How addictive is social media?

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Do you find yourself checking your apps and scrolling through your feeds? Do you check all your notifications and how many likes, loves or comments you received? Chances are you use the apps on your mobile phone way too much.

Why are we Addicted to Social Media Infographic:

Did you know “50% said using social networks like FaceBook and Twitter make their lives worse” (July 27, 2018 Why are we addicted to Social Media Infographics:

I find that now more than ever you need to make yourself look happy on social media. You are able to make an illusion on a happy life. Unfortunately I might say that this statistic might even be higher now. This info-graph was published in 2018. I fear these statistics might be more closer to 75% of social media users who feel these channels make their lives worse.

Are you one of these users? Comment below if you feel social media is hard to compete with.

Why are we Addicted to Social Media Infographic:

Are you one of these users? Comment below if you feel social media is hard to compete with.

TikTok goes the clock!

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So I finally did it. I signed up for a TikTok account this weekend. I said I would not do it. My husband is addicted, and some of my friends said….don’t do it… do not sign up. Whatever you do. It’s so addictive. But I said to myself, “if I am learning about social media in my college course online, why don’t I learn the fastest growing social media app?”

According to Rolling Stone, TikTok has been the most downloaded social media app in the past two years. At some point soon it will catch up to FaceBook and YouTube. This is a huge marketing opportunity if I ever saw one.

So far it has been very easy to use. Like other apps, it has a profile page and shows all the posts in a similar template as Instagram. You can follow profiles and like their videos. I really like how you can skip videos that don’t interest you. I am still getting the hang of it but I am excited to learn more as I go.

What about you? Are you a TikToker?


Check out my latest blog post! TikTok goes the clock! #TikTok #video


Are you interested in the newest trends in social media apps, TikTok?

Please check out my latest blog post, TikTok goes the clock!

Fishing (aka Phishing) is real?

I was puzzled when I asked my 14 year old daughter this question today and she didn’t understand. The young one, who has been born in this internet world. She has never known her youth without internet. I asked her “So when they ask you odd questions, like who was your first grade teacher?

Brown S, (2022 March 27) These Phishing Tactics Disguised as “Fun” on Social Media. Here is What to Look for (

Do you answer? Then we went on to discuss social media and what to look for. This type of questioning from someone is to ask you to provide information that only you would know. That’s the whole point of Phishing. Not Fishing to obtain fish. They want to gather information about you to hack your account and get your personal information. This is how hackers are able to hack your account because they are able to answer the random questions you set up when you set up your account.

I asked my daughter if they have had a conversation about this in school. I asked her if this was something that was discussed in class. She said no, she couldn’t remember. I feel like a have not properly prepared my daughter for the cyber world of social media. Haven’t I seen my own Facebook friends answer these type of questions and surveys? Didn’t my friends feel pressure to reply to one of their friends posts and share it to their own page so others can do it as well?

It could be set up as a survey with a bunch of what look like random personal questions……..wait……..what? Like the one my daughter talked about that was going around SnapChat a few years back where wanted you to fill out a survey. Starting with her full name??

What was the name of the street you grew up on? Yikes…..don’t answer that.

It is important to build your own social media image as I am learning, your own personal brand on social media. Now I need to worry about my fourteen year old daughter submitting a survey in Snapchat on random questions so hackers can hack her account?

Have you had a conversation with your teenager about Phishing not fishing on social media?

Kerry McGrath 2022, March 28 Twitter Account


Brown S, (2022 March 27) These Phishing Tactics Disguised as “Fun” on Social Media. Here is What to Look for (

How to Market Sewing and Sew on and Sew on

How to Market Sewing and Sew on and Sew on

My favorite past time is sewing I have done this for a long time. For well over 30 years, my favorite tool is my sewing machine. Ok, so I have 10 sewing machines, please no judging. I think it is important to have a past time that you enjoy and that can support you creatively, emotionally, spiritually, and lastly financially. How do you market your sewing business though? That is what I hope to get help with. I need to grow my business. I need tools to grow my business. And here I am.

According to Statistic Canada, there 1,595 businesses with sewing stores in Canada.

  • average revenue is around $240 thousand a year.
  • these companies are 83% profitable.
  • a very positive percentage when a pandemic economic recovery is present

These figures present a lot of hope in making my own small business successful.

I think my main problem is trying to find a niche in the sewing market. My most sewn garment I have made and have the most experience making is my winter parkas.

Should I focus my market on custom made parkas?