Pick The Perfect Song – Start Your Dance Routine Right!

The most stressful thing when starting to choreograph and create a dance routine is picking a song. Dance Teachers will all agree that this can be a very daunting process. Good news for you, we have three online resources that can help you make this process a little bit more enjoyable.

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Your Daily Dance

Your Daily Dance is a website with tons of inspiration in all areas of dance. They have everything from advice on all things dance to resources (finding costumes and competitions) and a ton of music.

Your Daily Dance splits their music into playlists, so it is easier to find what you are looking for. Their playlists include:

  • Playlists by genre (Jazz, Tap, Ballet)
  • Playlists by type (Solo, Duet, Group)
  • Playlists for events (Christmas, Recital, Valentine)
  • and more…

Their playlists include youtube links and Spotify playlist links for easy listening.

Youtube Playlists

There are so many playlists out there on youtube made by people in the dance industry. Typing in key words into the search bar will find the best selections for you. Type exactly what you are looking for and you would be surprised how many results there are.

Some examples of playlists are:

Facebook Groups

Lastly, there are so many facebook groups that you can be a part of that have a community of dance teachers who can share ideas and songs. Being a part of a community where so many others are in the same boat as you can be very beneficial. It is a little online support system.

One facebook group that stands out to me is The Dance Teacher/Choreographer Network , which is a public group and open to anyone!

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In conclusion, picking the right song might be the hardest part of the choreographing process. However, with these online resources it can be a breeze. Get your routine started on the right foot by having the best song possible. Social Media allows us to connect, share and browse so much easier. How else have you found the best tunes for your choreography? Leave some of your tips and tricks in the comments!

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Keep In Touch With Your Audience on Instagram

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Most business’s #1 goal is to make enjoyable content for their audience. The more their audience enjoys the more traffic the account will get.

How do we make sure that the audience is enjoying the content we are putting out? We make sure by listening to reviews straight from the viewers themselves.

What people don’t know is that Instagram has many features, in addition to regular comments, that can boost communication with your audience.

1. Instagram Polls

When posting stories, Instagram gives you the option to add a poll to your picture or text. This allows viewers to vote on options which lets the manager of the account know what their audience would enjoy most.

Some examples of polls are:

  • What content would you like to see more of? Videos or Photos
  • Which slogan has a better ring to it? “Slogan 1” or “Slogan 2”
  • What photo should be our new cover? Photo 1 or Photo 2

2. Instagram Questions

Like polls, there is a feature on Instagram stories that allow you to leave space for viewers to type an answer to a question. There is a little box they will be able to click and type out what they want to share. You will be getting answers straight from your viewers to ensure you can put out your best content.

Some examples of questions:

  • What type of content do you want to see more of?
  • Have you been enjoying this months new content? Why or why not?
  • If we were to do a giveaway, what type of prizes would you be interested in?

On the flip side, this box can also be used as a “get to know my business tool.” This allows the viewers to ask you questions and you can answer them by sharing the question and response to your story.

3. Direct Messages

A third and final tip for you is to always reply to direct messages. This is one of the best ways to communicate directly with your audience. Encourage people to reach out to you. Let people know through posts and in your bio that your DM’s are always open for comments, questions and concerns. Encourage people to give you feedback so you can know what to improve on.

Make sure to reply to these messages in the fastest time possible, to not keep people waiting. Try to be prompt and on top of checking your instagram messages.

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Here are three of the quick, easy and effective ways to stay connected to your online community. Communication is the key factor to always improving and making your content accessible and enjoyable for those viewing it.

What are some other ways you connect with people through Instagram? Other platforms?

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Dance With Me: A How To Guide on Building Your Dance Teaching Business

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Sharing a love for dance is something very special to a lot of people. It gives us a sense of community and allows us to watch the next generation grow. Social Media plays a big role in today’s day and age and when it comes to spreading the word, it definitely gets the job done. So when you are looking to teach and choreograph for a living, or even part time, social media can be very beneficial to you.

Teaching Accounts

Treat your teaching like a BUSINESS.

Just as you would have accounts dedicated to your business, you should also dedicate an account to you and your teaching endeavours. Having a separate account specifically for teaching and choreographing dance will make you more professional and also ensure your information will not get mixed in with personal posts.

One great example of this is Amanda Cleghorn, who has made an account for the sole purpose of letting people know when she has classes and how they can take them!

She often references her dance account on her personal instagram stories, incase her followers aren’t following both accounts.

Live Stream

Another great way to promote how you teach and run a class is through live stream. Almost all social media platforms have live stream options. Running a live stream dance class is a great opportunity for to introduce dancers to your class, especially in a time like this where dance studios are not open. If they enjoy your class they are more likely to look for your name in the future when picking classes or choosing a choreographer to work with.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Contests and Giveaways

Everyone loves a good contest or giveaway. Run a little online contest that could result in a giveaway of a free class, mentorship or choreography sessions. People will jump on these opportunities and will often return to your page for more giveaways in the future.

To see an example of an awesome giveaway going on now, head to Young Creator Challenge by clicking here. This challenge encourages dancers to participate in their event for a chance to win a very unique and amazing prize.

Another amazing account to checkout is The Dance Lottery for fun giveaway ideas.

So There You Have It…..

Three Easy Ways to Brand Yourself as a Dance Teacher/Choreographer

  • Create Business Accounts
  • Live Stream
  • Contests and Giveaways

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What are some other tips and tricks you have learned on how to promote yourself? Leave them in the comments below!

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JumpStart Your Career In The Arts – 3 Great Ways to Network Using Social Media

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When it comes to a career in the arts, it is often about who you know. It is very beneficial to have connections within the industry, as often people will hire someone they are familiar with. So, how do you meet these people and build these connections? Social Media is a great way to start. Here are 3 ways Social Media can help benefit your career.

1. Informational Posts

There are so many facebook groups and instagram accounts that are great resources for those involved in the arts. Whether it be audition notices, competions/challenges, workshops or just general information, these pages give you the opportunity to be seen by people working in the industry, who are amazing connections to have. Facebook groups bring people together based on common interests, professions and more. So it is very easy to find the right people to network with. While Instagram doesn’t have “groups”, hashtag searches are a great way to find the right accounts for you.

Some of my personal favourites are:

…just to name a few.

2. Contacts and Connections

Social Media is a great place to gain contacts just by hitting the follow button.

When following casting directors, choreographers, agents, and other people in the industry, you have now formed a new connection. You are exposed to how they work, what they have done, and even opportunities to meet or work with them that they may post about. Not to mention, when you follow them, they will also see your name pop up from time to time 😉

Other people you may want to follow are those in the performance industry such as dancers and actors that you may have worked with before. It is great to keep in touch with people with similar goals as yourself. You can share information and opportunities and also be good recommendations for each other.

3. Personal Promotion

As important as it is to follow what is going on with other people in the industry, the best thing you can do is promote yourself. With Social Media you can post highlights that show off your skills. Are you a singer? Post your best singing videos. A dancer? Post that dance video you filmed in your driveway. An actor? Pick your best monologue and show what you can do.

The biggest takeaway is social media allows you to SHOW OFF. You never know who is watching and who could notice you!

Photo by Tracy Le Blanc from Pexels

There are many different platforms to post on, such as:



Tik Tok




These are just 3 easy ways you can jumpstart your career in the arts. Social Media is essential in putting a performers best foot forward. The opportunities are endless when you have the right tools by your side! What are some other ways you have used social media to get connected?

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