COM0014-Blog 7: Becoming My Own Storyteller

Coming into the this course I was a bit nervous with the term communication because writing has never been my strongest suite. I was an awful writer when it came to writing in a specific tone or for a certain audience. In fact, I was never really aware of those components at all. This course has taught me how to identify my audience in order to narrow down the demographic I most focus on to gain effective exposure to my writing/blog.

Being an affective storyteller is being a good communicator with the viewers. Knowing your audience well enough that you can decipher what tones and wording will attract them or discourages them from consuming your contact plays key role building that relationship on viewers being heard and seen. If you can connect with them on a deeper level through good storytelling, it motivates them to not only keep reading, but to share it with others.

Nike is a perfect example of not only knowing who they’re target audience is, but staying true to their brand. They recognize that the goal must be to motivate the target audience of athletes to play the best they can while wearing Nike. By staying true the the brand image, consumers turn to and expect them to story tell well in times of injustice and uncertainty. The content of this course has allowed me the tools to analyze companies like this and pick apart what work and what does not.

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