COM0014:Blog #5-My Personal Brand

A personal brand is all about finding yourself and finding ways to express that. Once you find what your interests are and what you are good at it helps develop a sense of self-discovery and an idea of what you want content you want to produce/share. Creating something you ar passionate about makes it easier to push a personal brand when it is something that makes you happy. A personal brand is honestly who you are at heart. How you grew up and the people that helped shape who you are today.

As being somewhat of a class clown growing up, I quickly realized that delivering stories with a sense of humor and sarcasm was something I was good at. It allowed me to produce content and build connections with individuals that were unique. I definitely channel that into my personal brand of everyday living. When I could coach gymnastics, I had a distinct way of coaching that stood out to others that were used to being coached in a serious matter 24/7. If a student messed up or was late, I incorporated humor when dealing with these situations because getting upset did not really solve anything.

I also grew up around sports for majority of my life. Whether I was playing it or watching it, it was a way of growing a bond between friends and family. I try and bring up sports in conversation whether it be with someone I am close with or customers at work because I feel it is a popular part of the community that brings everyone together. Now everyone in my life knows to tell me “go Bills” on game day.

COM0014-Blog 7: Becoming My Own Storyteller

Coming into the this course I was a bit nervous with the term communication because writing has never been my strongest suite. I was an awful writer when it came to writing in a specific tone or for a certain audience. In fact, I was never really aware of those components at all. This course has taught me how to identify my audience in order to narrow down the demographic I most focus on to gain effective exposure to my writing/blog.

Being an affective storyteller is being a good communicator with the viewers. Knowing your audience well enough that you can decipher what tones and wording will attract them or discourages them from consuming your contact plays key role building that relationship on viewers being heard and seen. If you can connect with them on a deeper level through good storytelling, it motivates them to not only keep reading, but to share it with others.

Nike is a perfect example of not only knowing who they’re target audience is, but staying true to their brand. They recognize that the goal must be to motivate the target audience of athletes to play the best they can while wearing Nike. By staying true the the brand image, consumers turn to and expect them to story tell well in times of injustice and uncertainty. The content of this course has allowed me the tools to analyze companies like this and pick apart what work and what does not.

COM0011-Bell, Let’s Talk About It

For years, January 25th has been a landmark day for millions Canadians in regards to mental health. Bell Let’s Talk day occurs once a year that is televised and posted on several social media platforms in attempts to raise money for mental health. Social networks such as Instagram, facebook, TikTok, and Twitter advertise Bell Let’s Talk with a short video stating that for every re-post, Bell will donate 5 cents to mental health initiatives. They also post on their social platforms regarding resources to get help with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, etc. In the past year. the last Bell Let’s Talk recorded 164,298,820 interactions with the social media posts which lead to raising over 8 million dollars.

Bell Let’s Talk Day 2022 sets a new record for Canadian mental health with 164,298,820 messages of support

Herstory. (2023, January 24).

However, in the past year, there has also been controversy over Bell Let’s Talk and Bell as a company in general. On January 25, 2022, individuals took to Twitter call out Bell for advertising on social media about how much they care about mental health to try and cover up their poor treatment towards employees. Groups of people complaining that Bell uses this day as one big marketing scheme, while others claim they “care” about mental health until it comes down to laying off thousands of Bell employees or taxing them after taking millions in covid labour subsides. Many others writing online claiming that the day is honestly one big tax deduction. For outsiders of the company like myself, hidden news like this is scary in terms of not knowing what we are actually supporting and wondering how these employees are being silenced?

“A day of hypocrites”: Bell Let’s Talk Day skewered for double standards

This year, Bell decided to scrap the 5 cent donation rule and straight up donate 10 million dollars to mental health charities without the retweets, posting, or liking. The company claims that this donation stems from the ideology of wanting to implement more realistic change that we can take everyday of the year. Others believe it is a “response action” to severe criticism and lawsuits against former employees. Very few articles are exposed to mainstream news leading to stories of these employees being silenced or viewers being unaware of these problems. Do you think Bell Let’s Talk and Mainstream networks are attempting to truly address these conflicts?

Danielle Graham, a former host of entertainment news program eTalk, is suing the company for wrongful dismissal after being let go without warning after a 15-year career.

Former CP24 weather specialist Patricia Jaggernauth launched a complaint with Ontario’s Human Rights Commission alleging systemic discrimination.

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COM0014-We’re Not Really Strangers-Assignment #1-Post #4

We’re Not Really Strangers is a business created by an artist from Los Angeles that created a card game about connecting people on a different level with meaningful prompts about romantic relationships, friendships, intimacy, mental health, etc. They sell several various additions of card games such as We’re Not Really Strangers Card Game, Couples Edition, Frenship Edition, Self Reflection Edition, Breakup Kit, Honest Dating Healing Edition, Forgiveness Edition, etc. They also sell apparel with purposeful messages such as “your anxiety is lying to you, “I’m so happy we met”, “how are you really”, etc. This company’s marketing is known for its boldness and inclusiveness with consumers, making it so popular on social media platforms. They sell their product well because they market consumers’ thoughts, feeling, and experiences that feed into merchandise.

What Will You Remember About Me?

The launch of this company started three years with a video. In this video, the company set up a spot in a California park for strangers to play the card game. It was titled “What Will You Remember?”, a question asked at the end of the video between the two strangers playing the game who have never met before. It starts with questions such as “what was your first impression of me?” or “what about me intrigues you?”. As the video goes on, the deeper the cards get with “how are you really?” and asking the other person “how would you describe me to a stranger”. The genius social media marketing strategy blew up online with thousands of views. the company used social media to put strangers in a vulnerable position to get to know one another. Interacting with consumers by playing with the product.


Prompting the Product

We Aren’t Really Strangers’ mission is to make its consumers get vulnerable with themselves, friends, or strangers with their card game. That is why their social media such as Instagram revolves around the prompts of the cards. If you look at the social platform, It is filled with pictures of the prompts on playing cards, posters, on the street, on their apparel, etc. All of these images encourage consumers to open up in the comments with answers to these deep questions and hopefully connect with the company and other players to realize they are not really strangers after all.

They also have a second Instagram account called “WNRS Final Notes” where they post hand-written answers from consumers/players at home. Demonstrating how we can share our own stories to slowly stop being strangers with each other from all around the world. I believe this approach is effective because it encourages/let’s consumers to play the product before even paying for it. It creates a personal connection between the business and consumers leaving, leaving them wanting more which has led to over 5 million followers.

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Fenty Fitting In-COM0011

Whether we realize it or not, the marketing world surrounds us daily, especially on social media. On of these tactics companies use to disguise their marketing is to ingrate the product into current world events. This is seen in several social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok, etc. The “Fenty Beauty” brand is a makeup/beauty/clothing by Rhianna who are known for having diverse makeup line with everyone’ shade and colour. They are a perfect example of this marketing strategy by implementing makeup products into Super Bowl advertising.

Blending In

It was announced earlier that Rhianna would be the half time entertainment for the 57th Super Bowl, her brand “Fenty” used this opportunity to market a variety of their products alongside the Super Bowl. It started when the brand’s Instagram posted a video of footballs turning into beauty blenders that displayed the shade range of a foundation/SPF. It caught thousands of eyes on the internet, including marketers on TikTok who were raving about the advertisement. It was a genius tactic to raise hype for the Super Bowl while including the product in a low-key way, integrating with current events and trends.

Organization such as “the Insider” came out with articles explaining why Rhianna and her brand will profit from this strategic exposure:Business Insider

Instagram Post:

Fenty at Halftime

Rhianna had 13 minutes for her performance and included several oh her top hits such as “Rude Boy” and “Diamonds”. However, one of her most memorable marketing moments was in the middle of her show, she stops to powder her face/fix her makeup. What was the product she used? her “Fenty” powder product that she has been advertising all this time. Another way of blending in her products with this football event that revolved around her music. Several social media platforms were quick to raved online about how “iconic” or “clever” the PR stunt was.

Hours after the performance, articles came out explaining how “Fenty Beauty” generated millions of revenue due to halftime exposure: ET CANADA

With the marketing world constantly revolving like this, new strategies of social media marketing are forming. However, would this be as effective for non-celebrity brands? Do you think celebrity influence plays a big role in product to current event marketing or could it be just as successful?

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Styling Strategy-Blog #3-COM0014

When you start the development process in the modeling world, you quickly realize that there is more to it than walking down the runway or posing for the camera. You see, when you start your modeling career, you learn to market yourself because you are the product and want to be marketable to all target audiences and companies as possible. That is why depending on what castings or jobs you apply for require different characteristics and strategies during the hiring process and on the job. Let’s give you the run down to land your next modeling job!

Brands & Corporations

When attending castings for brand name companies such as maybe Simmons, Garage, or perhaps a corporation for runway shows, it is important to let your natural features shine. Showing up for castings with your natural hair, little makeup and wearing neutral or black clothing are often the requirements. This way you are marketing yourself to these professional employers who want to see you as a “blank canvas”. This means that they can see you as your full potential and how you can fit into their brand. Due to these castings being on the serious side, it is important to act in a professional manor and prepared with digitals containing similar looks you wear to the casting. These employers can work for high end brands that take every detail seriously and are looking to hire models with not only professionalism, but confident as well.

Creative Canvas

Another form of modeling is helping photographers build their portfolio. This might mean they would want to hire you for a series of different shoots and looks to showcase the variety of their talents. Often times photographers will want to meet with your or browse your portfolio before working with you. Due to the different types of photography they might want to produce, they might want to see you/photos of you in an assortment of colours, makeup, hairstyles, etc. It is important to really let your personality shine when meeting and working with them. They want to be able to use you to tell all sorts of visual stories, which is why providing different looks and “acting” makes you very marketable. A lot of the photographers I have worked with are professional, but also maintain a fun workplace that encourages you to have fun with different styles, colours, and to be yourself.

With the modeling industry being very cut-throat at times, people tend to be hard on themselves when trying to be “too marketable” to the fashion industry, meaning taking unhealthy measures to book jobs. It is important to maintain a healthy mindset and remember you are not going to fit every employer’s criteria and that is ok! You do not need to change yourself to fit impossible standards.

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COM0011-The Internet’s Agent 9 (Blog #2)

Social media has been through the wringer in terms of branding, marketing, and PR stunts. Between campaigns Instagram marketing and Tiktoks, these platforms all need the assistance of Girl Boss Town.

Meet Robyn DelMonte, a Tiktok influencer from New Hampshire who rose to fame after putting her public relations studies to the test in her content. Her first videos started to get attention with millions of views when she would re-create a specific social media campaign ad and how to make it more successful or how PR stunts she would do if she was a particular influencer. As her following started to grow, celebrities began taking note of her suggestions and incorporating them into their social media marketing. Robyn, also known as “Girl Boss Town”, now also predicts PR moves that have proven to be true.

Girl Boss Town at Work

One of her predictions in 2022 was in regard to the Kardashian family. Robyn predicted how Khloe Kardashian would have a child with a surrogate and how the next season of Keeping up with the Kardashians would revolve around that. Soon enough the new season premiered and the first episode revealed she was having a baby with Tristan Thompson. Her Tiktok reached 3 million views of her stitching the previous prediction. Viewers were astonished at how Robyn predicted everything from the pregnancy details to the episode and social media posts.

Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson Welcome Their Second Baby via Surrogate

Climbing Up the Corporate Ladder

With a rise of thousands of followers on TikTok over the past year, Robyn was featured in Forbes 30 Under 30 Marketing and Advertising. They chose her to be featured due to her expertise in social media trends, marketing techniques, and celebrity/influencer PR moves. Girl Boss Town, who calls herself the “internet’s agent”, plays a dominant role in the current social media world and marketing strategizing. From her reviewing photoshoot themes for clothing lines, to influencers launching a campaign, and predicting events in pop culture. Robyn is playing a key role in the advancement of the way the world uses Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc to market itself. Do you think marketers feel threatened by influencers?

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