as that of their competitors to see where they too can improve. Is your company successful in social media? Tell me about your successes in the comments below!


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COM0015 – Blog #1: Tools & Sources

When it comes to listening tools and news sources there are plenty of options to choose from! I personally prefer using Google Alerts (combined with Feeder) and Social Searcher as my listening tools. When it comes to news and updates, I turn mostly to Twitter and The Big Story Podcast (The Big Story, n.d.), but I must admit also turn to traditional media often for my daily news. 

Favourite Listening Tools

1. Google Alerts (with Feeder!) 

Photo by Serpstat on

Google Alerts was the very first listening tool I was ever introduced to, but I have to say, it has always been a favourite! It is very simply to put your keywords into (or remove and change if they aren’t working) and gives you the very simple option of receiving your updates by email or RSS Feed. When you combine this with Feeder, your RSS feeds show up in a well-organized page that you can quickly skim through and click on links for more information. I find this very helpful when I conduct my scan early in the morning. I enjoy this tool over others as is scans the internet and brings all related articles into one place. While I do have to filter out the non-related articles, I have been working on my keywords to help eliminate this. Google Alerts works extremely well in my field and I am always the first to bring the new stories to the office. 

2. Social Searcher

Photo by Armin Rimoldi on

Social Searcher is a program I learned about just a few months ago. This is one of my favourite listening tools as it searches 11 different social media platforms in one shot. Once it pulls up all the relevant hits based on your keywords, you may then click on each link, or look at the breakdown of all the hits based on sentiment, users, what links they are clicking, and what keywords are being most used. This not only helps you understand your audience’s emotions and what they think of your organization, it also lets you get ahead of any problems before they become too large. Additionally, since it gives you common keywords, this helps you update your keywords on other listening tools. Social Searcher also allows you filter your search by language, post types, and social media platforms – this can be very helpful when trying to find information relevant to your geographic area or commonly used platforms. 

Best News Sources

1. Twitter

I enjoy using Twitter as a news source because I can quickly see what is trending and being talked about right on the first page without digging. This is very helpful in my profession so we can get ahead of any major events and be ready to post our response to international crisis. 

2. The Big Story Podcast

I enjoy a variety of Podcasts, but for news specifically, I enjoy The Big Story Podcast (The Big Story, n.d.). This podcast focuses on real Canadian issues, it appears to be well researched and very informative. It also has very informed guest speakers – which makes each episode different and interesting. This podcast discusses topics such as the COVID-19 pandemic, major news stories, and consumer reports. It always provides a unique view and I enjoy listening to it.  

Those are just some of my favourite listening tools and new sources, what are your favourites? Have you used something different? Tell me about it in the comments below!


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COM0014 – Blog #7: Personal Reflection

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

When it comes to digital communications, some of the most important concepts to remember are to know your target audience, listen to them, and become a storyteller for your brand. Always remember that the way you tell your brand’s story must be interesting, captivating, and unique!  

Storytelling is important for creating great digital content because it shows a passion for your brand and people are able to relate to your content, and your brand more easily. Storytelling is often inspiring and captivating so people will listen and want to know more. This will help you build a community for your brand. 

I currently work for the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa, managing their social media. As such, my content will be guided by story by sharing the stories of all the churches within the Diocese. Each week I will be speaking with the clergy and lay leaders of a different church and begin telling the world each church’s story. I will share their history, as well as talk about their new outreach ministries, and how they are helping their individual communities, especially during the pandemic year. This will allow people to relate and see the churches as more than just buildings. This will help show the true passion of the people inside each of those buildings. 

Photo by Lisa Fotios on

Storytelling is the foundation of digital communications. It is who we are, what we do, and how we do it. This is the important information we need to be sharing. Storytelling allows people to understand and feel your story. When you tell your story, people will begin to walk your brand’s story with you. 


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COM0014 – Blog #6: Do People Know Your Story?

Who am I? What do I do? Let me tell you my story! It all started late at night on an Easter Monday in 1987….ok, ok I won’t go that far back. 

I started volunteering at a very young age through the Girl Guides of Canada, I volunteered at the Food Bank and at public events – this type of philanthropy was instilled in me as young as 5 years old. By the time I was 14 I was finding volunteer opportunities on my own. It was around this age that I knew I was destined for non-profit work as a career. I loved giving back and I loved making a difference in the community around me. Some have said my heart is bigger than my brain. 

Over the course of my schooling, I kept volunteering and even found a summer internship in a not-for-profit company. It was in 2011 that I finally found a paying job in a non-profit company that allowed me to work in sales and marketing, bettering the lives of construction workers across Ontario. We provided health benefits and advocated for safety, benefits, and well-being of those workers. While it felt amazing, it was short lived as the company, based out of Toronto, closed their Ottawa office.

I bounced back 4 months later and found a job as an Administrative Assistant at the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa. I was unsure how to feel about this. It was a place that I grew up in, they do a lot of outreach work for those most vulnerable, but as an Admin I worried my passion would not be fulfilled. I am thrilled to tell you about just how wrong I was! While I did get to do some work with the outreach ministries and learn about all the different work the Diocese did, my real passion emerged in 2015 when I personally launched the Women Helping Women Purse Project (see my blog about that here!). The Diocese not only allowed me to use the office as purse storage, but my connections that I made there and the work I had witnessed inspired my entire initiative. Donating over 3000 purses (filled with feminine hygiene products) in our first run, I created new and bigger partnerships and changed the lives of countless women. Not only did this inspire my passion and fill my heart, it finally let me show off my true talents and shortly after I landed a promotion as Conference & Events Coordinator for the Diocese – I also now manage all of their social media too! 

So, who am I? I’m the girl with a heart that’s bigger than my brain, and a passion for bettering the lives of those around me. Who are you? Tell me what inspires you and what makes you who you are in the comments below! 

COM0014 – Blog #5: Personal Brand

Born and raised in the Anglican Church, it is no surprise I ended up working for the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa just a few years after graduating University.  As soon as I started working there, I quickly began making a name for myself. A few years into my work there, I became the Diocesan Conference & Events Coordinator. Not long after that, I added Communications to my role as well. Now I plan, execute, and evaluate over 50 diocesan events per year, manage our social media, and teach our parishes how to leverage social media to their advantage. 

When I think of my Personal Brand, some qualities and characteristics I have that set me apart from competitors are that I am outgoing, upbeat, collaborative, approachable, a professional event planner and social media consultant, with a heart for philanthropy, and a great storyteller.  

To make myself stand out, I volunteer with a youth program and use my event planning and social media skills to better the program. I have also led a Lunch & Learn on using social media in churches to help our churches grow, become visible online, and use technology to reach a younger demographic. 

In speaking with my colleagues, they believe my best trait is my level of creativity. When the pandemic hit, I was the first one figuring out how to convert events, workshops, and annual meetings into online events. In November 2020 we hosted our first virtual fundraiser, and in May of 2021 we will be hosting our second one – this time with home delivered goodie bags!   

While I have accomplished many great things in my life that I am proud of, right now, what I am most proud of, is that I have successfully grown our corporate social media followings by 90% since taking them over. I have turned them from dull pages to interactive, engaging, and follow-worthy with interesting stories, theological information, and even a few humorous posts! It reiterates the hard work of my schooling and reminds me that I am on the right track! 

It is hard to write about your own Personal Brand, but it so important to do! What are you most proud of? What is your greatest trait? Tell me about your Personal Brand in the comments below! 

COM0014 – Blog #4: B2C Case Study


Reitmans Canada is a clothing store for women that carries professional wear, casual wear, work out clothing, pyjamas, outdoor wear and accessories!  They also carry a wide range of sizes. They are very active on several different social media platforms and engage their customers at a very high level. 

Reitmans Social Media Usage

Reitmans is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. However, they are most active and engaged on Facebook and Instagram, which is no surprise given those two platforms tend to be best for pictures, short videos, and they offer item pricing features to businesses when they post photos of their products. All these social media features are especially important in the clothing industry.  Reitmans tends to use social media to promote sales, feature new items, host contests, and show real people wearing their clothing.

The quality of their interactions is quite remarkable. I notice that Reitmans posts very frequently and they reply to almost every comment on their posts. They offer assistance, tell people where and how to buy the products they are interested in, answer questions, and even reply with heartfelt comments when people post pictures of themselves in the Reitmans clothes.  

Social Media Success!

I believe that Reitmans is having quite a bit of success on their social media because there is always someone there talking to their customers, interacting and engaging. No questions are being left unanswered. One of my favourite things about their social media is that they use pictures of their products from real people in real life. Reitmans even has a contest where people submit their own photos to be used as “features”. I think this is really smart and helps humanize the brand. 


Additionally, I noticed that Reitmans has some negative tweets come their way from upset customers. I believe the way they handled these tweets is one of the reasons they are so successful on social media – they replied to the person in public and dealt with the issue privately. Every complaint had a reply asking the poster to private message Reitmans to discuss it further, this is great because it shows they care, but minimizes the possibility of the complaint getting blown up.    

I think overall Reitmans has an overall success in social media. Do you agree? If not, what business do you think does social media best? Tell me more in the comments below! 


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COM0014 – Blog #3: Target Audience & Communication: Raising Funds & Awareness Online.


The Today 4 Tomorrow Appeal is a branch of the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa which raises funds for our five Community Ministries of Ottawa. The Community Ministries consist of shelters, day programs, and counselling services (Today for Tomorrow, 2020). It is also one of the social media pages I currently manage. So, who exactly is our target audience and how do we communicate with them? Read on to find out more!

To get to know our target audience, we first need to understand their demographics and psychographics. Since this is an appeal to raise money, our demographic is typically men and women who have a high level of education, are often executives or business owners, generally with a higher income level. Since our appeal is within the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa, most of our demographic would identify as Anglican or more widely as Christian by religion. Our target audience’s psychographics would consist of the upper class with more disposable income, people who have an interest in social issues, and likely people who are leaders in their field and will share our cause with their network. 

Now that we know Today 4 Tomorrow’s target audience, let’s talk about how to communicate to them! Since Facebook users tend to be of an older generation (Pokrop, 2019), we have found a lot of success in using it to reach out target audience. We tend to use videos and pictures to grab our audience’s attention, specifically showing people using our services and talking about how our services have changed their lives. Most recently, we hosted a lunch time virtual fundraiser called Building A Community of Hope (Today for Tomorrow, 2020). That one event raised $79,000 for our Community Ministries of Ottawa (Today 4 Tomorrow Appeal, 2020). 

Have you raised funds for a charity using social media? Tell me about your experience and target audience in the comments below! I’d love to hear your stories!


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