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Friendly skies or problem rise ?


Ever wondered what the glamorous life of a Flight Attendant is like? You see movies and articles about life at 40000ft and feel envious about all the perks of travel… You wonder how their makeup stays on and their hair is always so neatly placed for the duration of the flight.  Well, we “FAs” have many secrets and I’m going to share a few but I am also going to discuss how social media has affected our lives in the air quite a bit. 

We Flight Attendants love to talk. That is why we spend most of our free time on board chatting in the galley. If you aren’t too familiar with what a galley is, it is the kitchen area in the back where we prepare our service trolleys. We have a curtain we can shut and then we can manage to have a bit of privacy and space away from passengers. If you ever sat in the back of a plane, you probably heard laughing and giggling coming from behind that curtain. The truth is, we mostly share past stories of experiences we’ve had with passengers. Some bad, some sad and some amazingly great inspiring ones. The thing about our lives as Flight Attendants today is that we now want to share some of these experiences with the world and not just keep them for our fellow cabin crew. Some of us have taken social media as an opportunity to communicate with the rest of the world about what goes on aboard. 


The truth about the flying world is that it isn’t the same as when the Jet Era had just started. Flying isn’t as much of a luxury anymore. Although it is still expensive for some, air travel has become accessible to almost everyone. That means more work for us woohoo! But, it also means a much MUCH bigger variety of passengers which isn’t necessarily a good thing…

There are many factors that can cause a passenger to be unruly and disruptive. Alcohol, mental illness, frustration and simply having bad manners. It can be extremely difficult for an FA to deal with these situations. The experience can be traumatic at times. Speaking about these experiences can be therapeutic to some of us. Sometimes however, we just want to vent about the jerk in 24B who won’t stop pressing the call button… This button isn’t your friend by the way. This button is for emergencies. For example, you should use it if you’re having a stroke…not because you just want another coke! Anyway, back to my point about disruptive passengers, some Flight Attendants and passengers have taken these experiences too far by publishing them on social media platforms. This has caused so much chaos in media and in the airlines industry.

I do believe that social media helps cabin crew in many ways. For example, it raises awareness about the things we are dealing with multiple times a day, while you’re having you nap in seat 33A. It also allows the public to better understand our roles as Flight Attendants. We are NOT servers which is a misconception that most people have. You should see us more as like dapper safety experts. Kind of like superman, business casual, but when the plane is on fire because your phone exploded, we know exactly what to do! 

Some of these public postings aren’t so great however. Employees of the industry as well as passengers have used the platforms for public shaming. You can read a good article about a Flight Attendant that took her frustration a little too far and how that ruined her flying career. Or, you can read another good article about a beautiful FA that was photographed on board without consent and her personal life was then exposed as they found her name and personal information. Another cabin crew member was shamed and seen a sexual object of a creepy man’s fantasy and other FAs discuss how often they are sexually harassed in their work environment in this article

A lot of stories are positive though. We often see videos of crew members singing or entertaining their passengers to keep the dynamic of the flight a positive one. Take a look at the video below about a Flight Attendant impersonating Looney Tune characters to make his public announcements more appealing to passengers.  

In conclusion

I promised to share a few secrets with you so here is a good link that gives you tips to score a free alcoholic drink on board.

This link shares perks about being a flight attendant.

This 20 Q&A session is awesome as well.

Remember folks, your safety is our top priority, please keep your shoes on when using the lavatories, be polite, drink alcohol in moderation and never EVER do your stretches in our galley. I thank you for reading my blog and wish you well in your onward journey.


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The power of Influencer Marketing


On my last blog we spoke about social media marketing. We went through 5 reasons on why you should use social media for marketing your brand. Some of you mentioned that you were concerned about the amount of time you’d have to spend marketing your business on the platforms. After some research, I’ve come up with what may be a solution to some of those time issues. 

What if someone else did the marketing for you without you having to put in any work? Is it possible? I’m telling you, it is!

There are people out there who have made social media their career. These people are what we call Social Media Influencers. They are a group of people that have gained a massive amount of followers and use this popularity to create awareness of their brand or the brand of others.

Let’s take a look at 4 reasons of why you should work with influencers.


#1 – They know who they are targeting.

Influencers know their audience. When you collaborate with an influencer, you will know to whom your brand is being advertised. Influencers know exactly what their followers want to see. They will have great insight as to what their followers need and what their demands are. They will understand and acknowledge the best way to engage with them. This will avoid you spending money on advertising that isn’t reaching the right audience. Take for example a TV commercial. How many people of the audience watching is actually interested in your product? If you pay a ridiculous amount of money for a specific time slot, maybe you can narrow it down to a few people but generally, you’re targeting everyone. But in marketing, you should be making a plan to best advertise to your targeted audience in order to create leads. The influencer will not agree to collaborate with you if your brand doesn’t relate to their personal brand. It has to be something their audience will enjoy otherwise they loose followers. To them, loosing followers is the equivalence of loosing money.

#2 – They have transparency and authenticity.

One of the great things about influencers is that they’re quite transparent and genuine, so they will include a disclaimer if they were gifted a product, or paid to promote one. They’re authentic when it comes to working with brands and are known to decline an opportunity that is not the right fit like I mentioned above. This is good news because it means you’ll only be working with influencers that really support your vision. No time wasted here! Also, the beauty of working with influencers is that they have their own ideas, perspective and experience, so they can put a new flair on your marketing strategy and uncover a fresh angle.

Source: Transparency In Influencer Marketing: Are We There Yet? Retreived from:

#3 – They increase awareness and traffic.

Usually, your influencer will include a tag of your brand on their post. This will allow more visibility and engagement with your brand. It can be a tag to encourage people to visit your social media platfroms or to increase traffic to your website. It’s your choice really.  It might happen slowly, but it will certainly happen. Often times, followers will wait to see if the influencer will stay loyal to the brand before “swiping” to find out more. After a while, they will be intrigued and will most likely follow you closely and become a loyal customer.

Source: 80% of marketers find influencer marketing effective. Retrieved from:


#4 – They can be less expensive than traditional marketing.

You can save money by using an influencer. Some of them can be expensive for sure but if you find one that truly believes in your brand, you can do a service exchange instead of paying them money. For example, if you own a clothes company and they really like the clothes you sell, you can provide them with outfits and they will wear the outfits in their posts. That way you give them a product instead of paying them out of your marketing budget. Some do request to be paid and you can learn more about their rates here.

In conclusion

Now that you know why you should be working with influencers, get out there and start collaborating with them. Find some that are a good fit for your brand and save time and money marketing, Let the social media experts create the content for you and use your saved time and money towards perfecting your business.

Finally, you can take a look at this video explaining why other brands are using influencers. If you’re worried and want to make sure you’re not being scammed by a fake influencer, follow this link to check their credibility before collaborating with them.

Did this answer your time concern question?

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Are you a small business owner? Business and social media marketing.

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Here’s a fact, people look at and use their social media everyday. Using the same platforms everyone uses might be the answer you’ve been looking for to make your small business grow and succeed. I believe that marketing your business on social media is the key to increasing your visibility and revenue. If you or your business aren’t actively using social media to increase the popularity, visibility and sales of your business, you are most definitely losing money and opportunities to make more of it every single day.

The top 5 reasons to market your small business on social media.

#1: Social media is used by half of the world’s population and therefore it will increase your popularity if you’re visible on it.

Based on the article found by following the link above, here are some interesting statistics of social media usage;

•As of January 2019, the total worldwide population is 7.7 billion and 3.397 billion of this population are active social media users. •On average, people have 5.54 social media accounts and spend 116 minutes a day using them.  This means that you are increasing your chances of popularity by basically 50%.

The goal of social media is to turn customers into a volunteer marketing army.

-Jay Baer

#2 It will potentially increase sales revenue:

The amount of visibility you will receive from being active on social media platforms will certainly reach out to people who don’t know your product yet. This will allow more people to discover your brand and potentially turn them into customers. Using Facebook ads and Google ads functions for example, will allow your business to be viewed by target audiences. That way, you are more confident that you’re spending your time and money on marketing that will reach the audiences you are actually trying to target. You can also adapt these ads to widen your range of customers and possibly find new groups of people who are interested in what you sell. People that you didn’t originally  think would have the need for your product. But hey! They actually really do.

Here’s a video about Facebook and Google ads. This will help you chose which one to use and to better understand the platforms.

#3 Marketing on social media is a better bang for your buck!

The important thing here is to have great content. People who relate with what you post will start to follow your business more faithfully and essentially this will convert them into loyal customers. Your original investment of time and money will turn your customers into a community that will  eventually do the marketing for you through shared posts and tags. How much is the original investment you ask?  Based on this grid, it will be the least expensive marketing strategy you’ve used. Don’t worry, you’re definitely not going to break the budget.

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#4 – You will get to know your customers needs faster and easier. 

Being present on social media will allow you to see what your customers react to. If they have specific posts or products they share and comment on, you can better adjust your brand to be more versatile and/or needed. Based on the people engaging online, you can evaluate the action and make the changes necessary without spending more than necessary. You can discover exactly what your customers want and are asking for by simply creating a relationship with them online. This process can easily be free as well depending on how you want to approach it.

 Here’s a video with tips on how to improve your social media customer support.


5# Your competitors are on social media and are probably 1 step ahead. 

Obviously all the information above isn’t anything new. You’re not the first to see it and won’t be the last. Keep in mind there’s definitely lot’s of businesses like you, offering what you offer and trying the same strategies. Your goal is to figure out a way to do it better and louder.

In Conclusion

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All of your potential customers online are already interacting with brands through social media and if you choose not to communicate directly to your targeted audience through social media platforms, you will miss out on many opportunities to obtain an increase in sales. Social media marketing is a very powerful way for small businesses to attain new leads and loyal customers. It’s important to keep the content interesting and of quality and relevance.  By adding social media marketing to your marketing plan, you will remarkably drive your business to a higher level of success. There’s no doubt about it. 

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Social Media – Is fake the new trend?

The “ take a selfie, fake a life” era seems to be upon us.

Many of us find ourselves questioning if everything we see in our news feed is actually real, such as posts about our friends relationships, the influencer lifestyles, different men and women with their luxurious lives and picture perfect bodies or families. It can be very frustrating for an average person to see posts like this every day in their feeds as some say it causes a feeling of “not measuring up” or  a feeling of a “failed life”. But why would people allow themselves to feel so low if all of it is possibly a lie ? Here’s the thing, most people don’t because they choose to also follow the fake trend instead. 

We compare ourselves daily with the lives of others. This has been an issue with humans since the beginning of time and has always been challenging. Today however, being confident in ourselves and believing in our own success without comparison has become nearly impossible for some as we are constantly bombarded with on screen versions of the so called perfect life. 

I see how the trend must of have started. Why would we post a photo of ourselves that we think is unattractive? We want the people on our followers list to see the best about us.

The problem with this, is that it has made our own egos love to be fed by all the likes and shares that our followers have given us. We are allowing others to judge us for the lives we portray online and not by who we are in person. Ultimately, this makes our feelings of “failure”, that I was talking about above, diminish. Or, so we think in that moment… 

Take a look at this video which explains how toxic this trend actually is.

Also, watch this award winning short film about social media and depression.

With all this social media “love” we get from others, our egos start to crave more. We add more and more content making it look better than the last. It’s a vicious cycle that has led us into a competitive and dangerous online world where we aren’t just in competition with our last post. We have become in competition with other profiles as well. We create content that isn’t even realistic anymore so that we can be part of the highest followed accounts. Why? Because it makes us feel good to be better and for others to think we’re more successful. It feeds the ego, as I mentioned before, which will convince us that we are superior than others when realistically, it is all a lie. Deep down though, we do know it’s a lie, which is proven in the video I posted above.

I honestly do think that fake is the new trend and most people are stylish with it. Why do I think that ? Because we continue to allow the people we hate to follow us and live on our feeds, so we can try and prove to them and ourselves that we are better. Shocking isn’t it? 

We believe that when they begin to “like” and “comment” on our perfect photos, of our perfect bodies and perfect lives, they truly like and believe what we’re posting. 

In conclusion

Social media is a world that we live in with our devices, and many have felt the need to pretend to have the life they want and wish for. We choose to ignore the fact that it’s all fake news because it has allowed us to escape the challenges of reality and simply makes some of us feel better about ourselves.

We certainly shouldn’t have to prove anything to others and we should practice believing in ourselves daily. The real world would be so much easier and simpler this way. It would be amazing if our social media accounts wouldn’t be such a mest up perception of reality. We’d learn how to set our egos aside and truly be happy. 

None of us have perfect lives. Not even the rich and famous. So why pretend we do online? Let’s stop the fake trend and make it as outdated as a pair of Nike kitten heels.

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I invite you all to start being more real. #beingreal

Here’s another interesting video relating to the “fake trend”.