Are you a small business owner? Business and social media marketing.

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Here’s a fact, people look at and use their social media everyday. Using the same platforms everyone uses might be the answer you’ve been looking for to make your small business grow and succeed. I believe that marketing your business on social media is the key to increasing your visibility and revenue. If you or your business aren’t actively using social media to increase the popularity, visibility and sales of your business, you are most definitely losing money and opportunities to make more of it every single day.

The top 5 reasons to market your small business on social media.

#1: Social media is used by half of the world’s population and therefore it will increase your popularity if you’re visible on it.

Based on the article found by following the link above, here are some interesting statistics of social media usage;

•As of January 2019, the total worldwide population is 7.7 billion and 3.397 billion of this population are active social media users. •On average, people have 5.54 social media accounts and spend 116 minutes a day using them.  This means that you are increasing your chances of popularity by basically 50%.

The goal of social media is to turn customers into a volunteer marketing army.

-Jay Baer

#2 It will potentially increase sales revenue:

The amount of visibility you will receive from being active on social media platforms will certainly reach out to people who don’t know your product yet. This will allow more people to discover your brand and potentially turn them into customers. Using Facebook ads and Google ads functions for example, will allow your business to be viewed by target audiences. That way, you are more confident that you’re spending your time and money on marketing that will reach the audiences you are actually trying to target. You can also adapt these ads to widen your range of customers and possibly find new groups of people who are interested in what you sell. People that you didn’t originally  think would have the need for your product. But hey! They actually really do.

Here’s a video about Facebook and Google ads. This will help you chose which one to use and to better understand the platforms.

#3 Marketing on social media is a better bang for your buck!

The important thing here is to have great content. People who relate with what you post will start to follow your business more faithfully and essentially this will convert them into loyal customers. Your original investment of time and money will turn your customers into a community that will  eventually do the marketing for you through shared posts and tags. How much is the original investment you ask?  Based on this grid, it will be the least expensive marketing strategy you’ve used. Don’t worry, you’re definitely not going to break the budget.

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#4 – You will get to know your customers needs faster and easier. 

Being present on social media will allow you to see what your customers react to. If they have specific posts or products they share and comment on, you can better adjust your brand to be more versatile and/or needed. Based on the people engaging online, you can evaluate the action and make the changes necessary without spending more than necessary. You can discover exactly what your customers want and are asking for by simply creating a relationship with them online. This process can easily be free as well depending on how you want to approach it.

 Here’s a video with tips on how to improve your social media customer support.


5# Your competitors are on social media and are probably 1 step ahead. 

Obviously all the information above isn’t anything new. You’re not the first to see it and won’t be the last. Keep in mind there’s definitely lot’s of businesses like you, offering what you offer and trying the same strategies. Your goal is to figure out a way to do it better and louder.

In Conclusion

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All of your potential customers online are already interacting with brands through social media and if you choose not to communicate directly to your targeted audience through social media platforms, you will miss out on many opportunities to obtain an increase in sales. Social media marketing is a very powerful way for small businesses to attain new leads and loyal customers. It’s important to keep the content interesting and of quality and relevance.  By adding social media marketing to your marketing plan, you will remarkably drive your business to a higher level of success. There’s no doubt about it. 

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8 thoughts on “Are you a small business owner? Business and social media marketing.

  1. Excellent post. I really like how you laid out your topic and broke it up with pictures and statistics to validate your article. The whole reason I am taking this introduction to Social Media, is to become better at marketing our Thrift Shop. Thank you for your insight and the links in which I can use.

  2. Excellent post! Your story has made me think about the time commitment which marketing a small business on social media would require. Big businesses have dedicated social media teams, recruiting highly trained people who, in addition to understanding how specific platforms work, also understand the underlying communications/marketing principles. Small businesses, in contrast, have to rely on their own staff learning social media marketing, keeping updated about all the frequent changes on social media platforms and so on. Do you think it is possible to do that while also being busy with whatever a specific small business is doing? Doesn’t this mean that small business owners have to put in twice more hours of work to be successful?

    • You take the time your currently using to do marketing and replace it with social media marketing if the extra work wouldn’t be possible or you can delegate the task to an employee. The results will be worth the time 🙂

  3. Great post! I definitely think that social media has become a standard for most industries and businesses. It also provides a great opportunity for businesses to differentiate themselves in the market and we’ve seen so many businesses that were able to generate growth through their social media strategy. Though social media is more cost-effective than traditional media, I do think that it takes a lot of time upfront which comes off as a large investment to many small businesses. It would be great to see a follow up post on the best resources for small businesses trying to establish a social media strategy!

    • I agree with you, it does take a lot of time so paying someone could get expensive. But if you reduce the amount your spending on traditional marketing and spend it towards social media, you could potentially be spending the same amount and get better results. You can also create post templates which makes it easier and faster for other posts. You can pre program your posts in advance so that they publish themselves. Maybe my third blog will be about the strategy. I shall keep that in mind. Thanks for reading 🙂 !

  4. I totally agree with you. In order to succeed in todays world you need to have a social media strategy in place. It is a great way to communicate with you clients and understand their likes and dislikes. Loved that you posted Neil Patel. I really do enjoy his videos.

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