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Friendly skies or problem rise ?


Ever wondered what the glamorous life of a Flight Attendant is like? You see movies and articles about life at 40000ft and feel envious about all the perks of travel… You wonder how their makeup stays on and their hair is always so neatly placed for the duration of the flight.  Well, we “FAs” have many secrets and I’m going to share a few but I am also going to discuss how social media has affected our lives in the air quite a bit. 

We Flight Attendants love to talk. That is why we spend most of our free time on board chatting in the galley. If you aren’t too familiar with what a galley is, it is the kitchen area in the back where we prepare our service trolleys. We have a curtain we can shut and then we can manage to have a bit of privacy and space away from passengers. If you ever sat in the back of a plane, you probably heard laughing and giggling coming from behind that curtain. The truth is, we mostly share past stories of experiences we’ve had with passengers. Some bad, some sad and some amazingly great inspiring ones. The thing about our lives as Flight Attendants today is that we now want to share some of these experiences with the world and not just keep them for our fellow cabin crew. Some of us have taken social media as an opportunity to communicate with the rest of the world about what goes on aboard. 


The truth about the flying world is that it isn’t the same as when the Jet Era had just started. Flying isn’t as much of a luxury anymore. Although it is still expensive for some, air travel has become accessible to almost everyone. That means more work for us woohoo! But, it also means a much MUCH bigger variety of passengers which isn’t necessarily a good thing…

There are many factors that can cause a passenger to be unruly and disruptive. Alcohol, mental illness, frustration and simply having bad manners. It can be extremely difficult for an FA to deal with these situations. The experience can be traumatic at times. Speaking about these experiences can be therapeutic to some of us. Sometimes however, we just want to vent about the jerk in 24B who won’t stop pressing the call button… This button isn’t your friend by the way. This button is for emergencies. For example, you should use it if you’re having a stroke…not because you just want another coke! Anyway, back to my point about disruptive passengers, some Flight Attendants and passengers have taken these experiences too far by publishing them on social media platforms. This has caused so much chaos in media and in the airlines industry.

I do believe that social media helps cabin crew in many ways. For example, it raises awareness about the things we are dealing with multiple times a day, while you’re having you nap in seat 33A. It also allows the public to better understand our roles as Flight Attendants. We are NOT servers which is a misconception that most people have. You should see us more as like dapper safety experts. Kind of like superman, business casual, but when the plane is on fire because your phone exploded, we know exactly what to do! 

Some of these public postings aren’t so great however. Employees of the industry as well as passengers have used the platforms for public shaming. You can read a good article about a Flight Attendant that took her frustration a little too far and how that ruined her flying career. Or, you can read another good article about a beautiful FA that was photographed on board without consent and her personal life was then exposed as they found her name and personal information. Another cabin crew member was shamed and seen a sexual object of a creepy man’s fantasy and other FAs discuss how often they are sexually harassed in their work environment in this article

A lot of stories are positive though. We often see videos of crew members singing or entertaining their passengers to keep the dynamic of the flight a positive one. Take a look at the video below about a Flight Attendant impersonating Looney Tune characters to make his public announcements more appealing to passengers.  

In conclusion

I promised to share a few secrets with you so here is a good link that gives you tips to score a free alcoholic drink on board.

This link shares perks about being a flight attendant.

This 20 Q&A session is awesome as well.

Remember folks, your safety is our top priority, please keep your shoes on when using the lavatories, be polite, drink alcohol in moderation and never EVER do your stretches in our galley. I thank you for reading my blog and wish you well in your onward journey.


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