ASSIGNMENT #1: Blog Post #4 – Out of the Box

By Pablo Mamani

I have learned a lot of the different areas of social media in this course. One thing that I did not expect to learn however is how big of an impact that social media might have on my life if I decide to use it as the main key for my business. I also realize how new these tools are and just thinking back to 5 years ago, social media marketing did not have the same impact that it does right now. It has made me realize that the world is always changing and if we are going to continue to change along with it, we need to become adaptable people. 

Another thing that I have learned in this field is the importance of communication when it comes to social media marketing. We need to learn to create a network of people who will support us in our journey if we want to have a successful sociable business and a community of positive people. If we develop a positive upbuilding network of people, we are able to learn from other methods of managing social media. It’s true that this can be a challenge for a lot of introverted people. Fortunately, social media has made it easier for these people to have a voice and present themselves through their posts and content.

Assignment 5: Event Participation

by Pablo Mamani

How To Use Social Media To Find More Customers

I chose to attend this event because it was something that I wanted to learn to continue to grow my online business. I felt that it would be an encouraging step in my progress to expand my business and to use social media more effectively.

The presentation was presented by Rick, the CEO of the website Be More Sociable.

Some questions that I have asked during this webinar where:

Are there any suggestions for time management between each platform?

Would you suggest ditching printed material completely?

Interacting and asking questions was definitely a great way for me to engage with people who also have similar goals to mine. I also learned some new methods and ideas that I haven’t heard of before regarding social listening and communications which was very helpful.

  • I learned the importance and best methods of social selling.
  • Building trust is an important thing when it comes to building relationships with potential customers
  • Another thing that I learned is that you can take control of your audience. This is very important for a business owner to do because this is the only way for them to guide their business in the direction that they want it to go.

One quote that I liked in the presentation was:

 “The mobile phone is the key to everything in the online world”

I will definitely attend an event like this again. I found it to be really informative and it was a great experience. I feel refreshed with new ideas and the best thing for me is to keep learning from other people who are in the same path as me.

Blog Post #3 Professional Networking Now and in the Future

By Pablo Mamani

One other thing that I plan on implementing to expand my social media network is that I want to engage with users in all sorts of social media networks and apps. By putting myself out there on all of these platforms, I will be able to network with people who think like me and I will also be able to connect with people who also have different viewpoints from me. That way me and the people I connect with will continue to inspire one another with different ideas. I also think that by following and connecting with other people’s social media pages, in a way, I will be able to learn from their mistakes.

Something that I want to continue to do in the next 6 – 12 is to expand my own networks as I continue to grow my brand. I plan to get more involved in designing websites and social media pages for my brand and even helping other people who are working in the same niche as me with the knowledge that I have gained. As I continue to expand, I also realize that I might also want to bring my brand to life by investing in assets that will help me to grow to a larger scale.

Post 2 – Strong & Weak Organizations

By Pablo Mamani

A non profit organization that implements a good social media strategy is the World Wide Fund for nature. Something that they did in 2017 is their Earth Hour campaign, which is a social media campaign that encourages their audiences of individuals and businesses to turn off their lights for 1 hour, in an effort to combat climate change and protect wildlife.

This campaign was very successful. 25 million people participated and shared their support by sharing the hashtag #EarthHour to highlight their followers. Alongside the efforts to help out nature, the result for their campaign was millions of followers and impressions for the WWF.

One way that WWF encouraged their audience to participate was their emphasis of the “urgency” of saving climate change. This motivates people to take action and see the importance of doing better with how they use their electricity.

Many non profit organizations often feel overwhelmed with the results of their campaigns that they often don’t know how to manage it well. They might stick to a plan that they have in mind and not expect the results that they get. They also might not be aware of the impact that they will see. This is not always a bad thing. An example of this is the Ice Bucket Challenge, which happened in 2014. Millions of people, from athletes to celebrities to politicians have participated in this challenge resulting in millions of donations to fund the research of ALS.

Blog Post #1: Tools and Sources

By Pablo Mamani

Image from:

There are a wide range of social media tools that can be used to manage different platforms. One of the tools that I use is Google Alerts. The clear simple  format makes it easy to navigate and to use. There is also a way to be able to connect Google Alerts with my Gmail account, so that I do not miss out on any upcoming or breaking news on the product or topic that I am interested in. Another tool that I find useful is Hootsuite, which has an ability to help me manage my Instagram post schedule. Having these features allows me to save time and maintain consistency. The simple format also allows me to track my progress and analytics that my posts are getting.

I prefer these tools because of the simplicity that they give to the user. I also like to use Google’s web based products since they can be seamlessly used between my computer, tablet and my phone. And I also like that it can be connected with my Gmail account which I can access on any device.

My social media account is mainly focused on art and fashion so some news that would mainly interest me is would be be on these topics. One news source that I often visit is a blog site called Hypebeast which is a fashion news blog site that often reports on upcoming clothing releases, modren artwork, different types of collaboration, celebrity news, entertainment and other modern modern topics related to my personal brand.

Another website that I often visit for updates and news it Complex, which is a news source that often provides updates on similar stuff, such as fashion, sneakers and pop culture. An online store is also included in their website. These two news sites are very useful to me, when it comes to helping me create new content.

COM0014 Blog #7: Personal Reflection

By Pablo Mamani

Storytelling is a very important aspect when creating content. It can allow the content creator to make content that can be engaging to an audience. It should also be something that their audience will find memorable and will connect with their emotions. Online companies and creators also need to find ways to make their product or service stand out from the rest of the competition, by solving the unique problems that their audience might face. An important thing that I learned was the importance of audience diversity. Different ethnicities, cultural backgrounds, age groups, lifestyles all play and important role in how my audience will view the content I produce.

Throughout the course, I have also learned the importance of good communication with my audience. Good communication from a business is important when they want to reach their consumer, other businesses and the government. I learned that it’s essential for us to get out more and explore the world, that way we will be able to approach and view our story with fresh new eyes. As we continue to learn new things about the different types of audiences we have, we will be able make adjustments in our content if it’s needed.

Storytellers need to create something that people will find interesting and something that will motivate them to want more. Content should be created in the clearest form possible, and should be easy to find, so that it captivates the interest of the viewer so that they continue to read the article or watch the video.

I want to continue to develop my own unique voice to make my own brand appear to be more humanlike, rather than a large business corporation. I want my audience to see that there is another person in the other end, who wants to connect with them.

COM0014 – Blog #6: Do people know your Story?

by Pablo Mamani

What websites do they visit? Where do they shop? What social media groups do they belong to?

My audience would consist of different type of artists. Some websites that they would visit would include YouTube channels that make drawing tutorials or channels that review art supplies. My audience would shop at art supply stores, art shops and they might also be interested in viewing and buying pieces in art galleries. The online marketplace also provides many buying options for my audience. Many artists set up their own shops on websites such as Etsy or their own Shopify store, so these can be places where artists will support other artists. This will be one of the best ways to build a brand.

My audience might also be interested in following other artist’s social media accounts. For example, a well known artist might post art progress videos and photos on their social media accounts. My audience might also visit websites such as art blogs and forums. This could be a way that they gain feedback and create discussion, participate in art contests and work on gaining exposure. Another way they would use social media is to check out hashtags that relate to their own artwork.

COM0014 – Blog #5: Personal Branding

By Pablo Mamani

Some qualities that set my personal brand apart from other brands are the subjects that I usually include in my art. I’m working on creating my personal brand centered around my illustrations and designs. My art mainly focuses on sneakers and streetwear, which is something that is not as common to draw or it’s not something that I have seen being done very often, compared to different types of fashion illustrations. I think that one of my best traits would be my consistency and that I continually try to perfect my art. I don’t like to settle for less and I want to continue to improve. I’m a perfectionist and I want it to look exactly how I pictured it in my head.

I think that I am still trying to find a way to stand out completely from the rest of the crowd. It’s taking me a little bit of time to develop my brand. Looking at how other brands and people manage their social media and how they present their content is a good way for me to get some ideas on how to manage my own online presence. Of course, I don’t want to copy exactly their methods, but i think that we can be inspired by other people’s minds.

COM0014 – Blog #4: How Hotbox connects with their audience online

By Pablo Mamani

Reaching your customers can be a challenging thing for a business but if they put into practice many important strategies, they can be successful and run things smoothly. One business that does this well is a business called Hotbox, a sneaker and streetwear boutique in Toronto. Every day, they share Instagram stories with their audience , and they share posts with photos of some of their featured products that are on sale. They also give shout outs to winners of their Key Master machine, which you can will shoes and prizes.

Hotbox also share polls and questions on their stories and often go live on Instagram. I was there waiting in line while they filmed a story as they were promoting a back to school sale. Their Facebook is also active, where they are sharing the same content as their Instagram.

Hotbox can be seen responding to their customers questions in the comment section helping out with any questions. They also just opened a small repair shop next to their shop, which serves as a great addition to their man shop, which attracts many customers, since they promote it alongside their advertisements on their social medias.

COM0014 – Blog #3: Passion for Sneakers

By Pablo Mamani

One hobby and pastime that I have is collecting sneakers and streetwear. I think that the main audience for this interest would be teenage boys and young men and maybe young women. People who follow celebrities, brands and fashion releases would also be included in the audience.

Something that stands out in my audience is their dedication to collecting the latest pairs. The people who are interested in this type of fashion are usually called Sneakerheads. Many Sneakerheads often go to great lengths to obtain the newest sneakers, which can be difficult. Since the most popular sneakers are released in limited quantities and are rare. It is also due to the fact that when the sneakers are sold at retail, they are priced at a reasonable price, but the resale value goes way up once all the sneakers are sold out. Sneakerheads who managed to get the sneakers at retail price will resell them at these prices. This is the way that profits are made.

Another way that these audiences can be reached is through a sneaker news blog. This would be a blog or a social media account that would post pictures and videos of sneakers. They could also provide their audience with information on sneaker releases and where people can purchase this sneaker. Here, the people can have information on how and where to enter a raffle to have a chance to buy the most rare sneakers.

A final way to appeal to this certain type of audience is to hold giveaways and prizes, buy giving away new or popular pairs of sneakers . A sneaker news blog or page might encourage their followers to tag their friends in the comments, they might also encourage them to follow other sneakers accounts and to join their live broadcast sections. Then they will choose a winner and give them a pair that they are offering.