How does Facebook Influence Business?

Would you use social media to promote your business? Many people do, so, why not?


Let’s Discuss…

Today many businesses use social media and benefit from its promotional advantages and resources for communication. Facebook is an excellent  social media resource for business users. An interesting website,, posted the many benefits of using this application/website for business purposes. They are listed as follows:

1.) Facebook is a low-cost marketing strategy

2.) Facebook allows you and others to share posts, therefore, promoting your business

3.) Facebook allows you to connect/communicate with existing or potential customers

4.)  It allows you to support customers and respond to any reviews

5.)  Raise brand awareness and promote positive word of mouth


These are all excellent resources to be used in promoting business. Lets face it- Becoming well-known as a brand or a business is much easier through use of social media- especially Facebook.

Do you ever see your friends or family members sharing someone else’s post? Well Guess what? They are promoting their post by sharing it. It’s that easy! Why not use the tools and resources that are available?

84905-http3a2f2f1-bp-blogspot-com2f-kl5nxrs7sqy2ftjac52rfmpi2faaaaaaaaalw2fwsl46vc1ara2fs16002ffacebook_icon Facebook: Kristen’s Pet Grooming

Facebook: Woodlawn Contracting 

How to Use Social Media to make Billions

Think about it…

Have you ever questioned what it would like to be famous? I for one have asked myself hundreds and hundreds of times. But, I mostly ask myself: what does it take to get famous?

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Lets Talk About How to Make Money…

Think about Kylie Jenner (from the famous Kardashian family). Kylie Jenner has one hugest influences on social media and young people today. She was able to take advantage and promote her fame through social media and transform into a billionaire in such a short amount of time. It is unbelievable how one famous persons impact on social media can effect so many people. She advertises her fame, money, and amazing looks through instagram almost on the daily. Why not use instagram and snapchat to sell something at this point? Well this is exactly what this youngest Kardashian did. The young female took charge of her popularity through social media and incorporated her own-made cosmetic brand. She is now in the Forbes magazine for being a young billionaire.

How Does Social Media Help you Make Money?

Not just anyone can make money through social networks such as instagram. You must maintain and monitor your progress. By gaining popularity you gain more followers. As more people begin to discuss how you may influence them, word spreads. Kylie Jenner used her fame and completely boosted it by advertising through social media.


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