COM0010 Blog#1 – Blogging is something new for me.

So here I go I am new at this, I am just finding out about blogs in this course so far I see that blogs are about sharing your thoughts to those who love to read blogs. I see that it’s just like a journal or a diary to their personal lives, or even talking about how their businesses are doing. I didn’t even know that people can even make a living out of just blogging.

Blogs are interesting to read, I would’ve love to read a lot more, if only I had time to read them since I am really busy with my little family at home. So I will try a little paragraph about myself to start off.

I am a mother to four children, I have three boys and a girl. Two of my oldest boys love to play hockey, and I love being a hockey mom which I go to the arenas a lot to cheer for them. So my next blog I will talk about is being a Hockey and that I don’t have that much time for social media but I love to post their pictures on Facebook so my family can see my kids.

This is the article I read before I started with my first blog.

Hoping to read more blogs with this course.

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