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Every time I have to do a blog post assignment for my Social Media marketing class, I dread it and usually wait until the bitter end to do it. It takes me all week to figure out what I want to blog about and whether or not I believe it would be a relatively interesting topic. This involves a lot of hair pulling, to then asking friends and family for topic ideas, only to disregard any of their suggestions and use my own. I am not a blogger nor do I read blogs (except for these assignments) and tend to lean on the side of thinking blogs are sort of an outdated social media platform.

So, as you may have been able to guess… my blog post will be on whether or not they are still relevant. With having so many other social media network options out there, blogging seems too time consuming with the fast pace living we are in today. People seem to have less attention spans and just want to get to the point of why they visited that post. For example, I have been looking up on how to make hexagon shelves and kept getting sent to blog pages. Yet I never read the blogs and why they decided to write about this particular subject or their detailed explanation on why some things didn’t work compared to others. I scroll down to where they have the instructions and what you need and I go from there.

I came across a couple Youtube channels and articles about this topic to try to figure out if I was on to something or not. Starting with the YouTubers, Neil Patel and Create and Go with each of these channels stating that blogging has evolved and they are/aren’t relevant if you are/are not willing to evolve with the times. It’s no longer being able to just write a blog and you’ll have a whole bunch of subscribers, but rather you need to have popular social media networks where you can post a link of your blog on it so people can click it if they are interested in knowing more. They also go into more details on how to improve your blog if this is the area you’d like to go in.

Moving on to the articles, they each pretty much stated the same thing as the youtubers. That you need to be able to evolve with the times and that just writing what you think is not enough. You need to have subject matter that isn’t all over the place. It needs to have a common theme that you stick with throughout the site and incorporate other social media platforms that people can browse through. I’ve said it above and I’ll say it again…people have short attention spans and want to be engaged with the content. As each article states you need to add multi-media to your blog posts and can no longer be just a writing platform. For example, pictures, gif’s, video, polls, other social media networks, etc, etc., in order to keep people engaged and want to come back for more is the only way to stay alive in this game. I’ll post the website of these articles at the end of this post.

In conclusion, do I think they are no longer relevant …yes I do think they are no longer relevant. I will stubbornly think blogs are just people writing what they believe in, or what they are interested in or even how their day went and these are boring to me. Me writing this blog post for class doesn’t seem like it will be relevant for others. On the bright side though, I’ve learned to appreciate blog posts more and will hopefully take the time to read it all the way through. I’ve learned like everything else, we need to evolve and adapt with the world in order to stay relevant and continue to grow. Will I continue to write blog posts when my course is complete… short answer no. However, I will try to promote blogs on my social media accounts if they are relevant to my personal brand.






Do you always sign?

Although this is not a new platform used to get an issue heard or resolved, it certainly is used more now and has changed with the times. Traditionally done with paper and a clip board going door to door asking If you’d like to help the cause. Now there is an easier way of getting your petition to people in addition to being seen global scale by Change.org . This an online website that allows you to create petitions in several different categories. This tends to be the go to site to get what you believe in started and sent to the appropriate recipiant.

In the past month or so several different petitions have popped up on my Facebook and Instagram all advocating that we need to make a difference and create change. Examples include, extending CERB for those who work in the TV and film industry, to exempting Nurses from bill 124, intoxication is not a valid plea, any type of petition dealing with animal cruelty, baby Yoda as an emoji, justice for a certain POC, etc, etc,. Are these petitions making an actual difference or are they meaningless? In my view, I believe it just depends on the information that can backup the cause in order for retail change. I’ve researched the concept of whether or not these online petitions are relevant and come across some articles that go both ways on the subject.

An article written by Christopher Mele for the New York Time interviewed a professor from Temple University by the name of Jason Del Gandio. He statEd that the biggest benefit of the these petitions is the awareness it brings. He also brings up the point that these petitions bring up other important uses like reinforcing views and rallying supporters.

Another article that goes in the opposing side starting right from the headline: Why petitions are (almost always) a staggering waste of time. This article was written by Tristin Hopper of The National Post and I quote “In a society neck-deep in petitions, it shouldn’t be all that surprising that signing one of them is almost exclusively a pointless exercise serving no purpose except to make petitioners feel good about themselves.” 1 She continues to gives examples of petitions that have been filed but didn’t make any difference towards the cause. In addition, saying that Change.org has a loose definition of what they believe is a win. It seemed that this particular petition website doesn’t account for the other factors that come into play in order to receive said win but on the ready to take credit for it.

My question to you the reader is…Do you blindly sign every petition that your friends and peers send you? Or do you pick and choose?

I have a tendency to sign these petitions blindly when it comes to my friends who may work in the field or is close to the cause. However, by writing this blog it brings light on the fact that I need to put more thought in what I am signing.


What are you doing?

Today’s blog is going to be difficult for me as I am someone who doesn’t use social media for important matters. I am going to use a recent event that is going strong today and bringing more and more people together but also apart. It is a tough subject and that is racism. My reasoning for this blog post is that lately I have been feeling more and more bombarded with feeling useless in bringing awareness to others.

By now I believe that almost everyone has heard about the George Floyd movement and if you haven’t I’ll post a link below.


On popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat there have been several movements that are asking you to be a part of getting the word out that racism needs to stop. With that happening more and more people you may follow, whether they are influencers or your friends, are asking you to help with this cause but have added a phrase along the line of ‘If you aren’t doing anything then you are the problem’. To me that isn’t helpful since you have now made that person feel scared to post publicly about the issue in fears of saying something wrong.

For example I took part in a viral thread #blackouttuesday that many others have taken part of too. To only have a friend of mine post in their story that this isn’t helping and this is a problem. Some people have also non directly threatened their friendships by making statements along the line of ‘if you aren’t doing anything then you are the problem and we can’t be friends.’

This post was to flood Instagram and make more people aware that racism still exists today.

However they asked you to kindly not use #blacklivesmatter since that is to give information about the issue and what you can do to help.

I am person who is hesitant in posting my opinions on important subjects for the fact that I usually see negative responses on other peoples social platforms about their thoughts on the matter. Mind you I respect the hell out of those who aren’t afraid to have a voice and speak up against injustice. I admire those who are posting factual information, videos of their experiences, what you can do to help, petitions to sign and just thanking those who have liked a post.

This blog is to have more in-depth conversation of your experiences and what you think about posting about important matters like racism.

Are you like me and are on the more hesitant side of re-posting information and movements that others have already posted?

Are you someone who posts everything because at least the information is out there?

Are you someone who has posted and then gotten some unwanted feed back?

In perspective to all of this, I am a woman of colour and have experienced some form of racism so I have been supporting the movement in my own ways. I have signed petitions, I’ve done my research about my field and how I can help be more inclusive. Unfortunately I have not been donating since I am not in a position financially (like most others with covid-19 happening) to be able to.

If you would like to learn more about what has been done, what you can do or where you can donate or sign I will have the links below:

http://chng.it/nMKqwBFH7c – Petition

https://blacklivesmatter.com/ – Official website for BLM and gives you information on everything

https://nymag.com/strategist/article/where-to-donate-for-black-lives-matter.html – This blog post is from The New Yorker and gives you 115 causes you can donate to.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post and I’m excited to hear your thoughts. Sorry if it seemed all over the place but this topic has been weighing on me for a while.

Is this realistic?

New Protocols for On-Set Productions.

As we continue our social distancing, more and more production companies are putting out protocols in place for when the film industry’s are able to start production again. Some posts have been realistic on how to achieve a safe set and still keep the integrity of the film, while others may have seen this as an opportunity to save money on crew. Lets start off with the most unrealistic method which had been circling around that certain departments will no longer be allowed on set and only the need to be crew like camera, script supervisor and producers are allowed – leaving a lot of things able to go wrong with continuity. Department’s like Hair, Costumes, Props, Makeup, Lighting, etc., need to be there in order to keep everything looking identical after each take; especially if the Director decides they want to add or takeaway a certain aspect of that scene. Let’s put this into perspective of why this wouldn’t work if these Departments weren’t there to do there job. For Example, Game of Thrones had a media frenzy when someone noticed a coffee cup in the scene and that circulated in the media for months. Another example would be Lord of the Rings when Legolas eye colour seem to change in different scenes throughout the trilogy. You have to be really looking hard to notice these tiny mishaps but they do happen since there is so much going on on set to ensure bigger errors don’t occur and take away from the story. I‘ll throw a link down of one of the many articles out there about this:

https://www.esquire.com/entertainment/g28879002/famous-tv-movie-mistakes/ 1.

l‘ll digress and continue on with what production companies are going to be putting in place to ensure the safety of their cast and crew.

Tyler Perry has come up with the plan to have a camp like atmosphere set up on his Atlanta Studio lot for cast and crew.

“This is the ideal place for this horrific situation we are in, in a sense that we can bring in the crew, test everyone, test the actors as they got there,” Perry said..


“These houses are pristine, they are beautiful, and some of the actors and some of the crew already rent them when they are coming in from out fo town to stay there.” Perry said.


He continues to mention how everyone would be initially tested 2 weeks prior to pre-production when coming from out of state. To being tested again when entering the lot while additionally being quarantined for 24 hours until the results come back. For crew that test negative, they will be vacated safely and will not be able to work and for the actors they will end up working around their quarantine to ensure the safety of everyone. In this article Tyler Perry doesn’t go into detail about how each department who need to be there for pre-production will work but it is all in the initial stages anyways. Meeting with other productions, agencies, union, crew and talent will all need to come together for this to be viable.

Next I’d like to talk about the UK and how they are planning on handling the safety of their team. The UK seem to be further ahead with starting productions safely in the next month or so unlike the US or Canada. In their guidelines which has been summarized by Jake Kanter from Deadline (from which I got this article from), they have an outline of how everything will be handled. This is from anywhere to having a safety rep on set to be able to shutdown production if necessary, ‘cast and crew should undergo pre-shoot health screenings and have their temperature checked twice a day’ 4., to each department should sanitize everything they touch and keep 2 meters away from each other, transportation limitation, etc., but these are all recommendations and guidelines listed.

Through a facebook group that I’m apart of about our industry, Canada hasn’t really been making statements yet about how they plan on ensuring the safety of everyone.However, as I was researching to find other countries plans, I came across an article from CBC evolving Manitoba. They are allowing productions to start at the beginning of June with the already established protocols for covid 19 of quarantining yourself for 14 days as well as social distancing yourself. But they are still working out the logistics for how it is going to work on set with the departments. Not taking into consideration the difficulty of social distancing for some departments that need to work closely together in order to get their job done. They have a lot of work to do still before they should start production up again. A quote from the gentleman who they interviewed,

“I don’t think being first is the best idea. Because if you’re first, and you get it wrong, it could mean … much more serious repercussions for the industry going forward,” said Nicolas Phillips, president of International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees Local 856.


I couldn’t agree more with that statement by Nicolas Phillips about being the first and on top of that not having a protocol guideline put in place is ignorant. Yet they know enough people will take the risk because they need the income and want to work again. Unfortunately I don’t really see productions running as smoothly as it did before (mind you it didn’t really before this virus) because there are so many unknown factors of how to make the day. Crews will be significantly smaller and it will take twice as long to get every department ready to shot at call time. Most of the departments already get asked to get stuff done quicker then the allotted time they were given. For example, I am a makeup artist and at the end of every day we let the 2nd AD know how much pre-call time we need based on people, how many changes in the day for a scene, if we need to apply FX, and so on, so we can be ready by call time.

As much as I am excited to get back to work, I am personally not someone who will take the risk of putting my health and my families health in danger. Then again I am also lucky with the support I have financially if needed, where other’s may not be so lucky.

Nikita J.

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