I don’t want to be a dinosaur!

I am what you call a ‘lurker’ on Facebook

Instagram and Twitter, never taken a look…

Tik Tok is something my grandchildren use

In that arena I would definitely lose!

Posting and Tweeting are not in my vocab

Apparently up to now my life has been quite drab.

Why take a course in Social Media never taken before?

‘Cause I don’t want to be a DINOSAUR no more!

As we age we develop routines. Some of you may already have them and not even be aware until life intervenes and forces you to change them somehow. My personal routine was the same for many years as I raised my children, went to work, travelled and spent lots of time with friends and family. Since my relationships were very interpersonal I really had no need to involve myself in Social Media to any great extent. As a result I am a dinosaur.

brontosaurus dinosaur cartoon clipart

There are so many good reasons these days for an older adult such as myself to push myself out of my comfort zone and learn how to manage in a virtual world. Since I am a self proclaimed dinosaur that could mean I need some help!

Some of the more important benefits include me being able to connect socially with current friends, developing the ability to relate to my grandchildren using their preferred methods, and maybe developing the ability to communicate with others that share the same interests I have. The more I am involved in any form of social interaction, especially during these Covid times, the benefits to my health increase. “Research shows that social ties influence multiple and interrelated health outcomes including health behaviours, mental health, physical health and mortality risk” Umberson,D. Montez,J.K. Social Relationships and Health: A Flashpoint for Health Policy (Oct 2010) Journal of Health and Social Behaviour https://www.journal.sage.pub.com/doi.org/10.1177/0022146510383501

I hope that you all are open to questions as I navigate this course. Something tells me I will be a slower learner at this task and I will appreciate any advice anyone would like to share with me!