COM0014-We’re Not Really Strangers-Assignment #1-Post #4

We’re Not Really Strangers is a business created by an artist from Los Angeles that created a card game about connecting people on a different level with meaningful prompts about romantic relationships, friendships, intimacy, mental health, etc. They sell several various additions of card games such as We’re Not Really Strangers Card Game, Couples Edition, Frenship Edition, Self Reflection Edition, Breakup Kit, Honest Dating Healing Edition, Forgiveness Edition, etc. They also sell apparel with purposeful messages such as “your anxiety is lying to you, “I’m so happy we met”, “how are you really”, etc. This company’s marketing is known for its boldness and inclusiveness with consumers, making it so popular on social media platforms. They sell their product well because they market consumers’ thoughts, feeling, and experiences that feed into merchandise.

What Will You Remember About Me?

The launch of this company started three years with a video. In this video, the company set up a spot in a California park for strangers to play the card game. It was titled “What Will You Remember?”, a question asked at the end of the video between the two strangers playing the game who have never met before. It starts with questions such as “what was your first impression of me?” or “what about me intrigues you?”. As the video goes on, the deeper the cards get with “how are you really?” and asking the other person “how would you describe me to a stranger”. The genius social media marketing strategy blew up online with thousands of views. the company used social media to put strangers in a vulnerable position to get to know one another. Interacting with consumers by playing with the product.


Prompting the Product

We Aren’t Really Strangers’ mission is to make its consumers get vulnerable with themselves, friends, or strangers with their card game. That is why their social media such as Instagram revolves around the prompts of the cards. If you look at the social platform, It is filled with pictures of the prompts on playing cards, posters, on the street, on their apparel, etc. All of these images encourage consumers to open up in the comments with answers to these deep questions and hopefully connect with the company and other players to realize they are not really strangers after all.

They also have a second Instagram account called “WNRS Final Notes” where they post hand-written answers from consumers/players at home. Demonstrating how we can share our own stories to slowly stop being strangers with each other from all around the world. I believe this approach is effective because it encourages/let’s consumers to play the product before even paying for it. It creates a personal connection between the business and consumers leaving, leaving them wanting more which has led to over 5 million followers.

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