The utopia world of social media

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Do we have a balanced or addictive use of it? We have seen some tragic outcomes of influencers after starting social media. Couples who have started their social media accounts portray this utopian world: a perfect family and children. But, in the end, it’s just finished in tragedy. We have seen how influencers have reached their goals of being rich and famous to realize that they are not happy. They may have thought that getting an audience and having the adoration of fans would bring happiness and have not.

Social media brings a false sense of reality and expectation to their lives. Is what people portray on social media real? There is a disconnect to your real life. They are always showing what is not true and accurate. Is it what our society has become.

In conclusion, We understand social media is changing our world. But, unfortunately, it’s a world of make-believe that eventually catches up with you.


Is social media and utopian world


How can social media create a safer world for people?
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Blog #2 – Getting to Known Chris Do

Chris Do is a social media influencer in the design community. He is the owner of I like to listen to him because he asks questions that helps freelancer graphic designers in their careers. He interviews well known marketing directors, graphic designers, and illustrators. He asks pertinent questions on branding, strategy, and marketing. I have listened to his many presentations at the design thinkers conference 2021 and at formally known as

His approach is simple and informal. You see the scope of his knowledge of the design industry. His tone is confident, respectful, and friendly.

His intention is to inform and teach people. His last interview with Marty Neumeier’s who has written many books on Branding was insightful. The presentation was helpful to understand what is branding. Marty explains his experience and knowledge he has acquired during his journey as a creative person. He understood the importance of adding writing skills to his creative skill has help him enormously to grow as an expert. He was able to convey a clear and simple description of what is branding. Chris gives a platform to his speakers to explain their expertise on different aspects of business.

Can you share with me a creative media community that you follow? How have they impacted your brand?

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Learning from the gurus of the creative community?

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Chris Do, (Dec 17, 2019), What is Branding? A deep dive with Marty Neumeier’s

Social Media is accessing your world

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In this new venture of discovering what is social media? I realized that social media is a vast world where you are learning something new every day. Social Media is not stagnant. It helps you connect to the world. I have experience with social media Networks like Facebook and Twitter because of my job in media monitoring. I understood that social media could be a powerful tool to get news quickly. Social Media is saturated in content. In my search on the subject of Social Media, I realized it’s like going to the beach and you are standing in front of the ocean and you feel overwhelmed by how vast it is. One of the greatest hazards of Social media is how it is easy to steal your personal identity and information. Information you may want to keep private can be easily accessible.

This was my concern, when I created my Facebook account and it asked me for my personal information. I had a feeling that Facebook didn’t have regulations to protect the users. As time has gone by, I’m in confinement during the Covid-19. Four of my friends had their identity stolen where the cyber attackers are asking for money and connecting in a way that is taking the identity of a friend or family member.  If you are not vigilant you can provide your personal information without knowing it’s a cybercriminal. The Cybercriminals are very cunning and tech savvy.

In the article Privacy on Social Media guard against identity theft, Julie Myhre mentions that  “Active social media users are 30% more likely to be affected by identity fraud; account holders on Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram are the most likely victims, with a 46% higher risk.” Javelin Strategy & research, 2020 identity Fraud Report says that “More than 5% of 2019 consumers were victims of identity theft for almost $17 million in damages – an increase of over $2 million from the previous year.” These numbers are staggering.

How can we protect our personal information on social media? Be careful with who you share your personal information with. Your address should not be divulged. Input extra security questions, an additional phone number or email when you set up your social media network. Changing your password often helps in keeping your account secure. Be informed with the new online and social media security measures.


Privacy on Social Media Guards Against Identity Theft by Julie Myhre, Jan. 11, 2021

2020 identity Fraud Report by Javelin Strategy & research, April 7, 2020


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Is your identity safe on Social media?
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