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People are getting more and more attached to social media, especially our kids and teenagers. Despite the official age limitations for users, more than 50% of children have used at least one platform by the age of ten (more likely Facebook as smartphones aren’t required for its usage). Owning a cell phone/laptop among school kids has become so common, so banal, that not having one seems weird. It used to start with parents thinking the worst drama scenarios of “what if my kid is stuck in an emergency situation where he/she needs a cell phone? Or maybe it might be easier to locate them?” but not so much anymore. It’s just a thing that happens. Two months ago, I traveled to Iran to visit my family. I was shocked when I saw that my lovely eighteen-month-old nephew could easily find apps like Radio Javan on his cell phone to play music he loved. He even knew he had to use his father’s cell phone for specific apps such as YouTube to play videos like Bob The Train (some platforms are banned in Iran and one must have a VPN to be able to use them). This made my jaw drop! However, for the most part, parents, in general, may simply be unable to resist their kids’ persistent claim for the need to own them. This is not like our time when we had kept in queues just to make an emergency call!

To give worried parents due credit in their thinking, one can bring up the case of the 2 girls, Abigail Williams and Liberty German, in Delphi, Indiana, who were murdered by a man back in February. The phones may not have saved their lives, but the parents, knowing the girls were Snapchatting their day while hiking in well-used trails, knew to alert the police when they didn’t show up at the meeting point at the designated time, nor answered their phones. The Snapchat stories gave clues as to where they could be found on the trails and timeframe of when they went missing. When their bodies were recovered, it was found that they had also filmed the man, which has led to a nationwide manhunt in the United States. There is even an accumulated reward of a crowdsourced $200, 000 for whoever helps bring this man to jail. While a happier ending would have been preferred, every element of society’s obsession with smartphones and social media here played a crucial role that will eventually lead to the man’s arrest.

But I digress a bit. Even with all the constant warnings about the destructive effects of social media (such as decreasing kids’ creativity, damaging eyesight, neck and shoulder pains, losing connectivity with family members, sharing too much information, and being bullied, to name a few), it seems playing freely with kids in the neighbourhood at hide and seek, tag, rope games, and others, seems to be fading away in popularity. It’s now the ways of the old, more and more forgotten. I sometimes think this is nobody’s fault. It’s just the way our race, human beings, are. Our greed and covetousness on the one hand, with the inclination for exploration and seeking of technology on the other, are leading us towards a very different destiny.

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I watched a movie years ago (sorry, can’t recall the name!) about a group of different mutant generations who took over the world. There were almost no humans left, and those who survived became enslaved to the mutants. The poignant factor was that it seemed quite normal to them. Of course, this is an exaggerated example, but when the mutants are interchanged with the internet and, more specifically, social media, the similarities in these perspectives becomes more clear. Social media stages are not just the new trends, they are the new ways of communication and being. Ultimately, the next generations are going to be entirely different in the ways they think, live, and interact. Sometimes I wonder, perhaps the new generations, Gen Alpha and their descendants, just don’t fit in our definition and understanding of living and communicating. They will connect and, possibly, humanize, in a new realm that we may not comprehend properly.

 My question is, would that be a concern when they are all going to think similarly?!


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Owning a Business? Fear the Social Media!

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After less than 40 years since the first computer device, social media, a relatively new movement, has become the most popular platform of communication. It can easily drive a tremendous number of audiences to a subject, from forums and chat groups to keeping up with your loved ones and your favorite brands’ latest novelties. It, therefore, makes one wonder, why do some businesses avoid joining in on this global craze?

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Many new businesses (e.g. eBay, Amazon, etc.) started employing the technology just after this unique trend picked up. Lots of jobs have been created because of this. Online shopping is also becoming more and more common; to the point, many physical stores are going out of commission and adopting a solely online stage to sustain themselves. In this new era, businesses do not need a fancy office nor a huge fund to start up. As long as an entrepreneur understands the social media’s functions (or has an expert), knows the target audience thoroughly, and finds a strong, reliable supply chain management team, boooom! It’s on. Some organizations have already joined this current and have been very successful in building a stronger public relation with their customers at a fraction of the cost (Wendy’s now infamous trolling Twitter account, for example). It can also help them to foresee their marketing strategies and focus on the specific needs and motivations of their target market. It leads one to believe that the logic lies in joining, not avoiding, social media.

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Despite all that, there is still a considerable number of large organizations which are not willing to enter this new technology and prefer the traditional channels of marketing, in contrast to the many small enterprises who are more likely to use social media. Are these large and sometimes famous corporations scared of the negative feedback they may receive? Is it because they don’t want to be clear? Is it because they are unaware or inexperienced in this domain? Are they just ignoring it? Are they hiding something? Don’t they understand the whole world is changing and social media is not only fashion but a new way of living?


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I recently read an article on this matter which suggests that the main reason is corporations are terrified of getting a galactic amount of negative feedback. This brings to mind the McDonald’s twitter campaign #McDstories, which went so wrong they had to shut it off immediately. Instead of happy tales, people were talking about bad experiences and bad service. It also brings to mind the negative comments you will find on all new Facebook posts from big oil companies about the spills and environment damage. It also brings to mind the Pepsi commercial with Kendall Jenner, which received a tremendous backlash for its insensitivities to the world surrounding it. It makes you wonder why such organizations with such a strong marketing team and assets still don’t know, or perhaps don’t care, about their actual audience.

It also makes you ask, how far can they get to?


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