The 72% that you do not want to miss

Photo Credit Majed Dagher

Scuba diving is most likely the only thing that anyone should not miss to learn. You are wondering why? wherever you travel, whatever you see and explore on land you will still be 72% behind.

Approximately 72% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water: 97% salted water in the oceans and seas, and only 3% fresh water.

(Source National Geographic)

Imagine the things that you still need to explore even if you travel all over the land. in spite all the exploring missions, science and exhibition to reveal the mystery of the underwater world we still up till now have a long long way to go.

Tube anemones cover a rocky seabed in the Aeolian Islands, with the lights of an Oceana diver shining in the background. On this 2018 expedition, Oceana used a remotely-operated vehicle (ROV) to collect samples and take photos and video footage.
Photo Credit: © OCEANA/Juan Cuetos

More than 80% of the ocean remains unexplored. And because it’s difficult to protect what we don’t know, only about 7% of the world’s oceans are designated as marine protected areas (MPAs).


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Scuba Diving Organizations

There are so many Organizations which publish standards for competence in recreational scuba diving skills and knowledge, and issue certification for divers assessed as competent against these standards by affiliated schools or instructors, but the most important of them all in my opinion is PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors).

PADI – The Way the World Learns to Dive – Mar 12, 2015 – The underwater world is earth’s final frontier. Drew Richardson, PADI President and CEO shares his passion for diving and talks about the important role of divers as underwater ambassadors and custodians of our ocean planet.

PADI is the world’s leading scuba diver training organization. With more than 6,600 PADI Dive Centers and Resorts, and 137,000 individual PADI Professionals who have issued more than 27 million certifications around the world, you’ll find PADI diver courses and scuba diving services nearly everywhere. (About PADI)

Fun, Relaxation, Skills&Knowledge and Exploration

Video Credit Majed Dagher

I started my professional diving journey back in 2000. Circumstances made me stop for a long time until I moved to Turkey in 2014 and since then the addiction started. One of my best friend over here is a PADI regional director and because of my extreme passion to this sport and the curiosity to learn and see more, up till today I have completed more than 150 dives and got my certificate as a PADI Divemaster and hopefully soon to be an instructor.

The Fun you have, the people you meet, the friends you make in this long journey is incomparable with anything else and it will change your life. The first thing you learn when you dive is that you will never dive alone, you always need a buddy beside you for safety measures, and that makes the experience sharable and more exciting.

Video Credit Majed Dagher

When you decide to go for a diving trip, a lot of fun and interesting levels of preparation accompany your trip. Between searching for locations and availability to preparing your equipment and calling friends, there is always one thing that dominate your mind at that moment and that is what the huge mysterious underworld giant is preparing something new for us. You will always be excited because deep inside you are certain that you are going to see and experience something new even if you already dove at the same site. This amazing feeling that drives you over the edge and boost your adrenaline every single time.

The Relaxation you experience underwater is something that every person should experience. All the stress you get from your daily life, dealing with different problems either at work or anywhere else, is suddenly wiped off the moment you hit the water and start to hear the echo of your breathing mixed with the noise of the ocean deep.

Photo Credit Majed Dagher

The Skills&Knowledge you get out of PADI courses is phenomenal. For example in order to be a rescue diver first you have to obtain the EFR (Emergency first response) certificate which is something recommended to have by any individual. In other words you will become a person capable of saving a life anytime anywhere. How cool is that?

PADI Rescue Diver Course-Dec 2, 2013-Produced by: OCEANS BELOW CO. LTD.

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The training makes you more confident not just while diving but in general. You will develop a better communication skills and a much more clearer sense of problems assessment in life. If you decide to carry on with your trainings to higher levels you will have the chance to enhance your knowledge in several areas like physics, humans respiratory system and management. As a divemaster you are not only a role model for other divers but you are responsible as well of managing and planning a whole diving trip for several groups of people.

Marcel van den Berg – PADI IDC Skills Circuit New Revised IDC Course • All Skill Neutral Buoyant Divemaster Skills – Dec 27, 2019

The Exploration speaks for itself honestly. If you really into exploring so this is the thing you should be doing. 72% from the face of the earth to discover everyday will take centuries, and you are most probably still discovering new things that amazes you every dive. This is the beauty and mystery of the underwater world. Secrets to reveal, things to see, science to discover, as a matter of fact I personally consider a whole new different planet.

EVNautilus – Gulper Eel Balloons Its Massive Jaws | Nautilus Live – Sep 20, 2018

10 Tips for Divers Action Kit
How social media Pledge to follow Project AWARE’s 10 Tips for Divers to Protect the Ocean Planet

Events on Social Media

Who doesn’t use social media anymore to check the nearest event, concert, party etc…? Have to say this is one of my best features in social media because it does really cover the meaning of the platform.

Personal facebook SnapShot

A plan is the key for an event promotion on social media. You can be hosting a party for a few or a festival for thousands you should really know what strategy to follow. Social media tools will connect you with the right audience if you follow the right guide.

So many ways can be used as the right strategy to host an event on social media. We are going to check few of them.

Pick a social network

It depends really on your target audience and the type of event you want to host. Some social media platforms can be in this case more effective than others.

Facebook can share event updates and engage with followers. It gives you the option to boost your event and reach wider target audience.

Twitter uses hashtags before and during the event to create excitement.

LinkedIn is great for B2B (Business to business) and industry networking. It is great for business announcement.

Instagram is great for brands image engagement.

and more platforms for specific networking.

Which platform you prefer and why?

Creating an event Page on facebook

Currently I am holding an event for stray dogs in Turkey and I used mainly facebook to publish the event. Had to design a poster invitation and say few words, chose my demographic and share it publicly.

Majed Dagher copyright

As you can see a public event like this needs sponsors and social media plays a very big role in convincing them to support. For them it is a free way to advertise their brand.

The facebook event should contain all the details your target audience needs. The discussion area is a great space to communicate and answer questions.

Do you have any specific tips to create a successful event page on facebook?


Sharing a teaser is a great way to engage people. Putting the necessary details in it makes your target look forward to the event. You can use small interviews with the stars or your speakers etc…

Tech TV Jul 26, 2016
Event Teaser Video | YLD | Tech TV Video Production London

What kind of teaser campaigns you prefer?

Share a sneak peek

People love to see what is going on behind the scenes, it gives them the feeling of getting closer to the vent or the star they like. During the design of Sokakta Kalanlar website I simply took a picture of us with my mobile and posted it as a teaser saying “Right now we are working on something really amazing. Wait for our lovely website completion”.

Sokakta Kalanlar Website SnapShot

Instagram Countdown Sticker

Instagram allows you to add different stickers to your story. Countdown sticker is a way as well to keep your audience informed and engaged with save the date. you can totally customize the countdown clock in terms of colors and look and feel. People can subscribe to be reminded and add the countdown to their stories.

Run a social media Contest

Every one hopes for his event to get the most shares it deserves. In this case maybe your own account is not enough to accomplish the task. Contest is a great way to launch a word of mouth campaign without costing any money. Contest should be used very carefully as it can land you in illegal situations if used wrong. Always the opinion of a lawyer is advised in this matter.

Create a Hashtag

The shorter the better in choosing a hashtag for your event. It should be easy spelled when you say it out loud. A hashtag is a great way to access all event material related but it has to be unique to not be flooded with irrelevant contents.

hashtag vector sign of watercolor splash paint
How to promote an event on social media after it’s over?
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The Role of Social Media in Building Celebrities Brand

Mostly everyone on social media follows his or her favorite celebrity on social media, which makes it a great tool to promote their brand. On the other hand most of the celebrities are taking social media matters in their own hands.

“celebrities & politicians” by william coupon is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

Self Promoting

It does not take a celebrity a lot of effort and time to promote his brand on social media. A couple of tweets a day a couple of engagement a week, a teaser, a couple of pictures behind the scenes and all the fans are engaged.

You still as a celebrity need to try hard not really to get sucked into social media and get away from real life. Engagement has to be clever and comprehensive as you will never have only positive comments. So this is a trap you have to avoid, but at the same time a lot of celebrities who get dragged into something called “faux pas” most often uses social media again to fix the situation. Some celebrities hires social media expert to do the job for them and some others stops using it for several reasons. In this video Metallica’s James Hetfield talks about his social media experience.

RUM Entertainment Dec 2, 2016
Metallica’s James Hetfield ditched Instagram after trying to be a cool dad


Celebrities are people and most often we do not see them except behind the big screen so we always wonder how they are in normal life, what they do when they have to be just parents or a husband etc… 20 years ago answering these questions was a wish for so many fans but thanks to the power of social media, some celebrities do like to engage with their fans this way. Sharing their personal hobbies is one of the things that gives a fan the opportunity to see his favorite actor, singer… in real life and what they do in their free time which it is a way to keep the fans closer and engage.

DailyCelebVidz Jan 14, 2018
Will Smith On A Speedboat Ride In Sydney Australia | Instagram Videos

Not mentioning the use of social media by the celebrities for their own interest like promoting their side business or a brand. Sometimes one tweet can make them a lot of money.

The Different ways of Using the Platform

Social media is used by celebrities in so many different ways. Some of them uses video buzz, others they communicate through tweets, Instagram etc… Katy Perry for example before launching her album witness, decided to use social media to live-stream 4 days of her life. A lot of celebrities came and go as you see the California girl comfortable in her house and sometimes in her PJ’s. The idea was brilliant and it collected millions of views from so many different countries. Another showcase of the power of social media.

Good Morning America Jun 11, 2017
Katy Perry reveals battle with depression during 96-hour live stream

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Who is your most influential celebrity. Please share your thoughts below
Who is your most influential celebrity. Please share your thoughts below

Real Life VS Social Media Threats

Scanned Copy

Social media perspective

After the above certificate I guess my whole perspective about social media in terms of security has changed. I was assigned in February 2018 as a creative director in-charge of elections campaign in a very hostile country and we had to accomplish security courses, but I never thought how the first day of the training would be like.

Google search snapshot

Something like above picture with more details about me, my wife and my daughter was displaced in a matter of seconds. It freaked me out. I believe this is the kind of threats that everyone is facing nowadays. Your whole life can be in the open in a matter of seconds if you really do not know how to use social media wisely.

Physical Risks

RPS Partnership. (2017, May 20). RPS Partnership is a Risk Mitigation Consultancy.

RPS Partnership is an agency that give trainings to people who has to travel to hostile countries for work reasons. Basically RPS get hired by companies operating in those areas to train their staff. The video above summarize for me the way of social media as well. According to RPS, the training course includes a complete part on how to not get securely exposed using social media specially if you are set to travel to some risky countries.

If you reveal your secrets to the wind, you should not blame the wind for revealing them to the trees.

Kahlil Gibran. Wise Old Sayings. Retrieved February 09, 2020, from

• Have you ever been in dangerous situations?

• How you reacted?

• Did you receive special trainings?

• Did you feel comfortable and confident after the training?

Going Back in Time

Nokia 6110

Sometimes the only solution provided by those security training companies is using very old technology. In my case it was a very old Nokia mobile phone, untraceable and specially has no options to enable social media live location. It is very important to not draw attention in countries like that as a foreigner and social media is one of the sources of intel used by terrorist organizations across the globe, even if you do not post anything on your social media like pictures, videos or comments about where you are, there is a huge possibility to be tracked using those tools.

What can I do to keep my Facebook account secure?

There are so many ways to set your social media profiles to maximum security. In this blog we are going to talk about facebook. Recently Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg faced some problems regarding facebook security levels and how it is using all this huge intel. After so many hearings Facebook took this matter to the next level and introduced so many more options for the user to apply in order to keep his info secure.

Read more about Facebook security:


2019-2020 Lebanese Revolution Slogan “Hela Hela Ho”

On the 17th of October 2019 barely 100 Lebanese citizens of Beirut “The Capital” started protesting against WhatsApp imposed Tax. What they did not know that it was a revolution 30 years in the making.

Photo Credit Majed Dagher

Thawra“, Revolution in Arabic, is now the trending word in the Arab world. In Lebanon the revolution took, let us say, a unique look and feel, I believe it is related to Lebanon’s eastern public identity and western hidden culture. When the people first took it to the streets no one had any idea it will reach that level of creativity, art, innovation and originality.

29/November 2019 by Anne-Lot Hoeck

“Hela Hela Hooo” can be considered the main slogan in the Lebanese revolution, where it can be applied on different activities done by the rebels. It started all by applying it to the former minister of foreign affairs Gebran Bassil until it became his recognized nickname all over the country and everyone started to call “Al-Hela Ho” it means the “Hela Ho”. The slogan by itself has no specific meaning in Arabic vocabulary, however in the Lebanese dialogue it is used sometimes in songs that makes people perform the “Dabkeh” (Lebanese Dance) and with Gebran case it refers more to a person who talks non-sense all the time with no tangible achievements. Rebels expressed their anger towards this politician by chanting to him on the streets saying “Hela Helaaa, Hela hela Hooo, Gebran Bassil {censored}” a popular Lebanese swear word at the end.

“Lebanese DABKE – Lebanon” by is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
Gebran Bassil Photo Credit Al-Jazeera / Edited by Majed Dagher

The Gebran Bassil song by the Lebanese revolution became the talk of the town where creativity played a big role around it. YouTubers, Bloggers and almost all social media platforms had something to do with the “Hela Hela Hoo”, where you can see the original song…

hela hela ho gebran bassil song Lebanese revolution 2019
18,567 views •Oct 22, 2019
MM trendzzz

Adapted to different TV Shows like “The Voice” in its Arabic version even a YouTube channel created called HELA HOOO

The voice GEBRAN BASSIL “censored
13,058 views •Oct 21, 2019

And some Opera show for example

29,539 views •Oct 21, 2019
JaMaLShoW- جمال شو

Step by Step, Lebanese protestors locally and internationally expanded even more the “Hela Ho” slogan to reach different medium like animation, Ringtones, piano, cartoons, etc…

#جبران_باسيل #لبنان_ينتفض #Lebanon
HeLa Ho Gebran Basil [ALL] هيلا هو جبران
114,998 views •Oct 22, 2019
JaMaLShoW- جمال شو

At this stage the “Hela Ho” was still only for the former minister of foreign affairs Gebran Bassil. Later on the protesters started to adapt the slogan to specific activities like blocking the roads “Hela Helaaa, Hela Hela Hooo, AlTarik msakkar ya heloo” which means the slogan followed by “The road is cut sweety”.

“هيلا هيلا هو الطريق مسكر يا حلو” بالموسيقى متظاهرون يغلقون الطرق في بيروت
Slogan followed by “Road is blocked Sweety”
7,044 views •Oct 28, 2019
Al Aan TV تلفزيون الآن

Eventually the “Hela Hela Ho” was applied to different politicians across the country with maintaining the rhyming closure. Thousands even millions protestors took it to the streets using the same melody with different words. Always starting with the slogan followed by whoever there target.

Credit Majed Dagher
Credit Majed Dagher
Credit Majed Dagher


The Lebanese Revolution Through Music and Art.

How are Lebanese protesters using art to express their views?
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facebook Do you believe with a peaceful creative revolution people can reach their goal?

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