Out of the Box📦

I have said this time and time again in my Blog Posts and my Assignments but TikTok as a primary social media application to start a career or promote your business is crazy. Since the main objective of this app is to create simple new trends that allow others to copy and gain new followers too without needing to have an agenda attached is a great marketing plan. Once you have enough followers to be considered someone to watch, you then can start integrating more about yourself and switch your narrative by adding more important topics to you. Lastly, it can be added to all other social media platforms so noone will miss your tiktok.

Pinterest is an app that I am starting to look more closely at. Apart from the fact that it is thumbnail picture based. It is really helpful when looking for inspiration for how you want your aesthetic to be, how you want others to see your pages and social media application, and how your competition looks and differs from you.

On the Academic Side:

For the none social media applications track and more about this course and this certification in general. It is hard to navigate how to start and create a good strategy plan for a customer. With everything we learned the easiest thing for me was to develop a SWAT analysis for a business or entrepreneur but the hardest was trying to find monitory and measurement tools that didn’t need me to buy a subscriptions or that was difficult to get the results I wanted.

Another one is Blogs. Although I personally was never a big fan of blogs; I have come around to them and find them helpful. Even if the blog itself is not what I was looking for, the references they cite have been helpful in my research and have given me a better understanding or sent me in the right direction.

Other Observations.

How plain my blogs are or not as well structured when the assignment doesn’t ask for it. I end up using this more as a thinking through page and how to make all of it make sense to me.