Everyday, we keep on learning

By Pablo Mamani

Welcome to my blog. My name is Pablo Mamani and I live in Ottawa, Ontario. I’m 19 and I’m currently taking this college course to further my understanding in Social Media.

I’ve been drawing ever since I was little. Everywhere I went, I always had a notebook with me to doodle. I was always creating my characters and stories in these small note books.

Everywhere I went, I always had ideas I needed to put down on paper.

Once I was around 9 or 10, I had some art supplies such as coloured pencils and sketchbooks. I mainly enjoyed drawing animals and people. After a while though, I became interested in other things and I slowly forgot about my drawing projects.

I mainly work with pencil colour when drawing animals.

When I was about 15, I began to sketch again and I took my first art course. I decided that I wanted to take my artwork more seriously and I began to save up my money to buy more and more art supplies. This is when I discovered Instagram and decided to open an account to post my drawings. At first, I did not receive much engagement in my account so I eventually stopped posting. I eventually realized that I needed to improve the quality of my content and began to improve my drawing skills. I began to feel more satisfied with my work, and began to do drawing work for my family and friends.

During this time, I also began to gain an interest in urban street-wear, fashion and sneakers. I began to do lots of sketches of sneakers and continued doing more illustrations based on fashion. With this new interest in mind, I went back to Instagram and started posting again, but with more consistency. I bought and iPad and began to use it to draw digitally.

I like to use the iPad to create digital illustrations on an app called Procreate.

My plan is to continue to improve my art and begin to grow my Instagram. I want to take this Social Media course so I will have a better insight in how to manage my online presence. I want to combine my two interests, art and fashion, and make that my career and to help other people who also want to grow as an artist. I think that drawing and illustrating is a great way to showcase someones fashion ideas and concepts, while find a way to continue to create more.

We never stop learning and the key is to keep trying different things that work. I’m still trying to find what works for me, but so far, I feel happy with what I’m doing and I’m excited what the future brings.

Thank you for taking the time to read my first blog post. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them down below!

Check out my artwork on Instagram @pablos.art

Social media and your job interview


Image from: https://www.totaljobs.com/

As teenagers finish high school and go off to college, they being to encounter many changes in their social life, and career as they gradually get closer to entering the working world.

One thing that many people do not realize however is that their social media presence can affect their real life presence when getting hired for a job. Many young people may not realize that they have left some wild photo up on their Facebook or a controversial tweet that they posted 6 years ago. They don’t realize that it can come back to bite them, when their potential employer discovers it.

Many people might think that if they remove their social media profiles of the web, they will be safe. However, a survey that was conducted found that 57 percent of employers are less likely to interview a candidate they can’t find online. Of course, deciding whether or not you’re going to use social media is a personal decision.

One thing that people can do to make their social media “interview proof” is that they can put up uplifting content. Pictures and videos displaying moments with family and friends, showing your hobbies and talents, showing pictures of trips. It’s true, you need to show that you would make a good worker, but by showing that you can live a normal productive life by being a kind person, with different skills and experiences, you are showing the potential employer that you are able to showcase these qualities in the workplace.

Another thing that you could do is go back down on your Facebook or Instagram profile and delete any photo that you wouldn’t want your employer seeing, such as photos of you drinking or being rowdy. It might also be good to remove any captions or comments with profanity, as the employer might see it as offensive and unprofessional. Alongside your profile, they may also see content that you direct towards others, such as comments you leave, so you need to take care of that also. Alongside your social media profile, you also need to make sure that your email is also professional. This probably means you might have to change the email that you thought was cool when you were 10. Taking action to improve your presence

The potential employer has a good reason to be cautious. If they hire you, you become a reflection of the business. You become a member of a network of people. The first impression between you and your future employer is very important for you to get the job. Your social media impression is just as important. Taking these points into account can help you greatly improve your chances of landing that job you really want.

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I am a YouTuber


Image from https://pursuit.ca/

In today’s world, we can see how career options are changing as we progress into the next decade. With more and more job options opening up to individuals with distinct talents, we can see that many young people are choosing to look over at the creative side of the internet, with one of the most popular sites being YouTube. What makes being a youtuber such an appealing career?

Many young people see YouTube as a great career option because it seems enjoyable to talk about what you like, gain fans, create entertaining videos, become famous and doing it all with just a camera and a microphone. According to one survey, 1000 teenagers between the ages of 6 – 17 where asked what job they wanted to have. One third of them said they wanted a career as a Youtuber. So the appeal is only growing.

There are many other pros to being a Youtuber. Someone with a talent or a hobby can use this platform to follow their passion and create content for people to watch. They can use Youtube to put themselves out there for their audience.

Another advantages is that by being a Youtuber, you are your own boss. Nobody is going to tell you what you need to do. You have everything under your control. You decide what you want to create and when you want to show it to your audience.

Finally, the third point that we can see is that anybody can do it. From young kids to teenagers to parents, everyone has something to offer. You also do not need any experience or degree in any field to start. It is something that you master as you grow overtime, by gaining that experience and polishing your image on screen.

Image from https://medium.com/

Being a Youtuber also has it’s negative side, however. The journey to become one can take a long time and if you don’t have the patience and determination that you need, you can easily give up. It takes time to grow an audience and to gain the views. With thousands of hours of content uploaded a through out the day, it can be hard to stand out from the rest of the viewers.

Consistency is also key in growing a YouTube channel. Once you have your audience, you need to be able to give them what they subscribed for. Developing a video can take hours, if not days. So you need to be able to have the energy to keep up the channel.

Finally, the last thing I wanted to mention is that once our channel gets up and running, you will gradually need to improve your videos. This could end up being expensive since you would have to buy more and more equipment, maybe hire a video editor or have a team of people working with you.

As in all careers, being a YouTuber has it’s pros and cons. If you have the right mindset and determination, you can start and grow an audience. Being a Youtuber is a real career, just as any other career. It’s something that we will see more in the future. Have any other ideas? Please let us know in the comments.

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Social Media and the Fashion Game


Image from: https://www.elitedaily.com/

During the last decade, we can see how social media affected almost every part of our lives. In one aspect that we can see this clearly is in the fashion industry. More and more emerging models and artists are coming up from platforms such as Instagram. Brands are able to open themselves up to the fashion industry. By gaining a large following, they are able to influence people into certain trends and styles. So what is the role that social media is playing in fashion?

Image from https://www.ellecanada.com

One way that social media influences us is that a lot is that it makes shopping much easier. A person can easily visit the website of a brand right from the account a brand has on a social media platform. They can make purchases right from the app, while sharing the product with other people.

Social Media has made it easier for smaller brands to gain a presence in the fashion industry. Anyone can start a fashion brand with a social media account. Small brands can work with photographers and influencers to create a sunning advertisement with pictures that will not create online interest their audience, but will motivate them to buy their products. When it comes to social media, we can also get a more personalized experience because people can look for what every brand and style that they want.

Another way in which social media plays a role in the fashion industry involves the models who use it. Companies can have individual models sponsor their products and review them. This gives people who watch their content a way to see how the product works with an individual. Many people would prefer this experience than to see a celebrity model in a fashion show.

Companies can use social media to connect directly with their customers and address any issues that they may have. The customer can write down their experience in the comment section of an online post. The comments can affect the reputation of a company, whether it is positive or negative. So this means that the brand needs to push themselves to create a good online presence and be engaging with their customers while providing them with their needs.

As the fashion industry changes, so do we. In what way? In the way we see fashion and in the way we connect with brands. In the future, as social media keeps growing, so will it’s influence on the fashion industry.

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How social media can get to our head


Image from https://thriveglobal.com

Social media has become so integrated in our lives that it is difficult to picture what the world would look like without it. Can you imagine a world where Facebook and Twitter didn’t exist? We would likely be still receiving all our worldwide news from traditional TV or newspapers. What would the world look like without YouTube or Instagram? Probably most talented artists, musicians, singers and other individuals would have never been discovered. Social media has impacted us so much as human beings, that sometimes, we let it get to our head. How can we protect ourselves from being affected by the negative side of social media?


Many people can agree that social media is such a strong addiction and can take away a lot of time during our day. It can take away from valuable moments away from us, such as spending time with our families, our jobs, and other hobbies we might have. Most of us probably check our feed in the morning when we wake up. Others check it constantly during the day. The result of this however, is an unhealthy addiction that can result in us with feelings of uselessness, mood swings, preoccupation and constant overthinking, because we haven’t seen the latest post.


Although social media was created to connect us, it might end up doing the opposite. When we become glued to our phones, we may have the tendency to forget what the world around us has to offer. For many people, it gets to the point where they feel alone once they close the app, because they never developed friends in real life, only online friends. The phone might become an escape that we might use when we face interactions, problems and awkward moments.

We become insecure

When we open our social media to see peoples posts, we may start to compare ourselves to others. We see our friend’s vacation pictures and wonder why we can’t enjoy vacations like that. When we see our friends having a good time, we might begin to feel left out. We might begin to think that we are not good enough to present our image and to think that there is something wrong with ourselves and our bodies. This might make us use filters, and to modify our faces and bodies in our pictures, so that we look good.

It can influence our decisions

When we open our social media, we are bombarded with ideas, styles, opinions and viewpoints. As humans, we tend to be influenced by what we surround ourselves with. Here is where we need to make that decision. Will we allow social media to take over our minds and behavior? Or will we keep it in it’s place? That is what each of us need realize for ourselves.

Social media can be a very beneficial tool to help other people. Please share this article to be able to help others who may also be going through this and please share your comments below.

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Online Business and finding ways to captivate their audience

Online Business and finding ways to captivate their audience


Image from: https://www.forbes.com

In today’s world, we can see that the business world is changing drastically with the rise of online businesses. Even though both traditional businesses and online businesses are both based on the same principles, the way that a business communicates with it’s customers is changing. Businesses and companies can see that people are changing. People want more and more things and they want it now.

One of the main reasons for this would be that people are getting busier and busier. One example would be that people in the working world do not spend much time at home, so it’s likely that they do not watch the commercials a company would air on to TV. These same people, however might open Facebook on their phone during their lunch break and see that ad. A family would most likely throw away a newspaper, but they would probably be more inclined see that same ad pop up on a website they are visiting So a company needs to analyze what is the best way to reach their audience, whether they are people in the working world, families, couples etc.

Companies also need to find the best way to spark an interest in the customers mind, about a product. To do this, they need to create something with features that the other products lack. In their online listing, they need to have good looking photographs to captivate the users interest. They may do this by placing a logo or brand that stands out from the other products or that uses colours that make it look impactful.

There are many things that online businesses need to do to be able to create something that people are going to want to buy. They need to find the best way to reach their audience, and the best way to show their advertisement. They need to be able to create a captivating listing, so that people feel inclined to purchase their business.

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