Looking around for a great family vacation of 6.

A family of 6 is hard to look for a great family vacation on social media, hotels don’t really take 6 people in one room.  I always have to check if they will take 2 adults and 4 children in one room when I look for a hotel to stay, I don’t want to have 2 rooms for my little family of 6, and I don’t want to pay for it. I rather look for a hotel that is family friendly that can accommodate us, but sometimes it’s very hard to find some available with a decent price.

Our last vacation was in New York City by vehicle during March break, it was a long ride for my children that are not patient enough but my kids really enjoyed it, and we had to rent a small apartment to accommodate us. The hotels were expensive especially down town New York, we manage to find an apartment to rent for the weekend in New Jersey for a good price. Now i need to plan our trip and I am still looking around on social media.

Here are a couple of our pictures in the Big Apple that we went to visit.

We sure enjoy the big apple. Now I need to find a summer vacation this year where we can relax in a beautiful beach.

Here are some site I visit so far for our family trip.



Anyone have any suggestions for us where is a nice place to bring my family?

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Looking for what to cook with social media….

Every day I always wonder what to cook today, tomorrow or even the day after tomorrow.

Since I have four children, I always worry what to feed my kids today especially having two fussy kids that don’t want to try new things. I just found out that Pinterest have a lot of good ideas on what to cook with fussy kids. I tend to look at it before bedtime to look for what to cook for tomorrow. I also found a good recipes on the net where I can cook supper within 30 minutes. There are a lot of recipes out there it’s just I need to find the time to look for them.

Facebook is also a great place to have a few ideas on what to cook, since my Facebook friends like to post their meals of the day. That’s where sometimes I take some new ideas, I always worry what to cook tomorrow, I am sure I am not the only one that does that.

This is what we had for supper today. My kids sure enjoy it.

Where’s a couples of links where I found my quick suppers:





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Are we in our phones too much, that we have no time to play with our children?

I see that we need to be less in our phones and start playing, talking to our children. That’s what I am trying to do right now. I give myself a limit with my cell phone and to social media, and try to spend more time with my children before they grow up, plus they grow up to fast, and I don’t want them to remember their mom that was always on her phone. I went to the mall the other day and I was looking around that I saw a lot of parents in their phones while pushing the stroller. Social media is taking over our lives but we can still make time for our families.

child ignored by parents

We need to give our self a limit, or also wait until our kids go to be bed to be in our phones, but I know some parents need their phones due to work. As for me I always wait to be in my phone when my kids go to bed, but sometimes I get so tired that I need my rest and I have a lot to do at home.


There this article in the website I read about this kind of topic. Why Cell phones are bad for parenting. Our children will always know whether they have our full attention. It’s time for parents to break the phone habit before it’s too late.


Why Cell Phones Are Bad for Parenting

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COM0010 Blog#1 – Blogging is something new for me.

So here I go I am new at this, I am just finding out about blogs in this course so far I see that blogs are about sharing your thoughts to those who love to read blogs. I see that it’s just like a journal or a diary to their personal lives, or even talking about how their businesses are doing. I didn’t even know that people can even make a living out of just blogging.

Blogs are interesting to read, I would’ve love to read a lot more, if only I had time to read them since I am really busy with my little family at home. So I will try a little paragraph about myself to start off.

I am a mother to four children, I have three boys and a girl. Two of my oldest boys love to play hockey, and I love being a hockey mom which I go to the arenas a lot to cheer for them. So my next blog I will talk about is being a Hockey and that I don’t have that much time for social media but I love to post their pictures on Facebook so my family can see my kids.

This is the article I read before I started with my first blog.


Hoping to read more blogs with this course.