With a Dietitian😊

Welcome to my brand. I am an enthusiastic researcher in health and wellness. Every day I wake up with one goal in mind- “How can I make others’ feel better?” For that I want to explore myself first. I have great passion for health and wellness studies. So, basically, I am a student in field of Health Sciences. Although, I am still in the process of making my identity or what we call a “BRAND”, but I am incredibly positive that my future brand will be something related to health and your wellness.

My present:

For now, I am Web Content Author. What I am doing right now is different than my passion. But as you know, the future is social media and technology. So, we need to learn bit of everything to get most of our knowledge and expertise.

My past:

Now I would like to describe my struggle (which I have done so far) to build my brand and I am still on my way to my destination. I have a good knowledge of human anatomy and physiology. Also, I am aware of most of the fancy words that you listen in your doctor’s office, which is usually known as medical terminology. I have a deep love for anatomy and physiology. Medical terms, human anatomy, hospital environment and the list goes on; all these words bring tears in my eyes. I get emotional whenever I see anything related to medical field. I do not have words to express my love for these things. So based on my knowledge and my certifications, I have applied in university in different programs that come under health sciences category. The program will start in September and will start my actual journey from there. Fingers crossed for the admission. Wish me good luck!

Where I see Myself:

I would love to work in hospital environment. That would help me a lot with my goals. Once I get into the program of my choice, I will be joining different groups in the community to get more updates in my field. I want to be a Registered dietitian and have plan to open a clinic for people with different health condition especially for those people who can be treated just by making dietary changes like Diabetes.

Why would they come to me?

In my free time I like reading about new research as well as cooking. I am a great cook. I also work as a personal chef and have some diet conscious clients already. They really enjoy eating my meals. The food I make is yummy and healthy and I always ask about their health concerns before making food. The positive response from them makes me feel proud of myself and make me think that I will excel in this profession.

Groups and communities:

I have joined various groups on facebook and Instagram. Those groups are related to d food and nutrition. I am also member of my college health and wellness community. I can communicate with people and talk about their point of view about different kind of eating habits like vegan, vegetarian, keto and many other.

Social Media and my Brand:

 I think social media will be my go-to for advertisement. I have plan to make my pages on social media websites as well as my own websites. I can reach to my target audience by using different strategies like free deals and B2B marketing. Instead of making a physical clinic, I would do everything online and that can only be done by being active on social media.

Here is what one can do to promote food and nutrition business:

  • By creating business accounts
  • By promoting ads
  • By participating in community groups.
  • By conducting online courses

If there is anything else, you think would help to promote clean eating business please share with me. I would love to get feedback.

For more information about healthy eating. Please visit my website: https://wordpress.com/post/algonquincollegesocialmedia.wordpress.com/109327

10 Powerful ways to beat Social media Addiction

To get rid of social media addiction, first we need to know what is social media addiction. Addiction is a broad term used for any urge that someone develop over a course of time and that urge brings some kind of reward to the person, and he or she feels happy about that. Just like any other addiction, social media addiction is being addicted to social media.

The addiction that’s “worse than alcohol or drug abuse” –BBC Photo Source: Google Images.

Recognizing Social media Addiction:

Here the question arises how to know if you are addicted to social media addiction. Let’s have a small test:

Do you feel urge to use social media more and more?

Do you often try to reduce social media without any success?

Do you become restless if not being able to use social media?

Do you use social media to the point that it affects your daily activities?

If the answer to above question is YES, unfortunately you are addicted to social media.

Addiction to social media is very common these. And it can not be beaten overnight. However, It can be done by observing your habits and your activities on social media. Below are some ways that I used in my life to get rid of it.

1- Observe Yourself:

You have to observe yourself very closely that on which device you spend time the most. It might sound peculiar, but figuring out the device that you use frequently for social media help you to overcome your addiction more quickly. Most popular device these days is smartphones. Using your phone for all of your activities is also an addiction. So figure out which one do you use the most. Believe me, it is the foremost step.

2- Figure out your drug:

Figure out your drug! Yes you hear right, drug. All these social media platforms are called drugs. Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, Snapchat, Reddit and the list goes on. You should know, whichever platform you are addicted of.

3- Fix a place:

Make a place for your device. Do not carry it with you. Whenever you need you come to it. That will help alot with the over usage of social media.

4- Organize your device:

If you know about you drug, hide it. In other words, whichever platform you use the most, do not put that on you main screen. That helps you to focus on the things really need to do and prevent you from mindless scrolling.

5- Fix a time:

You can specify the time for the usage of your social media account. I feel like evening is the best time to use to have a look on your accounts and social media activities. The start and the end of your day should be free of these devices and activities.

social media addiction: breakfast without a phone

Thank you for reading. Please comment below if you think above tips would help. I hope this helps. Good luck!